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„ Really? „ Christian' s mom rushes to Anastasia and places her hands on Ana's now three months pregnant belly.

„ Yes. „ Ana confirms and smiles at her boyfriend's mother who seems to be the happiest she has ever seen her. She glances at Christian who is holding her hand and smiling at the interaction between Ana and his mother.

„ How far along you are ? „ She asks Ana.

„ Thirteen weeks. „ Anastasia proudly says and looks at Christian one more time. It is as if her life has turned perfect. So perfect she had never dreamed of. She is together with an amazing man, living with him, expecting his child.

„ Oh, honey, how wonderful is this. „ Grace says one more time and gives Anastasia a hug, then she turns to her son.

„ Christian, you can't even imagine how happy I am for you two. „ She hugs Christian, too.

You can't even imagine how happy I am because of you being happy. And because of Ana. And our child.

Christian thinks of his future again. He thinks of Ana and the baby. For the first time in his life he wants to settle down. He knows her for four months but he loves her more than his life. The best feeling in the world is to wrap his arms around her as they fall asleep. To kiss her as he wakes up. To make love to her, to do anything with her.

He never believed that there can be your one and only. Especially for him. But then she came in his life.

„ As much as I would love to stay here all day, I need to go. „ Grace stands up after two hours of talking to Christian and Anastasia.

„ Tell dad we said hi. „ Christian says as he leads her out.

„ Tell him it yourself! There is no way you two or now three don't come this weekend and tell everyone the news. I won't be able to keep my mouth shut for much longer. „ Grace says before she pulls the couple in a hug and leaves.

„ Why so happy , Miss Steele? „ Christian smirks and wraps his arms around his girlfriend.

„ Just had a wonderful lunch with the mother of a friend of mine. „ Ana answers .

„ A friend of yours? „ Christian asks as he pulls her even closer to his body.

„ A very good friend of mine, Mr. Grey. „ She says and finally gives him a kiss. They stand there, kissing each other until they are out of air.

„ I was thinking of something.. „ Christian says as they both pull away.

Try to make this sound calm. Try not to stress.

„ I am listening. „ Ana says, still playing with his hair.

„ Ana, I have been thinking a lot lately and I know that one day it will happen but I think it would be better if we do this before the birth of our kid. „ Oh sweet God, please make it be something good. What could he be talking about? Break up? No, we love each other. He wouldn't break up with me.

„ What are you talking about ? „ Anastasia asks, still worried of what he is going to say.

„ I think we should get married. „

She stares into his eyes and repeats his words in her head. She can't believe what he just said.

„ I am not proposing. „ And then she comes back to reality. „ But I will if I know your answer is yes. „

„ Christian, I love you but are you sure? You know me for only four months.. „ She would like to scream 'yes' but she can't do it so easily.

„ Ana, I might know you for not a long time but I know you as if I had known you for all my life. I love you, we have a baby on the way, I am the happiest I have ever been , with you. And it is enough for me to know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. „

„ Yes. „ Ana says with her tearful eyes. „ I will marry you if you ever propose to me. „ She smiles knowing he will.

„ I think I will. „ He laughs and kisses her once again.

They spend the rest of the day celebrating their possible engagement in the future.

„ Sir, Mrs. Lincoln is here to see you. „ Andrea tells Christian as he is reading through some papers. He looks up and there is some anger showing in his face.

„ Bring her in. „ He says and closes the folder as soon as the blonde woman walk in his office.

„ Christian! Haven't heard from you in a while. „ She says and sits down.

„ You know I told you I won't need your help anymore. „ He says and takes another document and starts reading it.

„ Who are you kidding? You really think it will last? „ The blonde laughs. „ She is not the right one for you. You will leave her one day. „

„ I don't think I should even continue this conversation. „ Christian says and stands up, about to lead her out. He doesn't need her company.

„ A child? Christian, you don't need this. Let me find you another submissive so you can end this joke with your Anne or what's her name. „

„ Her name is Anastasia. And I think it something has to end then it is our relationship. I don't think we can be even the friends we used to be, Elena. You don't understand what she means to me because you probably have never known what it is to love someone. She has showed me this and I wouldn't change it for anything. „ Elena laughs at Christian and notices the little red box on his table. She takes it before he can stop her and opens the box.

„ Are you fucking crazy? „ She exclaims as she sees the diamond ring.

„ Give it back to me. „ He walks to her and takes the bow in one move. „ Get the fuck out of here. And my life. „ He says and forces her to leave his office.

It is over. This part of my life is oficially over. I know I will never need Elena again, never. I have Anastasia, I have her love that is never going to be replaced by someone.

„ Yeah, we will tell everyone tomorrow. „ Ana tells Kate during their phone conversation as she waits for Christian to get home.

„ Congratulations, really. You two seem to be a very lovely couple, you know? „ Kate makes Anastasia smile as she realises they really are .

„ Yeah, I truly love him. How are you and Elliot? „ Anastasia asks, not wanting to talk so much about her and Christian.

„ We are doing great , you know? I think I am really in love with this man. „

„ That's just amazing, Kate. Who thought we would be dating brothers? „ They both share a lugh.

One day... One day we will be not only dating them. Ana smiles to herself as she remembers the conversation she had with Christian a few days before. She just smiles at the thought one day she will be oficially his wife. One day.

And just as she thinks about it, someone wraps her arms around her, his palms landing on her belly.

„ Mmm. „ She moans as he starts attacking her neck with kisses.

„ I missed you. „ He says .

„ Okay, Ana, say Christian hi , too. „ And then Anastasia remembers she is on phone with Kate.

„ Sorry, „ She laughs. „ See you tomorrow. „ As they hang up Christian gives her a kiss on her lips.

„ I missed you , too. „ Anastasia says as their lips part.

„ Has anyone said how beautiful you are ? „

„ You. „ Ana answers and wraps her arms around Christian.

„ Having fun here? „ He asks as he sees the bowl of cashews on the table.

„ Yeah, I didn't want to eat dinner without you. „ She says taking another cashew in her mouth.

„ I thought we could go out for the dinner tonight. „ Christian suggests bringing a smile on Anastasia's face.

„ Yeah, I will just change. „ She says as she realises her sweatpants might be not the best outfit.

„ Go change, baby. „ Christian gives her a smirk and she leaves to their bedroom. She is shocked to see a beautiful pink dress on the bed with matching accessories and shoes.

She smiles at the outfit and takes the dress and the lace lingerie under it . She goes to the bathroom and takes a very quick shower before she puts the soft lingerie on. She finally dresses herself and adds a slight bit of make up befor she leaves the bathroom.

She puts on the shoes and gets back to the kitchen.

„ You look wonderful. „ Christian says and gives her a kiss before they leave for the dinner.

They are sitting in a very cozy restaurant and eating a delicious dinner.

Everything will go alright. Everything will be perfect. Shit, nothing will go as I have planned.

He thinks as he sees the same blonde woman walk to them .

„ Christian. „ She says, smiling.

„ Elena, you will fucking leave here now. „ Anastasia doesn't understand what is going on. She looks at the gorgeous blonde who seems to have her eyes only on Christian.

„ Why would I leave? I want to see you ruin your life. You are going to ask her tonight, aren't you ? „

„ Anastasia, we are leaving. „ Christian places two hundred dollar notes on the table and stands up, taking Anastasia's hand.

„ Leaving? Christian, ashamed to be seen with this thing? She is not the one for you , look at her! „

„ Don't listen to her, baby. „ Christian whispers in Ana's ear as they make their way out of the restaurant.

But Ana can't , tears are filling her eyes as she wraps her arm around Christian for balance.

They walk out and get in Christian's car , and as soon as Taylor starts their drive back home, Ana bursts into tears.

„ Ana, I am sorry. „ Christian says as they walk back in the apartment.

„ It is okay. It is nice you told me who was she. „ Anastasia laughs in anger. She is not angry at Christian, it is not his fault that woman showed up. But he is not going to tell her about the woman.

„ Ana, I told you, it doesn't matter. „ He says, not wanting to talk about Elena.

„ It matters to me! Are you ashamed of me? Why did you leave instead of protecting me ? „

„ I protected you by making us leave. You don't have to respond to her because her words mean nothing. „

„ Her words didn't mean nothing! „ Ana says, crying. „ Maybe I am not the best for you, maybe she was right.. „ She sighs and walks to the kitchen to have a glass of water since she knows the stress is not good for the baby.

„ Would have I wanted to ask you to marry me tonight if I wasn't sure you are the one? „

Marry me? I didn't think he would propose so soon. Marry me. He wanted to propose.

She is about to say something but Christian speaks again.

„ Eat something and go to sleep. „ He says and gets to their bedroom while Anastasia follows his instructions and eats a yoghurt but then , after ten minutes, she gets to the bedroom, too. She finds Christian already sleeping and the lights are turned out.

She walks in the closet and steps out of her dress. Puts on one of Christian's tee shirts since she knows Christian won't wrap his arms around her tonight as he usually does.

She goes to the bathroom to remove her make up and then she finally joins Christian in the bed.

„ Are you awake? „ She quietly asks as she gets under the covers.

„ Do you need anything? „ She smiles since she knows he is still awake.

„ I am sorry , Christian. „ Anastasia says and wraps her arms around him , missing his touch.

„ Don't. It wasn't your fault. „

„ Christian, I overreacted. I know you did the best for us . „

„ I am glad you know. „

And then she knows there is no point of trying anymore.

„ Goodnight. „ She says, unwrapping herself from the man she loves .

„ I love you. „ And it makes her smile before she falls asleep.

And also the fact that he gives up and wraps his arms around her as he usually does.