Its been two years. . . two years since I came to live here in Melbourne, Australia. Its also been two years since my mom married the biggest scum bag in the world . . . Matt. He treats her like absolute shit, but she takes it . . . Because, even though she doesnt think she's worth more than that, I do. I've tried so hard to make her see that when he hits her its not because he loves her. When he cheats on her its not because he loves her. . . It's because she lets him treat her like that. . .

See, I moved here because my mom's job has been transfered after her and my dad had a nasty divorce. Now were not even close, Matt turned her against me , now she put him before me in her life. My dad sends me money, and he wants me to move back to America with him but somehow my mom won the custody battle against him. But there are a couple of people who make my life seem a lot better; My best friends Nalenah, Vivienne and Lauren. I met Lauren when I came here during grade 8, webecame bestfriends almost like sisters shortly after. Then we met Nalenah and Vivienne who are fraternal twins. We met them last year, in grade 9. They were new students, who transfered from Sydney.

I also met 5 boys during the summer. Beau, Daniel, Luke, Jai and James. They call theirselves the 'Janoskians'. Im closest to Jai, James and Skip. Beau is more of an older brother, always being over protective. I dont talk to Luke , he seems like he hates me so I just keep my distance. Lauren dates Jai, Nalenah dates Beau, James has a girl friend named Sarah and Vivienne dates Daniel. Luke dates a girl named Nicki. She's a bitch. I dont even think he likes her likes her, their just fuck buddies basically.

I guess your wondering why I'm the only single one , well . . . I've had boyfriends before, I just havent found Mr. Right . Summer break was great though, made a lot of new friends.


"Its the first day of school, you all are now in grade 10. So act your age not shoes size ladies and gentleman. " Mrs. Dobkins lectured the class.

Soon after that , my mind started to wonder what I would do after school. I wonder what One Direction are doing right now ? I think I want chinese take out after school, maybe a wendy's salad for lunch and a nice long nap.

"Dayla Andrews ! Stop day dreaming in class" I heard a fuzzy voice, but I was still stuck ... Stuck in a trance.

"Mrs. Andrews wake up ! " My math teacher slammed her ruler on the edge of my desk.

Everyone in the room jumped at the sound. I looked back at my bestfriends, being goofy; and laughing at me for getting in trouble.

The bell rang for lunch, I gathered my things and met up with the girls. Since we had an hour long off campus lunch we decided to go to Wendy's. The rest of the school day went boring as usual.


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