A Run From Destiny

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot. All characters belong to the original creators of Sailor Moon

Chapter One

Serena sat in her room staring blankly at the wall. Her family was out for the weekend, fishing. They hadn't even asked her if she wanted to come. Her father had simply told her to make sure all her homework was done. Luna was over at Mina's. It seemed that all of her friends had been avoiding her lately. Darien had broken up with her for the third time in two years. She wasn't sure how much more heartache she could take. She was trying really hard to be the type of person that her friends wanted her to be. to top it off, it had been her birthday and no one had bothered to wish her a happy birthday or even get her a card. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was two minutes to midnight.

"My birthday sucks" She said, wrapping her arms around her knees.

"Does it now?" A male voice asked. Serena looked up in surprise to see Jadiete standing in the doorway, arms crossed over his chest. He still looked gorgeous.

"Wha..How..." Serena stammered. She was tempted to grab her brooch, but if he had wanted to hurt her, he would have already. Jadiete entered the room and sat down on the bed. He was not dressed as Jadiete, he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

"I never fought you, Serena" He said. "I've been here this whole time, but that twit who tried to kill you wasn't me" Serena looked into his startling blue eyes and realized that he was telling the truth. As she stared at him, memories of the silver millenium hit her.


"Jade-Kun" Princess Serenity whined. "You were supposed to catch the ball. Now how am I going to get it back" The two children were currently staring at the silver lake, where a shiny red ball sat in the middle.

"We could always swim" Jadiete suggested. Serenity glared at him.

"I am not ruining this dress" She snapped. "If you want to swim, be my guest"

The scene changed and they were older

"why is she sending you?" Serenity asked. Jadiete sighed.

"Mother is worried that Beryl is up to something" He replied. "She wants me to protect the prince" He spat the word as though it tasted foul in his mouth. Serenity looked at him curiously.

"Do you really hate Endymione that much?" She asked. Jadiete quickly tried to cover up.

"what makes you think I hate the prince?" He asked. Serenity laughed.

"You're my twin, Jade-kun" She said. "I can always tell what your thinking" Jadeite sighed.

"I'll tell you if you promise not to kill him" He said. Serenity peered at him closely.

"He slept with Rachel" Jadeite said heavily. Serenity gasped. Rachel and Jadeite had been betrothed, but Jadiete had broken it off without telling anyone why. She was also betrothed, to Darien himself. She shook her head.

"I really will kill him" She snapped.

Scene change again

"Jadiete, why are you doing this?" Serenity pleaded. She stared into his eyes and in that moment she knew that it was not her brother that was staring back at her. with that knowledge, she plunged the sword he had given to her into his chest.

~end of flashback~

Serena looked up at Jadiete.

"Did you know?" She asked.

"That were were twins or that Raye and Darien were cheaters?" He asked.

"Both" Serena said, tears slipping down her cheeks. Jadiete sighed.

"Yes, but not until recently. I've been keeping an eye on you. I couldn't approach you with the scouts around, they wouldn't believe for a second that Beryl's generals were mere puppets of us. After you destroyed them, I wanted to seek you out, but you seemed so happy and content. I didn't know if you'd ever remember that part of the moon, but I was positive that Darien would not be faithful to you in this lifetime either, so I had Kunzite follow him. He confirmed my suspicions and I also knew that nobody celebrated your birthday today" He pulled a small package out of his pocket and handed it to her.

"Happy Birthday, Rena" He said. Serena took the package and opened it and her breath caught in her throat. It was a beautiful charm bracelet with all of the planets, but the moon was in the center.

"Thank you" She said, throwing her arms around him. She looked up at him.

"Why did mother send us to be reborn to different people?" She asked. Jadiete had known this was coming.

"She didn't" He said. "We were both born as Jason and Serena Thompson" He said. "Our new mother died after we were born and our father sent us to an orphanage. We were seperated and adopted by different families. While you were adopted by the Tsukinos and grew up in a place where you would eventually wind up going to school with the rest of the sailor soldiers, I was adopted by the Smiths who live in America and I grew up with Nate, Kale and Zoe. We recieved our memories about four years ago, and convinced our parents to let us come to Japan" Jason explained. Serena sat down on her bed. It was a lot to take in.

"Are you going to go back to America now that you've found me?" She asked.

"I was thinking about it, but I was hoping you'd come with me. The Smiths didn't know I was a twin, and will love you like a daughter" Serena was silent for a moment.

"I'll come" She said. "I need to get away from it all any way. Say, are Kunzite and Zoisite..." She blushed, "I mean Kale and Zoe dating like in the past?"

"Actually, they're married" Jason said. "They're older than the rest of us and married right out of high school" Serena grinned.

"That's great" She said. Jason helped her pack and she grabbed her passport. Then she scrawled a simple note.

I wish you had told me I was adopted. my twin brother and I have reconnected and I will be staying with him. by the way, he's the only one who got me a birthday present or even acknowledged it was birthday and we haven't seen each other since we were babies.

Serena Thompson

After leaving the note on the kitchen counter, Serena grabbed her bags and followed Jason out to his car. Kale and Zoe were making out in the back seat and Nate was making puking motions. When he saw them he opened the car door, jumped out and grabbed Serena in a hug.

"It's about time" He said. "Happy birthday, little sis" Serena laughed.

"Somethings never change" She said. In the silver millenium, Nate had been her big protector, telling boys off if they wanted to dance with her. Even though they weren't blood related, he protected her as much as Jason did. She couldn't believe that she had remembered all the generals in the silver millenium, but never the fact that Jason was her brother.

"Lets go" Jason said, getting into the driver seat.

It was a long flight to America, but finally they made it. Serena was grateful that she had taken English for three years, so she could understand and speak the language. The Smiths were waiting for them, holding a Welcome Home sign. Jason ran to his parents and pulled them both into a hug.

"Mom, Dad, this is my sister, Serena" He said, grabbing her hand and dragging her to the group. "I asked her to stay with us because her home life isn't great right now" Mrs. Smith smiled at the young blonde, whose eyes reflected hurt and pain.

"Welcome Serena" She said, pulling the girl into a hug. Serena stiffened, but than relaxed. "I'm sure Jason told you that we already consider you part of the family" Serena felt tears prick her eyes.

"Thank you" She said softly. "Thank you"