A Run From Destiny

Chapter Ten

"Have you guys seen Luna?" Serena asked her friends. Mina and Amy shrugged and Lita shook her head.

"It's not like Luna to run off" Jason frowned. "I do hope nothing has happened to her"

"Lets make posters" Mina suggested. "I'm sure someone has seen her" Lita made the posters and they began distributing them around Jubann.

"Hey guys, look" Amy said suddenly. She was looking at a TV display. The television was on a channel and they saw Luna being held by Yaten. Serena frowned about to object, when she realized that Yaten had never seen Luna, so he wouldn't know that she was worried.

"I wonder why he has her?" Jason said.

"Maybe Luna ran away" Sammy said, coming up behind them. Serena scowled at her brother, but couldn't hold it and laughed.

"I'm going to talk to him tomorrow" She said. The next day, Serena was about to approach the white haired boy when a shy girl handed Serena a love letter. The silver haired girl raised an eyebrow.

Please give this to Yaten" The girl whispered before running off. Serena sighed and walked over to Yaten.

"Here" She said, handing him the letter. He looked at her and she rolled her eyes. "It's not from me" Yaten nodded and tossed the letter in the trash. He turned to go but was stopped by Serena's hand on his arm. "I saw you on TV last night" She said. Yaten raised an eyebrow.

"So" He said.

"With my cat" Serena said, emphasizing my.

"Oh, sorry about that" Yaten said. "Seiya's pet chameleon got away and we need a pet for the show. You're cat showed up and we decided to use her" Serena smiled.

"Its okay" She said. "Please take good care of her" Yaten nodded.

"I will" He promised.

The next day Yaten took Luna for a meeting with a tv personality named Natalia.

"Would you like to come back to my place" Natalia said, suggestively. At, least it would have been, had her voice not sounded so young and childish. Yaten sighed.

"You sound like a moron" He replied. Natalia glared at him.

"You're just a fad, you know" She snapped in her normal voice. Yaten shrugged as she walked away.

"I don't really care" He said sofly. He looked down at Luna.

"So, you belong to Serena, huh?" He asked. Luna mewed softly and licked his hand. Yaten smiled.

Later in the Three Lights' limo, Luna sat on Yaten's lap.

"We need to do something with all those love letters" Taiki sighed, pushing his glasses up his face.

"I throw mine away" Yaten said curtly. "I refuse to love anyone besides Her" Seiya and Taiki looked at him.

"this planet is full of love, you know" Taiki told him.

"Whatever" Yaten replied.

The next day, Yaten took Luna to be groomed and fitted with "cute" (i.e. cruel) clothes in a special pet parlour. Natalia walked up to him.

"I didn't realize you were gay" She said snidely. As Yaten walked away, Irene entered and introduced herself from Ginga TV. "Oh, that man is my lover" Natalia said quickly. Yaten rolled his eyes and left the room, still carrying Luna.

As soon as Yaten was in the next room, Iron Mouse transformed and removed Natalia's Star Seed.

Yaten heard her scream and ran back into the room. Luna jumped down from his arms and leapt at Iron Mouse's face. Yaten transformed, surprising Luna.

"Star Sensitive Inferno" Sailor Star Healer attacked. Iron Mouse teleported away, leaving Natalia, now Sailor Ojou.

Princess Sailor Moon aand Jadiete arrived but Sailor Ojou attacks them with her whip.

"Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss" Princess Sailor Moon healed Natalia. She sees Luna and picks her up.

"Where's Yaten?" She wondered aloud. Star Healer was shocked, but said nothing. Luna, now knowing that Yaten knew Sailor Moon's identity spoke up.

"He's safe" She said. She turned to look at Healer, silently telling her that she'd keep the secret. Healer smiled.

The next day at school, Serena spotted Yaten with all of his love letters and assumed that he was going to throw them away.

Yaten spotted them and walked over to them. He patted Luna on the head.

"Come visit me again" He said. Luna purred and he jogged away.