A Run From Destiny

Chapter Twelve

Mina, Amy and Lita were on individual pay phones trying to call the booking agency to buy tickets for the Three Lights concert. Mina finally got through.

"I'm sorry. All tickets have been sold out" The operator on the other line said. Mina dropped the phone in disgust.

"Are you trying to get these?" They turned to see Amara and Michelle. Michelle was holding up four tickets to the concert. All five of them went to Crown Fruits Parlor and talked about the concert.

"So, you're playing with the Three lights?" Amy asked in awe. Michelle nodded and sipped her tea.

"Where is Serena?" Amara asked.

"Jason took her to the doctor" Mina said. "She needs treatment for her scars" Amara nodded.

Elsewhere Sailor Galaxia blasted Sailor Iron Mouse backward.

"There will be on more failures" She snapped. Queen Beryl and Prince Endymione watched Iron Mouse through narrowed eyes. "Do not fail me again"

Iron Mouse traveled to Tokyo and saw the poster of Michelle and the Three Lights.

"I know where a true star seed is" She said smirking. The poster she was actually looking at was the poster next to Michelle and the three lights. It was a poster of the conductor who was hosting the joint concert.

That night at the concert Mina, Amy, and Lita were wondering where Serena was.

"I thought she said she was coming" Mina mused. Suddenly, they saw Serena, running through the crowd, her face flushed.

"I'm here" She said, gasping for breath.

"What took you so long?" Lita asked as they took thier seats.

"Sorry, it took longer at the doctor than I thought" She said. Her friends noticed that the burns were still visible, but more faint than when the attack happened. Before they could say anymore the concert began and it was a huge hit.

While on stage though Michelle sensed a powerful message to someone they love being sent by the Three Lights and at the same time Seiya sensed the light of a powerful star burning within Michelle.

Later, after the concert, Serena left the girls to go find Amara. Amara offered to take her backstage to see Michelle.

"Shouldn't we wait for the others?" Serena asked, but as she looked over her shoulder, she realized it might take forever for her friends to reach them. She nodded and followed Amara backstage.

When they got to Michelle's dressing room, Seiya was already there, so Amara glared at him.

Seiya quickly excused himself and when he left, he sensed that Amara and Michelle were Sailor Soldiers. The aura was really strong. Serena caught up with him and he turned to look at her.

"What happened to your face?" He asked, concerned. "And who was that guy?" Serena laughed.

"That "guy" She said, "Is actually a girl. She's also very protective of me" Seiya frowned as he noticed she avoided the question of her burns.

"Exactly why do you have so many protectors?" He asked. "Doesn't that deter guys who want to date you?"

"Of course" Serena said cheerfully. "That's the point" Seiya sighed. Suddenly, Serena tripped on a loose stair and collided with the conductor, knocking them down the stairs. The conductor turned out to be from America, so Serena was able to understand him.

"Are you okay?" He asked. Serena nodded and he gestured to Seiya, who couldn't understand a word that was being spoken.

"he says he enjoyed the concert tonight" Serena relayed. "And that he sensed a message coming from your performance" Seiya was shocked and watchd the conductor walk away.

"I have to go" Serena said. "I promised Kale I'd be back right after the concert" Seiya nodded and watched her walk away.

On the roof, the conductor was confronted by Sailor Iron Mouse who zapped him and removed his Star Seed. Serena heard the scream and transformed.

"Stop right there!" She commanded. Iron Mouse shook her head.

"I'm sorry to leave, but I am working overtime" She said. "See ya" She teleported away. The conductor turned into Sailor Conductor and attacked Princess Sailor Moon with stick projectiles, eventually pinning her to the wall.

The Sailor Starlights arrived. Star Fighter attacked with Star Serious Laser while Star Maker and Star Healer free Sailor Moon.

"Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss" Princess Sailor Moon was able to heal the conductor.

"Thank you" Princess Sailor Moon said. Sailor Star Fighter realized that Princess Sailor Moon still had the burns from her last fight and to his surprise, her burns were almost identical to Serena's burns, but he shook his head. There was no way Serena was Sailor Moon. It had to be a coincidence. Princess Sailor Moon reached out a hand to shake Fighter's, but the handshake was interrupted by Sailor Uranus.

"World Shaking." She attacked. Princess Sailor Moon turned to her most protective and loyal soldiers with a lethal glare.

"Are you trying to kill our allies?" She hissed.

"They're invaders from outside the solar system" Sailor Uranus snapped.

"They can't be trusted" Neptune added. Princess Saiilor Moon clenched her gloved hands.

"That is not for you to decide" She said. "All of us, my inner senshi and my generals trust my decision" The starlights stood there, unsure of what to do or say as Princess Sailor Moon took a fighting stance.

"Sailor Moon" Healer spoke suddenly. She relaxed and turned to look at the starlights. "We do not want to come between you and your soldiers" Princess Sailor Moon's shoulders drooped.

"We will still show up for battles" Fighter said. "For your enemy is our enemy" Princess Sailor Moon nodded.

"I will let you know if I sense anything from Kakyuu" She said. The starlights nodded and disappeared. Princess Sailor Moon turned to Uranus and Neptune.

"Why?" She asked, trying to control her anger.

"Our mission is to protect you from invaders from outside the solar system" Neptune reminded her. Sailor Moon shook her head.

"You're mission is to protect me from a threat from outside the solar system" She replied. "The starlights are not a threat. Before they came here, I offered thier princess refuge on Earth. I can't refuse her soldiers the same refuge" She turned and walked away, leaving Neptune and Uranus astonished.