A Run From Destiny

Chapter Fourteen

The Three Lights looked at the Blunette in shock.

"Why didn't you leave with the others?" Seiya asked. Amy shrugged.

"I thought you might need my help, but Serena had it covered" She replied.

"You're Sailor Mercury, aren't you?" Taiki asked. Amy nodded.

"I am" She said.

"So that's how you knew that the Phage that night was a teacher" Taiki said quietly. Amy nodded again.

"I trust you guys" She said. "We all do, well except perhaps Neptune and Uranus. It isn't my place to tell the others your identity or to tell you thiers, but Seiya, if you really like Serena, you need to tell her the truth. Too many guys have lied to her in the past, Jason will not hesitate to kill you if you break her heart" She smiled slightly. "I'd better go" She left and the Three Lights were silent for a moment.

"Amy is right" Seiya said. "I have to tell Serena"

Serena thought about her date with Seiya and smiled. Perhaps it was time to open her heart again.

"Sailor Aluminum Siren and Sailor Lead Crow" Galaxia commanded. The two Sailors stepped forward. "It is your turn to collect the true star seeds. Do not fail me like Iron Mouse did" They nodded and vanished.

"Why not let us go to Earth?" Beryl asked. "Endymion and I can take care of those brats easily"

"Because, my animamates are expendable" Galaxia replied. "I do not believe that they will suceed and once they are out of the way, we will defeat the Sailor Soldiers of Earth and conquer it for ourselves" Beryl grinned.

Serena and the girls relaxed in the park eating ice cream.

"Do you think the Starlights are villains?" Serena asked her friends.

"No" Amy said automatically. Serena, Mina and Lita looked at her in surprise. Amy smiled. "They are working with us, and you said it yourself Serena, you've been in contact with Kakyuu before Kinmoku was destroyed" Trista appeared before them.

"Amy is right" She said. "Neptune and Uranus are just protective of you, but that will soon pass. The looming threat is more powerful than anything you've faced before. Almost the entire galaxy is now covered in darkness" After she left, the girls contemplated Trista's words. Serena stayed in the park with Luna and Jason soon joined her.

As they talked a mysterious girl appeared and lost her umbrella in the wind. Serena saw it and caught it and returned it to her. The little girl had red hair in heart shaped buns and red eyes. She looked a lot like Rini, but younger.

As Serena, Jason and Luna began to walk home they noticed the girl following them. Serena asked her her name and where she lived but the girl just replied "chibi chibi".

"I feel a tremendous amount of power from her" Jason said. "I think we should take her home"

Luna suggests that they contact the police but as she says this the realise the girl has disappeared.

Meanwhile in the Galaxy TV studio Aluminum Siren was cleaning out Iron Mouse's desk while eating some dried shrimp. Her alias was Alia Summers and Lead Crow was Lilia Chambers. Lilia sighed as all Alia seemed to want to do was eat.

"We need to focus on our mission" She snapped, rubbing her temples. "I can hardly believe we were once rivals"

The next day Serena decided to take Chibi Chibi to the toy store. Suddenly, Chibi Chibi vanished from the store. Serena called Jason and then began to look for the young girl, when she ran into Seiya, who was dressed as a police officer. On his shoulders, was Chibi Chibi.

They walked to the Police station together.

"This little one looks a lot like you" Seiya commented. Serena shrugged. "Are you hiding something?"

"Maybe" was all Serena would say. When they got to the station, Taiki and Yaten were waiting for Seiya, with Jason, who Serena had phoned to tell him she had Chibi Chibi. Jason took the small girl from Seiya's arms.

"I was so worried about you" He said, softly scolding her for running off. She giggled.

"Chibi Chibi" She said. Jason smiled softly. After biding goodbye to the Three Lights, Jason and Serena, the Police Chief went out to his car.

"Excuse me sir, might I conduct an interview?" He turned to see a beautiful woman standing before him.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"I'm Alia Summers and I work for Galaxy TV" She replied. "I'm very sorry, but I'll need to see your star seed"

"My wha..." She cut him off as she revealed herself to be Aluminum Siren. Siren attacked the chief.

Inside, they all heard the scream. Jason immediately handed Chibi Chibi to Seiya.

"Stay here" He instructed. Serena and Jason sprinted outside, becoming the Twins of the Moon. They arrived just in time to see the police chief's star seed turn black.

"Stop right there!" Jadiete shouted. "Lunar stream!" He attacked her, but she dodged out of the way. Lead Crow decided to make her appearance.

"Come on Siren" She said. "We'll leave the Phage to take care of them" They teleported away in the phone booth, identical to the one that Iron Mouse had used, leaving the twins to fight the Phage, Sailor Cop who began attacking them with lazer blasts! A blast headed for Jadiete and Princess Sailor Moon pushed him out of the way. The blast hit her shoulder, wounding her.

Star Maker and Star Healer appeared.

"Star Gentle Uterus!" Maker attacked. She wounded the Phage and Princess Sailor Moon stood, gritting her teeth.

"Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss" She healed the Phage, and then collapsed, her hand on her shoulder.

"Are you okay?" Healer asked. Princess Sailor Moon nodded.

"I'll be fine" She said. "Where's Fighter?" Healer and Maker exchanged glances.

"She couldn't make it" Healer said. Once the Starlights were gone, Jadiete knelt beside Princess Sailor Moon.

"How bad is it?" He asked.

"It's not bad" She replied. He gave her a skeptical look. She rolled her eyes and detransformed. "Let's go" Jason sighed, but he knew that there was no reasoning with Serena. She was good at taking care of everyone but herself.

That night Serena sat at her desk, writing, when the door opened and Chibi Chibi entered.

"Are you alright?" Serena asked. Chibi Chibi just clutched her teddy bear. Serena stood up and picked Chibi Chibi up.

"Would you like to sleep with me tonight?" She asked. Chibi Chibi nodded and they got under the covers.

"Sweet dreams" Serena whispered, kissing the girl on the forhead.