A Run From Destiny

Chapter Sixteen

Serena didn't tell anyone about the kiss she had shared with Seiya or the fact that he was Star Fighter, which would make Taiki and Yaten the other two Starlights. She also neglected to tell any one about her shoulder and the pain that it was causing her. She just grit her teeth and smiled, avoiding questions about it. Mina decided to question Jason when he got back from his conference.

Jason was in the shower when the phone rang. None of the other guys were home, so he wrapped a towel around his waist and went to answer it.

"Jason, it's Mina. I'm worried" Mina said, cutting right to the chase.

"What's wrong?" Jason asked, immediately concerned.

"It's Serena" Mina said. "I'm sure you know that there was a battle while you guys were out of town. We noticed something, Serena's shoulder looks really bad. She refuses to talk about it and says she's fine, but I can tell that something's wrong" Jason sighed.

"I was afraid of this" He said. "We had a battle a while back and she got hit, protecting me. She said she was fine. I take it she won't let Hotaru take a look. Serena can't heal herself, and the only other senshi with healing powers is Hotaru"

"She's stubborn" Mina responded. "She insists that she's fine and that we need to focus on the battle ahead"

"I'll try talking to her" Jason said. "I don't know if it will do any good"

"Thanks Jason" Mina said, relieved. Jason hung up the phone and went to his bedroom to get dressed. Serena had already left for school, and he was running late. He doubted he'd have a chance to talk to her during school, so he'd wait until they got home.

At school, a list was posted on the bulletin board about the new sports clubs.

"I'm going to join Volleyball" Mina said. "I really enjoyed it. I quit when I became Sailor V"

"Go for it" Serena said with a smile.

"I think I'll go with basketball" Lita mused to herself. "Taiki is in the group" Serena and Amy both rolled thier eyes. Amy was still seeing Taiki, but Serena was the only one who knew about it. Serena pulled Amy aside.

"You really should think about telling the other girls" She said. "They might stop clinging to him. They've stopped going after Seiya" Amy sighed.

"Taiki doesn't want me to have to deal with the media" She said softly.

"It's not so bad" Serena said. "It might be better to get the relationship out in the open" Just then Seiya popped up behind Serena and kissed her on the cheek. Jason saw this as he was arriving, but said nothing. He knew that Serena was interested in Seiya, but he would be keeping an eye on the pop star.

"I've signed us up for softball" Seiya said. Serena looked at him in mock horror.

"Without my permission, for shame" She said, before bursting into giggles. Seiya laughed with her, but then she grew serious. "I've never played softball" She said. Seiya shrugged.

"I can teach you" He said. Serena smiled. Unknown to them around the corner, several girls were watching Seiya flirting with Serena and were unhappy.

"We can't let him date that bimbo" One girl, Sarah said.

The other girls watched as Serena and Seiya practiced. Serena hit everyball that Seiya threw to her.

"Are you sure you've never played softball before?" Seiya asked. Serena shook her head. She glanced at her watch.

"I have to go pick up Sammy from school" She said. "He hates it when I'm late" She turned to leave, but her path was blocked by Sarah and the othe girls. Sarah stepped forward.

"You aren't going anywhere, until we have a word with you" Sarah snapped. "I am the leader of the Three Lights fanclub and I want you to stay away from Seiya"

"Who's going to make me?" Serena asked.

"We will" The girls behind Sarah said in unison. Serena was tempted to power up, but Seiya grabbed her arm, calming her down. Serena's friends, Jason, Nathan, Seiya, Taiki and Yaten stood behind Serena.

"I can be with whoever I want" Serena snapped. Seiya entwined his hands with Serena.

"Serena is my girlfriend" Seiya said, his voice ringing out loud and clear. This was the first time he had said something like that and Serena smiled. Jason watched Serena and realized that she was happier than she had been in a long time. Sarah glared at Serena.

"Lets set some stakes" She said, still hoping to seperate Seiya and Serena. "We challenge you to a softball game. If you win, you two can be together, if you lose, you may never see each other again" Serena and Seiya looked at each other.

"No deal" Seiya said. "I like spending time with Serena, so whether I win or lose, it doesn't really matter" Sarah was angry and stormed off the pitch.

"Well, that went well" Serena said lightly. They all laughed.

Elsewhere Sailor Galaxia was furious with Sailor Aluminum Siren.

"Have you found a true star seed for me?" Galaxia asked.

"No" Siren replied. "I'm sorry. I am doing my best"

"You're best isn't good enough" Galaxia snapped. "You don't have many chances left"

"I understand" Siren replied

The next day was the schoolwide sports competition. Those who weren't in any of the clubs, chose which matches they wanted to watch.

During the softball game, Serena was the one to watch, as she never missed a ball.

Outside the school, Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Aluminum Siren arrived in their civilian forms. Siren was eating a bag of chips and not paying attention to Crow. Crow finally got frustrated.

"Never mind, I'll do it myself" She snapped.

It began raining, and the matches were called off until the weather cleared. They all congregated in the gym. Seiya was sitting on the bleachers when Jason approached him.

"we need to talk" He said. Seiya gulped and nodded.

"Potty" Chibi Chibi said. Serena nodded and took Chibi Chibi to the bathroom.

While waiting for Chibi Chibi, Serena was approached by Sarah.

"You're a good athlete" Sarah said honestly. "I can see why Seiya likes you" Serena shook her head.

"It isn't because I am athletic or smart" She said. "It's because I wasn't a fan girl" Sarah sighed.

"I look forward to finishing the game" Sarah said. "May the best person win" Serena smiled and Chibi Chibi came out of the bathroom.

Serena took Chibi Chibi's hand and they began walkin towards the gym. Once they went out of sight, Sarah smiled.

"Serena's star is bright" She commented to herself. Just than Lead Crow appeared.

"You're star is brighter" She said, removing Sarah's star seed.

Serena heard Sarah's screams, and let go of Chibi Chibi's hand.

"Stay here" She said, running to Sarah's aid. She transformed into Princess Sailor Moon. Aluminum Siren saw the transformation and it suddenly dawned on her. The pure star seeds were hidden in the Sailor Senshi.

"Hold it right there" Princess Sailor Moon said. the bruising on her shoulder had now spread to her entire arm. She winced in pain. Crow smiled.

"You are in no position to fight" She said, gleefully. "Sailor Leaguer, attack" Sailor League attacked and Princess Sailor Moon barely got out of the way. She turned and was confronted by a blast from Siren, who tried to grab Sailor Moon's brooch. Her moon wand was knocked out of her hand. Sailor's Moon arm lay limp just as Jason, having felt her transform, came running. Chibi Chibi also came running and ran towards the moon wand and placed both hands around it.

Meanwhile in some sort of white limbo, Chibi Chibi, now Sailor Chibi Chibi floated towards Princess Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon sensed a gentle powerful energy flowing into her as their hands touched. The bruising on her shoulder healed as the power flowed through her.

They then returned to reality. Princess Sailor Moon then summoned the new Holy Grail, the Holy Moon Chalice which attached itself to her Moon wand powering it up to it's new form, the Moon sword. Eternal Sailor Moon then performed her new attack.

"Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss" the attack reverted the Phage back into Sarah. Her Star Seed returned to her body. Jason turned to his sister, and noticed that her arm was completely healed. He pondered whether he should talk to her about it, now that it was gone.

Sailor Aluminum Siren and Lead Crow retreated quickly and Princess Sailor Moon smiled.

She looked down at her sword and at Chibi Chibi who was back to normal.

"You are one interesting child" She said softly.

The rain, had stopped so the games continued.

Everyone cheered as Serena ran to catch a ball that will decide the outcome of the game. She caught it! They won! Seiya whirled her around and kissed her on the lips, in front of the whole crowd.