A Run From Destiny

Chapter Four

Over the course of the next few weeks, Sammy noticed that Serena's blonde hair was turning silver, but not the type of silver an old person would get. He questioned her about it once.

"My power is infused with the silver crystal" Serena explained. "The crystal is changing me for my final transformation. I'm going to need it to defeat the evil that is headed our way" Sammy sighed.

"Do you always have to fight evil?" He asked. Serena smiled slightly.

"Of course" She replied. "It is my duty" Sammy frowned.

"Don't you ever get tired of duty?" He asked. Serena nodded.

"I do, but if I don't save the innocents than evil would wipe out the planet" She explained.

"I think I understand" Sammy said. Serena smiled and ruffled his hair.

"I won't let anything bad happen to you, I promise" She said.

Serena was right. There was indeed a new threat, but it was attacking Japan. The senshi were no match for the evil women who called themselves Sailor Senshi. There was also a new boy band in town, they called themselved The Three Lights and were the most popular boy band in the area.

"I wish Serena would come back" Lita said, as Amy bandaged her arm. "This fight is unlike anything we've ever seen"

"They took Darien and I think Raye blames Serena" Mina mused.

"She has no right to blame Serena" Lita snapped. "She and Darien are part of the reason Serena left"

"I wonder if she knows" Amy said quietly. "She can sense things with her crystal. I wonder if she knows Beryl is back and teaming up with another evil"

"If she did, wouldn't she be here?" Mina asked. "I know she's upset, but Serena would never let civillians suffer because of it"

"Mina is right, of course" A voice from behind them said. The four girls turned to see Serena standing there, but she looked different. Her hair was completely silver, like her mother from the silver millenium and she was wearing a red mini skirt with red halter top and red knee high boots. Standing next to her was Sammy and behind them were the generals that they had once fought.

"Serena!" The girls cried in happiness, crowding around her. Serena laughed.

"We have to take care of this enemy. She is not from our galaxy" Serena informed them. "Meet me at this address later tonight. Bring Raye and Darien" The group left before the senshi could tell her that Darien was gone. As Serena left the arcade she literally ran into someone and fell.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going" She said. She looked up into the face of a very gorgeous male. There were two guys behind him. He had long blue hair tied in a pony tail and gorgeous eyes. He reached out a hand and helped her up.

"The fault is mine Miss..."

"Thompson" Serena said. "But you can call me Serena" He smiled.

"Well then Serena, my name is Seiya Kou and these are my brothers Yaten and Taiki" He introduced. Serena smiled.

"You're the Three Lights" Sammy said suddenly. "I thought I recognized you from the poster" Seiya laughed.

"Indeed we are" He said.

"Rena, we have to get going" Zoe said. Serena nodded.

"It was nice to meet you guys" She said, waving as they walked away. The Three lights watched her walk away.

"There's something odd about her" Yaten said. "I could feel her energy. She is powerful"

"Is she an enemy?" Taiki asked. Seiya shrugged.

"We need to focus on our mission" He said. "Let's go"

"The Princess has returned" Michelle said.

"Yes. And she had brought help" Amara replied. "We must be there to help her no matter what"

"Nothing else matters if we're together" Michelle said.

Later that evening, Mina, Lita and Amy dragged a grumpy Raye to the address that Serena had given them. Mina knocked on the door and Jason opened it. When he saw Raye, he was tempted to slam the door in her face, but the other girls didn't deserve that.

"Please, come in" He said, venom in his voice as he glared at the fire senshi. She cringed a bit, unsure of what it was about him that scared her. Jason led them into the living room where everyone else was waiting, including Amara and Michelle.

"What's going on?" Raye asked, crossing her arms. Serena gave Raye an icy stare and transformed into Princess Serenity. Her friends transformed into thier general forms.

"I have called this meeting to discuss the new evil that has been unleashed on Japan" Princess Serenity informed them. "Where is Darien?"

"His star seed was taken by Galaxia" Raye spat. Serenity leveled her with a glare.

"Then we will proceed without him" She said coolly. Raye exploded.

"You act like you don't even care" She shouted. "You leave us, high and dry and then you come back and act like your still in charge" Serenity blasted Raye across the room.

"My powers have grown, Mistress of Fire" She said harshly. "Do not presume to judge me. You know nothing about me. Darien destroyed any hope of me loving him as you destroyed any hope of Jadiete loving you"

"Jadiete?" Raye whispered.

"He loved you Raye. He is the one who discovered your betrayal in the silver millenium and your betrayal now. I was a fool to believe in you and Darien. You hurt me and my brother. You are nothing" She waved her hand and Raye disapeared.

"What did you do to her?" Sammy asked.

"I sent her to Mars" Serena replied. "She will be isolated there until her father, King Ares passes judgment" She turned to her friends. "As I said before, Galaxia is not of this galaxy. She has taken over her own galaxy and she has come here with the hopes that she will be able to take our galaxy. As I have spoken to the others, it would appear that she is suceeding. Mars and Earth are the only ones that have yet to be taken over" Amy blinked.

"Are the planets still thriving?" She asked. Serena nodded.

"Then why weren't we sent home?" Lita asked.

"Because, they were frozen in time until we were reborn on Earth" Serena replied. "I have only recently made contact. I want you all to know that your parents are safe. They made it to Mars and Ares is more than capable of handling things there. Our main focus is Earth. Once we defeat Galaxia, we can return home to reunite with our kingdoms and families" The other senshi nodded.

"Let's do this" Lita said cracking her knuckles.