A Run From Destiny

Chapter Six

Mina was the most ambitious out of all of her friends.

"Please Serena!" Mina pleaded with her friend. The silver haired girl laughed.

"No" She said. "Absoluely not" She giggled at the blonde's crest fallen face. Then Mina got a big gin on her face, and Serena eyed her worriedly.

Later, after school, Mina asked Seiya to walk her home. As they walked, Sammy was hidden in the bushes taking pictures of them. Mina aimed to get publicity as Seiya's girlfriend. Seiya spotted Sammy though and called him over. Sammy felt his face heat up as he walked over and handed Seiya the camera. Seiya looked at Mina and shook his head. Serena was walking in the park looking for Sammy. She spotted him, Mina and Seiya. The popstar seemed upset about something. She jogged over to them.

"Is everything alright" She asked, placing a hand on Sammy's shoulders. Sammy gulped. Seiya shrugged.

"I don't like having my picture taken" He said.

"I'm sure Sammy has a good explanation, don't you Sammy?" Serena asked. Sammy was unsure of what to say. Feeling bad, Mina spoke up.

"I paid him to take the pictures" She said sheepishly. "I just wanted the popularity" Seiya smiled gently.

"No harm done" He said. "I'll see you girls later"

Later in Crown Fruits Parlor, Serena met with the other girls.

"I can't believe Mina paid Sammy to do something like that" She told them. Amy and Lita sighed heavily.

"That's our Mina" Lita said, laying her head on the table. Just as thier order came, Mina bounced in excitedly.

"I just got a job as an assistant to the Three Lights" She said happily. As she flounced away, Serena rolled her eyes.

"Jason is worried about me getting too close to Seiya" She admitted to Amy and Lita. The blunette smiled.

"He doesn't want you to get hurt again" She said. Serena nodded.

"I know. The generals want to protect my heart. I don't think I'm quite ready for a relationship anyway" She said.

In TV Galaxy, Irene was looking through a magazine for her next target. She stopped when she came to a picture of a photographer. As she was looking at the picture, the phone rang and Galaxia summoned her.

Sailor Iron Mouse stood before Galaxia.

"I have another target" She said confidently. Galaxia smirked.

"Do not fail me Iron Mouse" She commanded. "I need those star seeds"

The next day, Serena decided to tag along with Mina to watch the Three Lights do voice training. All of a sudden a female photographer popped up and began taking photos.

"You shouldn't be here" Mina said angrily. The photographer ignored her.

During the Three Lights' public autograph session, the photographer appeared again, aggrevating Mina. She also appeared during a juice commercial that the Three Lights.

"I can't stand her" Mina muttered. Serena smirked. Just then Jason arrived and walked over to Serena. He whispered something in her ear and she giggled and smacked him playfully. Seiya noticed this and frowned. He was determined to find out about the men in Serena's life. He didn't know why, but he felt some sort of connection to her.

Jason and Serena walked over to a table and decided to try the juice that the commercial was about. Jason nearly spit it on the ground.

"How can they stand this stuff?" He asked. Mina walked over to him.

"Thier idols" She said. "They have to make it believable in the commercial"

Serena tries the juice which tastes really bad and wonders how the Three Lights can keep smiling on camera. Mina tells her that that's an idol's job.

That night as the Three Lights returned to their studio the woman surprised them by suddenly taking candid photos of them.

"My name is Dorothee Evans and I am the photographer for the "Three Lights Unmasked" feature" She told them. Seiya shook her hand.

"It is a pleasure to meet you" He said. Yaten however, was not as enthusiastic and stole her camera.

"I don't like people taking pictures of me when I yawn" He snapped. He opened the camera and exposed the film. unperturbed, Dorothee simple began taking photos with her second camera.

"That anger is fantastic" She said. "The viewers will love it" Yaten gave up and folded his arms.

Jason hid a smile.

"Come on Rena, let's go" He said.

The following night, Serena and Mina, without Jason, went to watch the Three Lights during a photo shoot. Once they were done, Mina began congratulating them.

"Shall we go" Serena asked. As they began to leave, Dorothee stopped them.

"Do you mind staying and doing some more?" She asked. "I haven't gotten the best photo yet" Mina got upset.

"The Three Lights have to eat and sleep too you know" She snapped. Yaten glared at Mina.

"Be Quiet" He snapped. Serena glared at Yaten fiercely, as Mina looked ready to cry. The Three Lights agreed to pose some more.

Once finished, Dorothee left to get some coffee. Sailor Iron Mouse appeared and zapped her, removing her Star Seed which quickly turned black.

Mina saw what happened and transformed into Sailor Venus.

"Love and Beauty Shock" She attacked, but Iron Mouse dodged it.

Iron Mouse then retreated as Dorothee transformed into "Sailor Picture".

Serena, who had just finished eating, heard the commotion and transformed into Princess Sailor Moon. She dodges Sailor Picture's attacks but Sailor Venus was hit. More concerned about Venus then herself, Princess Sailor Moon got out her harp and began to play. Sailor Picture attempted to attack, but The Sailor Starlights appeared.

"Star Sensitive Inferno" Sailor Star Healer attackd, which weakened Sailor Picture. Princess Sailor Moon's harp vanished and Venus was completely recovered.

"Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss" the attack returned Sailor Picture to normal. Princess Sailor Moon turned to the Sailor Star Lights.

"Hello" She said quietly.