A Run From Destiny

Chapter Nine

At school the girls are shocked to see that Serena has tied with both Amy and Taiki as number one in the latest test results.

"Wow Serena, you were never this smart in middle school" Lita said, impressed. Serena blushed.

"I have an excellent tutor" She said quietly.

"Who?" Mina demanded, since her grades lacked attention.

"Kale's been tutoring me ever since I went to America" Serena replied. "He offered to tutor both me and Sammy. Sammy's doing better in school too" Mina sighed and looked at Taiki wistfully.

"I wish Taiki would tutor me" She said dreamily. Serena rolled her eyes.

"You like all three of them" She reminded Mina. Mina shook her head.

"Nope" She said. "I don't like Seiya anymore" She said. Serena was surprised, but Mina didn't reveal why the sudden change. She ran over to Taiki and tugged on his arm. "Will you help me study?" She asked, with puppy dog eyes.

"I don't really have time" Taiki said apologetically. "But you can use my notes" He handed her his notebook and she clutched it to her chest before dashing off.

Amy was looking at the scores on the board as Serena came up to stand next to her.

"I guess you don't need me anymore" She said, sighing. Serena slung an arm around the blunette.

"I'll always need you Amy, you know that" She said. Amy smiled happily.

That afternoon, Amy decided to speak with Professor Heinz, the science professor.

"Did you hear about the comet?" She asked him. Professor Heinz nodded.

"It's approaching tomorrow" He said. "I am not sure what time" Just then Taiki approached them, having over heard the conversation.

"My calculations say that we should be able to see the comet around 9:15" He told them.

"Wonderful" Professor Heinz said. "You both are more than welcome to view the comet from my house, tomorrow"

"I'll be there" Amy said. Taiki just shrugged and the three of them talked some more about the comet and stars which resulted in an invitation for Amy to a studio where Professor Heinz and Taiki would be hosting a science show.

Later, Amy met the girls at Crown Fruits Parlor.

"The comet is going to be interesting" She told them. Serena was the only one who seemed slightly interested.

"Are you going because of the comet or because of Taiki?" She asked slyly. Amy blushed and all four of them laughed.

That night all the girls decided to accompany Amy and watch the live recording from back stage.

"Is it true that people become stars when they die" A young boy in the audience asked. Professor Heinz pondered this.

"That may be true but..." Taiki cut him off.

"The power of living things powers the stars" He informed the audience. Serena and Amy looked at eachother in surprise.

"Do you think..." Amy mouthed. Serena shrugged.

After the show, Taiki looked out the window and turns to Amy.

"It's raining pretty heavily" He said. "the forecast for tomorrow is 100% chance of rain"

"It might clear up" Amy said confidently. "We'll definately get to see the comet" Taiki raised an eyebrow.

"I'll drop by if it clears up" He told her. Amy nodded.

The next day it rained all day, but Amy still decided to go to Professor Heinz's house after school.

As Professor Heinz served tea, Iron Mouse arrived and rang the gate's intercom. Professor Heinz went out to see who it is. Amy quietly sipped her tea until she heard a scream. She hurried outside and was attacked by Sailor Teacher!

Luckily Taiki arrived despite the rain, having been thinking about Amy's words all day, and saw her being attacked. He transformed into Sailor Star Maker and attacked.

"Star Gentle Uterus" The attack didn't hit Sailor Teacher, because Amy knocked him aside. She turned to Star Maker.

"Please," She said with tears in her eyes. "He's my teacher" Star Maker hesitated, as she didn't want to hurt him either.

Nearby, Serena and Luna were walking to the teacher's house to see Amy and the comet. Serena heard the commotion and transformed into Princess Sailor Moon.

Sailor Teacher attacked again and Star Maker had no choice but to attack back, knocking the Phage out. She turned to Amy and smiled.

"I only used half my power" She said, as Princess Sailor Moon came on the scene. Amy smiled.

"Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss" Sailor Moon attacked, reversing Sailor Teacher back to his human form.

Later on, Amy and Serena were watching the comet through the telescope. The sky had cleared up, just in time! Taiki then joined them and Serena graciously allowed Amy to use the telescope with Taiki. She watched them with a smile on her face.