Ch. 6

Steam and green locks

How long has it been since I've last felt warm arms embrace me so tightly? How long has it been since I've last been kissed with passion? Since I've last felt wanted? I know the answers to those questions. Even so, until last night I felt so empty, so lonely. Because that's the way I was until he came.

A bright light touched his face and his mocha eyes opened lazily. Pale arms were holding him tightly from behind while he could feel a hot breeze hitting his backhead. The mint scent embraced him as well. Ichigo turned his head to face his lover who was sleeping soundless.

The young artist thought that Shirosaki really looked cute when he was sleeping. His cherry lips kissed lightly the pale cheek. Ichigo smiled happily. His gaze moved to the window and his smile grew wider as he watched outside.

Big snowflakes were floating in the air, so slowly as if they were not really. As if they were in a globe with sparkle, just like those you see in Christmas movies. The wind did not dare to blow and ruin that beautiful scenery.

Chocolate pools looked at the pale male next to him again. He turned his whole body, even though the albino was holding him really tightly, just to face him for real. Tanned arms returned the embrace, even if it seemed foolish to do something like that. After all they barely knew each other; still…Ichigo felt that he'd known the guitarist since forever.

He buried his face in the albino's chest not wanting to ever let go of that moment, of that lovely warm that he almost forgot. Tanned fingers stroked gently the sleeping man's cheek while another kissed landed on the pale lips. Shirosaki mumbled something and Ichigo had to refrain his giggle.

He closed his eyes and let himself be captured by the world of dream once again. It felt nice to have someone sit next to you when you woke when Ichigo was almost asleep a loud crack followed by something heavy sitting on him had ruined his peaceful morning. He opened his eyes, frowning even more than he used to, if that was possible, anyway.

On top of his lover stood a green haired woman. One of her legs hit the young artist in his tummy and Ichigo could only release the pale male. When he regained his senses he found the woman hugging Shirosaki so tight that the man didn't seem to breathe anymore. Ichigo was right. Women were scary.

"I think you are suffocating him." He pointed out in a simple voice, still trying to figure out what actually happened. The woman turned her head to look at Ichigo as if she hadn't observed him until he spoke.

She had long and curly green hair, and Ichigo couldn't help but think it was dyed. It must have been, right? Anyway, her eyes were big and green, matching with the hair color. Her skin was tanned and looked smooth. She had a rather fine body, what a shame none of the two males were straight.

" .God! Shichi, you have a boyfriend! You little prick, why didn't you tell me, huh? Never mind, Nel is so proud of you! Now we must celebrate!" she let Shirosaki go for a moment to clap her hands just like a little kid.

Shirosaki fell in bed and Ichigo moved next to him, mostly to check if he was still breathing. Meanwhile, Nel was studying them with fangirlish eyes from behind.

"My name is Nelliel Tu Oderschvank. Nice to meet you, Shichi's boyfriend." She introduced herself and patted Ichigo's bare back.

"Uhm…hi. I'm Kurosaki Ichigo…"his words died in his neck since he didn't know what to say. After all, who the hell was that woman and what was she doing in Shirosaki's room? Speaking of Shirosaki, why was she calling him Shichi?

"Oh, my. Well, you look really hot. And your name's just cool. I bet it means "the one who protects", right"? she said putting her index on her bottom lip. Ichigo's eyes widened in surprise. How did she know?

"Uhm, yeah. How did you…?" but his question died halfway as she was waving her hand in the air as if it was nothing. She let a little giggle escape from her lips before she answered his question.

"I figured it out after I let go of Shichi and he landed in bed. You were so worried, poor you. You thought I killed him, didn't you?" she asked and giggled again. Ichigo couldn't help but nod awkwardly. "Don't worry about it. Anyway, I'm his cousin so I wouldn't kill him." she added.

"Goddammit, Nel. Why do ya hafta do 't every time ya see meh? I start ta think tha' ya really want ta kill me." Shirosaki interrupted their discussion. He had finally regained his senses. She gave him the puppy eyes.

"That's not true, Shichi-chan. I just don't get to see you too often. You never call me, not to mention that you never pay me a visit. Nel loves you, dummy." She tried to explain herself but Hichigo wasn't listening her at all. "More importantly, why didn't you tell me you have a boyfriend? Especially a hot one." Nel said grabbing the pale male's neck.

Ichigo's face went all red when he heard the hot part, and he went even redder when he realized they were both naked. The orangette grabbed the blanked and hid himself entirely under it.

"Why are ya hidin', Ichi?" Shiro asked and climbed on top of him. Long pale fingers pulled the blanked off of the orangette's head. "Have ya realized ya were naked?" he said slowly in his ear, while he pressed his body against his. "But, Ichi, I've seen ya naked the whole night, so why do ya feel ashamed?" he taunted the young artist under him in a low voice. "Or is 't tha' ya feel embarrassed cuz of Nel?"

Behind them Nelliel Tu Oderschvank was observing them with total interest. Ichigo stood up, his face bright red. He reached out after Shirosaki's backhead and he grabbed it with his hands. Black and gold eyes widened in surprise while Ichigo stared the pale man. He could see his own reflection on those dark eyes, he could see his calm expression while he approached the frozen albino. Their lips locked in a sweet kiss. Shiro caressed his orange spikes and he closed his eyes.

It has surprised him that Ichigo took the initiative, but what could he say. He found it lovely and cute, if though Ichigo was obviously trying to be a manly seme. The orangette didn't press harder since they had a visitor. He knew that he couldn't go too far.

They broke the soft kiss and turned to look at Nel who had already melted on their bed, mumbling things. Poor her, Ichigo thought and both of them stood up. Shirosaki went to the bathroom to take his morning shower, while Ichigo was shouting after him.

"I can't find my clothes. Shiro, where did you put them?" he asked staying in front of the bathroom door.

"How should I know? Ya stripped yerself, remember?" the other screamed under the shower. He then burst into laughter after imagining a desperate Ichigo standing with a sheet around his waist.

"What's so funny, idiot? You took them, didn't you? You are so dead, Shirosaki, I swear." Ichigo said his eyebrow twitching in annoyance.

"Ya wouldn't dare ta kill meh. Ya like meh too much ta do tha'. 'N' even if we start fightin' we would end up probably doin' somethin' else." the other replied obviously amused.

"Teme!" the orangette said in a low dangerous voice and started to his the door with his fists.

"If ya want ta take a shower with me all ya hafta ta do's ask, ya know. Ya don't need ta break tha' door." Shiro said happy.

"As if. Who would want to take a shower with you, dumbass!" Ichigo replied closing his eyes and trying not to imagine that kind of activity. And it was pretty impossible not to.

"Well, ya would." the pale male behind the door pointed out.

Ichigo walked away but then the bathroom door opened and a pale him gripped him and pulled him in the steamy room. Oh, shit…

Hichigo was all grinning at the blushing orangette in front of. His long fingers unfolded the knot Ichigo made and the white sheet fell on the floor exposing Ichigo's body in all its might. Blue tongue licked snow-like lips and Shiro pinned Ichigo on the wall, under the hot shower.

Water droplets were dripping down their bodies while they kissed hungrily. They had a little battle for dominance, but the albino won easily. Ichigo thought that it felt nice having his cavern invaded by his lover.

He put his arms on his backhead, while Hichigo hold his waist firmly, yet gently. Ichigo wondered if that was possible. It didn't matter. After they broke the kiss, Shiro moved his attention to his neck. He bit the wet flesh, obtaining moans from Ichigo. The he kissed his shoulder.

Ichigo turned his back to Shiro, pinning himself on the cold wall. The albino's long fingers scratched his chest, not too roughly but not gently either. His azure tongue was wandering on his spine, making Ichigo shudder in pleasure.

"Nghhh. Shiro." Ichigo groaned in a low husky voice as he felt Shirosaki sinking his teeth in his flesh. Hichigo picked on of his nipples and started to squish it between his thumb and index. "Gah! Shiro, wha-what are you…?" Ichigo moaned then bit his lower lip.

But the pale male had no intention of answering, of course. As if the answer wasn't obvious anyway. Compared to the other night, Shirosaki was touching him more gently, and Ichigo found that lovable. The orangette could feel the pale male's chest touching his back and not only that. It seemed that not only Ichigo was turned on, but also Shirosaki was.

Hichigo gripped the orangette's arm and turned him to face each other. They kissed hungrily while Ichigo wrapped his legs around Hichi's waist, surprising him.

"Ya taste good, Ichi. I'm so gonna eatcha." the albino said and pinched his uke's ass. "Tell me, Ichi, do ya want 't?" he whispered in his ear, then nibbled his earlobe.

"Ah, Shiro." was all Ichigo could say, but the albino was not satisfied. He wanted Ichigo beg for it, because he liked to see Ichi's embarrassed face. So he pinched him again and asked the same question. "Fuck me already!" he groaned knowing he had no choice but tell him bluntly what he wanted.

Shiro didn't wait to be ask twice and entered Ichigo. At the beginning he moved slowly, letting Ichigo adjust to his length. It didn't take too long for Ichi to get used to it. If he were to be honest, he really wanted the albino since he entered the bathroom. What a pervert.

"Ah! Ah! Shi-shirosaki! Faster." Ichigo moaned desperately as his lover was complying to his demands. "Mhhm…Shirosaki, I'm gonna cum." he said closing his eyes.

It was 12 am and it was still snowing. Ichigo, Shirosaki and Nelliel were all enjoying pancakes for the breakfast. Ichigo had to admit that Shiro was a good cook. He felt refreshed after he took that shower and that seemed to cheer him up for good.

Shirosaki reached out after his face and his pale finger wiped the chocolate on his lover's face. He licked his finger soundly and Ichigo blushed slightly. On the other side of the table Nel was smiling amused by the two of them. It was a perfect morning of Christmas Eve. Talking about Christmas…

"Hey, Ichigo, do you have any plans for tomorrow?" Nelliel asked sipping her coffee. Ichigo turned to look at her and it took him a while to realize what she was trying to say. He, then, realized that the next day was Christmas.

"Um, I don't know…" he admitted. Kon would kill him if he refused to spend the holiday with him. Speaking of Kon, he remembered the bastard had called him the other day and he didn't pick up the phone. Oh, shit. Surely he was worried sick.

"Then that's yer next task. Spend Christmas with me, Ichi." Shirosaki interrupted the carrot top's thoughts. Mocha pools looked at him a bit confused.

"I don't know about that, Shiro. As much as I want to spend Christmas with you I still have family." the orangette said scratching his head. Shirosaki gave him a suspicious look.

"Ya can invite them as well. It's not like I was planning a naked party, yanno." the albino joked throwing Ichigo weird stares. Something told him that the carrot top was hiding something from him.

"I'll think about it." Ichigo said and sighed. The albino was sure that he was hiding something, even so he decided not to tell a word. Their conversation had been interrupted when Ichigo's phone started to ring in the living room.

He jumped from his chair and ran to the living room. He picked the phone from the table and his body froze after he read the name on the screen. bKon/b Ichigo sighed. He'd call that idiot after he left Shiro's company.

"Are ya gonna ta pick it up?" the albino said behind him. The carrot top jumped startled. "Cheatin' on me already, Ichi?" he asked grinning but his eyes were serious.

"What?! No! Kon's my brother." Ichigo started to freak out, his heart started to beat madly in his chest. Eerie fixed him intensely.

"I didn't know ya had a brother. Well, as I said ya can invite him as well." Shiro said a bit relieved. So it was his brother after all. He couldn't be a treat right? But, oh, how wrong he was.

"Well, I'll talk to him but I don't know, Shiro, if he'll come." Ichi blurted out waving his hands desperately. "Don't get the wrong idea. He knows that, you know, I am gay and he has nothing against it. It's just that…I don't know how he'll react when he will find out about us." He confessed. If Kon found out that he was dating Shiro, Ichigo wasn't sure of what he would do.

"Then we can keep it a secret, if ya want ta." Shiro said relaxed but deep inside him he was disappointed. Was Ichigo ashamed to be with him? That wasn't the case right? Shiro did not want to believe that. Even so, he said nothing about it.

"Are you and idiot?" Ichigo snapped and grabbed Shiro's chin forcing the albino look at him properly. "Even if he won't approve our relationship, we won't stop being together. It's just that he may get really nasty, so I hope…" Ichi's words died on his lips when Shiro smiled, not grinned nor smirked. It was such a beautiful sight. He bent down and kissed Ichigo to make him understand the he could stand tall even if people did not want him.

"Don't worry, Ichi. I don't get scared tha' easily." He added and hugged the carrot top. "Ya are mine, got it? I don't give a shit 'bout what others may say." he whispered in his ear and the orangette returned the hug. "Ya can't give away 'rom me tha' easily, yanno. So what about payin' a visit ta yer brother?" he said ruffling his orange hair.

Ichigo nodded and kissed him lightly on his lips. Maybe this time he won't fuck it up. Maybe this time he won't be left behind. Maybe he'll really be loved.