Allena Higarashii

Chapter 1

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"Innocence, activate!" Kanda shouted. Jumping up in the air, he slashed at the Akumas' faces held together by Noise Marie's strings.

Name: Yuu Kanda

Appearance: long dark blue hair, cobalt eyes

Innocence: Equip Type – Mugen (sword)

BANG! The Akumas exploded and their faces, shattered, fell on the ground. Kanda landed back on the ground and sheathed his Mugen. Turning towards his general, Froi Tiedoll, he said, "Stop crying! You destroyed the mansion yourself!"

"That's just how Shishou is, Kanda, you can't stop that, " Noise Marie told is partner.

Name: Noise Marie

Appearance: shaved head, blind, wears headphones to enhance hearing

Innocence: Equip Type – Noel Organo (strings)

"I know, but it just pisses me off whenever he-"

"Is that the best you can do? I've seen better. Y'know what? Even I've done better. I've been watching y'all the time since entered the mansion. It took about 43 minutes to destroy the demons," a cold voice interrupted. It came from the opening of the forest, and Kanda and Marie swiveled their heads to see who it was. Sitting with one leg hanging off a tree branch sat a silver haired girl. She wore a Black Order uniform that looked similar to Kanda's, except with short sleeves and a cloak lined with white was thrown carelessly over her shoulder. On her arms, starting from the ends of the sleeves to her wrists, were a black cloth wrapped around it. When she jumped down, her hair flowed freely behind her, and the other two exorcists saw that she was about five foot two inches.

As the girl came closer, Tiedoll looked up from the ground and turned to face her. Surprisingly, his eyes lit up and immediately stood up the apparently greet her. "Allena, I didn't expect you to come so early! It's good to see you!"

"Hmm…" Allena eyed Tiedoll up and down and said, "Ya don't look so bad either. Though, your group is terrible. If they take that long to destroy three level 2 Akuma, they'll die instantly when they meet the Earl."

Kanda snapped and lunged forward with Mugen. Marie gasped while Allena stepped to the side. "Ya need to train more. Make less noise when you move. Oh! And you should know that it isn't nice to attack people in your unit. What's your name? Yuu Kanda, is it?"

Name: Allena Higarashii

Appearance: silver hair, few inches past shoulders, one silver eye and one golden eye

Innocence: Parasitic Type – Crystal Wings (wings on back)

Marie's mouth dropped open and exclaimed, "but Kanda is the quietest of all the exorcists! how can you possibly hear him?!"

"Che! I don't know! My ears are super sensitive. If he wants the sneak up on me, then he'd better train more. You're Noise Marie, right?" smirking, she added, "Ya two are failures. Actually," turning to Tiedoll, she continued, "all of you are failures! Anyways, meet'cha at the Order, Genshui!" With that, Allena ran back to the tree she jumped from, hopped back on, and traveled through the forest in the air.

Marie then turned to the General and asked, "Shishou, won't she get lost? And how do you know her? Is she part of our unit?"

Tiedoll held up a hand and said, "Slow down! One question at a time. No, she won't get lost because she has exceedingly great memory. I know her because I trained her to become an exorcist. Well… actually, Cross trained her first. Then she was given to me when he found Allen Walker. Finally, yes, she is part of our unit. She became part of it about 2 weeks ago. I never told you because I thought Komui already told you. Now, we must get back to the Order soon. There will be a surprise party for Allen. Im sure you two remember?" Tiedoll turned to Kanda and look at him sternly.

"Che! It's the Moyashi's birthday. Do I really have to go? Only idiots go to a Moyashi's party. Besides, what would I do?"

"Well, you could improve your social part of y-"

"No way in hell! New people that I meet are so annoying. I wish they could just die," Kanda interrupted.

Tiedoll ignored him and turned to Marie, "Come on, we're leaving. We still have to get back to the Order." Together, the three of them jumped up into the air and went away from the mansion.