Allena Higarashii

Chapter 7

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The first person Allen found was Krory – talking to a group of finders about his life in the castle.

"Hey, Krory!" Allen called. "Meet Allena Higarashii! She's kinda new here and she is in Tiedoll's unit. She's another Parasitic Type and her Innocence is-" Allen was cut off with a hand over his mouth. Allena stepped from behind him and said to Krory coldly, "Ya don't need to know anything about me, except that I'm Allena Higarashii. And it would be a delight if you forgot my name also."

Krory nodded, bewildered, and greeted, "N-nice to meet you, Allena. Welcome to the Order."

Name: Arystar Krory

Appearance: white strip of hair in front, rest is black; black eyes (I don't know what color eyes he has. If you know, could you tell me, and I'll change it immediately. Thanks!)

Innocence: Parasitic Type – Teeth (hehe, don't know his Innocence either)

Removing her hand from Allen's mouth, Allena left with an audible mumble of, "It's not like this is my first time here at the Order. This is why I hate meeting new people, they're so stupid." Allen stared after his friend, and then quickly apologized to Krory, telling him that Allena didn't like meeting new people. Krory just shook his head and said, "I'm sure Kanda's also like that. So, how did you get to know Allena? She seems pretty tough to get along with."

Allen nodded and contemplated for a moment. "Yes, I had a known her for three weeks until I finally got to be her friend. And I'm telling you, I annoyed her so much to the point that she became so pissed and was about to cut me with her dagger. Luckily, Cross was there and stopped her. Mind you, she's really good towards Cross. Though she seems to want to kill him, she appreciates that he helped her. Allena's just like Kanda. They're both really cold towards other people and they love noodles. Well, Kanda like soba and Allena likes spicy ramen. They have the want to kill… no, just kidding, but they're both really violent."

Krory interrupted, "Wait, but isn't Allena in Tiedoll's unit?"

"Yeah, but Cross was stupid and trained both of us at the same time until after a month passed and figured to let Tiedoll take over Allena's training." Now, another dose of a dark purple aura swarmed around Allen. He smiled evilly, "That's when Cross started pushing all his damned debts onto ME!" Krory chuckled nervously while Allen continued, "The next time I saw Allena was about two months later, which is today."


DAY 1: "Allena! Please don't be mad!" Allen begged the white haired girl. (Oops, they're both white haired but whatever).

"You brat! I'm not mad! I'm pissed only because of you. Now go die in a corner and leave me alone!" Allena turned around and stomped out the door (they're in an abandoned house). Allen stared after her and was about to ask her to be friends, but thought better of it and went into an empty room.

Why is she so cold towards me? She seems pissed every day, even when I don't talk to her. I wonder what her past was like. Did her parents disown her like mine did to me? Oh well, maybe she'll be in a better mood tomorrow and I can ask her again. Allen made up a plan to try and get Allena to listen to him before he fell asleep, but he didn't know that he would not see her the next two days.

DAY 2: The next morning, Allen got up very early and decided to make Cross, Allena, and himself some breakfast. He went into the kitchen and found a toaster in one of the dark cabinets. Producing some bread and butter from nowhere, he stuck the bread in pairs, as the toaster only held two at a time. He then looked around and found three different chipped plates and three plastic knives. He washed those in the sink and let them air dry. When the toast was done and the plates dry, he sliced the butter and put two cubes on each toast. He brought the plates into the desolate living room and saw Cross stretching his arms over his head.

The general looked up and questioned, "Who'd you make that for? Why are there three plated, are you giving me extras?"

"Yeah, you wish," Allen retorted, "They're for all three of us, who else?"

Cross blinked. "Don't you know? Allena left during the night because she sensed some Akuma nearby."

"Eh?! But I made this mainly for her! And shouldn't I have sensed the Akuma also because of my left eye?"

Allen's master scoffed. "What, you gonna propose to her? Allena's meaning of 'nearby' may be ten times farther than yours."

"No! You've got it all wrong! I just want to become friends with her!" Allen said, blushing. "Anyways, if not me, why didn't you go with her?" He sat down and set the plates on the rotting floorboard. He pushed two plates toward Cross and grabbed a toast for himself.

"I tried to persuade her to let you come with her, but she said she could beat them." Cross shrugged and grabbed the two slices of toast from the plate, sandwiched them together and took a big bite. For t he rest of the day, Allen trained with Cross as he was still pretty new.

DAY 3: Allena still hadn't come back and Allen brought this matter to Cross. "Don't worry, she'll be fine!" He had said, then shooed Allen out of the room so that he could smoke in peace.

DAY 4: It was a rainy afternoon and Allena was still gone. Cross was sleeping and he hadn't even worried about one thing. Allen just prepared another sandwich as he had done for the last two days. This time, he decided to put some chili inside to trick Cross, as he was the one who ate both sandwiches. When he was done, Allen went into the room next to Cross's and lay down to sleep for a while.

One hour later, Allen woke up and went to the living room to see if Allena had come back yet. But as he passed the front door, he saw a body lying on the ground. He cautiously took a few steps closer and was near enough to see a flash of white hair through all the caked, dry blood. "Allena?" He asked. No response. "Allena? Are you ok?" Allen tried again. When she still didn't answer, Allen yelled for Cross. Then, without warning, a hand grabbed Allen's wrist and pulled him towards the floor. His heart pounded wildly in his chest. He knew it couldn't be Allena… but the hand was coming from under her body, and it was bloody and bruised.

"Don't you dare say another word, got that, brat?" A voice rasped. Allen gasped as he recognized the voice belonged to Allena. Allen nodded, but realized Allena couldn't see him, so uttered a quick "yes".

At that moment, Cross walked into the room and yelled at Allen when he saw the body. "Get that bloody thing out of here! We cannot get sick and infected because of this thing!" Allen stuttered, trying to explain that this "thing" was actually Allena. Instead, Allena lifted her head and glared at Cross. "Ya bastard! Ya pick me up from the streets and then decide to throw me out because of a few damn bruises?!" Cross stepped back and stared at her face. There were cuts, bruises, and plenty of blood all over. Though she had all these wounds, she still glared like hell at him.

"My God!" Cross exclaimed. "What the hell happened to you? You're only fighting Akuma!"

Allena spat out some blood on the ground and wiped her mouth. "Well, how do you expect a regular exorcist to fight more than 100 level 1 and 2 Akuma?!" She slowly let go of Allen's wrist and painfully pushed herself up, wincing once or twice, despite all the injuries. "Now hurry up and give me something to eat! I'm gonna starve to hell!" She commanded.

Allen rushed into the kitchen and brought out the sandwich he had made earlier. He handed Allena the food and watched her take a bite. Not even chewing twice, she spat it out and threw the rest on the floor. "What type of sandwich is this, brat? It burns like crazy! Do ya want me to die that much to give me a sandwich stuffed with chili?"

Allen stood rigid, shocked, and stuttered, "I-I uh-uh-uh, well… t-that was supposed t-to be given to Cross."Cross let out a loud, "WHAT?!" But Allena ignored him and started to… laugh.

"Ahahaha! Brat, ya got the tactics for revenge! Give me a high five!"(Unlike Allena, much?) Allen gladly lifted his hand and swung it forward, but only slapped air. When he looked at Allena, he saw her holding her arm. "Sorry, can't hold my arm that high, it hurts too much. Just tap my hand instead." Allen obliged and they both started laughing.

Cross interrupted them of their laughter and said, "Anyways, you've got to go wash your hair and wounds. You can't stay like that forever."

"Yeah… I'll do that later, I can barely move, and most of the blood isn't mine. It's the Akumas'." With that, Allena flopped down on the ground and began sleeping.

~End Flashback~

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