I sat in my room. I was cleaning my room trying to find my jeans. I grabbed my wrist cutting switch blade and kitchen knife. I shoved it in the back of my underwear and bra bin in my closet the one place my Brother Emmett would not dare to touch.

And his girlfriend Rosalie could give a damn about any of my shit. I turned up my SCREAMO cover to E.T by Katy Perry. I looked down. I saw my black skinnys. I shoved them on. I grabbed my Ke$ha band Tee and grabbed my long coat it was grey and came down to my mid thy.

"Kiss me Ki-Kiss me" I sang along. I shoved on my chucks and a pair of socks. I put my shoes on while going down the stairs. Then I face planted the kitchen floor.
"Nice slam sissa" Emmett said eating a pile of pancakes to feed a Army. His girlfriend had eggs and pancakes on her plate to. Im so happy im living with my brother even if he's a pain in the Arse. I turned on the cd I had in yesterday. Grenade (cover) by Forever sets the sun.

"This isn't half bad" Rosalie said. As soon as she stopped talking Screamo came threw the speakers.

"Spoke WAYYY to soon hon," Emmett said. I grabbed a banana eating it slowly.

"Jeez, Sounds like the devils cousin" Emmett said.
I rolled my eyes. After two bites I threw it in the trash.

"Wanna Ride?" Emmett asked.

"Why not?" I said. I grabbed my homework off the last stair. I grabbed my Ipod and purse.

"OH SHIT!" I yelled and ran up the stairs. I jerked the gel off the bathroom sink. I put some in my hair and and scrunched the hell out of it. I bent over and put in a bun. I threw on a little bit of eye liner and ran back down the stairs. "Forgot to your hair and make-up again?" Rosalie asked. I nodded my head.
"Let's G-O!" Emmett said.

I rolled my eyes. I was the last one out. So I locked the door. There was a honk. I flipped the bird at Emmett's Jeep. I made sure I walked extra low to the jeep. When I finally climbed in I threw my stuff in the seat. Then Rosalie turns on Rock Me by One Direction.

"FUCK YOU!" I yelled. She just turned this shit on to annoy me!

"Should have went faster" Rosalie said simply. I let out loud sigh. I started counting

368, 369

Then we pulled up to school.

"Yay" I muttered and sighed. I grabbed my stuff and jumped out of the jeep. Fucking joy!

"HEYYY!" Jess and her tramp stamp Lauren was next to her. Rose joined them. I rolled my eyes and walked to my locker. I saw Alice Cullen stareing at me. Planning on how to ruin my life...Again!

I thought this shit stopped when I turned 15 I started getting boobs. So I decided if I have boobs, I can sure the hell not run into The Cullens, Jess, Lauren, Heidi, Jane, Bree, Deigo, Mike, Maggie and Tanya.

God I hated all of them. And to make it worse Emmett was best freaking buddies with them. I gave Alice a what the hell look and slammed my locker door.

I grabbed my books and ran to the bathroom school wouldn't be starting for awhile. I looked in the mirror. I have changed. I had a body...

Well some what. I was skinny but I could be WAY skinyer my boobs were in a B36 so I wasn't complaining. I wore size 00 or 1's. My brother always called me 'Emo' witch I was fine with. My hair came right under my boobs and it became sorta curly since I was 16.

It's amazing what a year can do. My birthday was in 7 months. I was going to ditch this town. I gained a grade I was one above the people who teased me. And my brother. My brother failed a grade. I sighed and walked out of the bathroom. No one noticed me. I was happy to be invisble. I finally sighed and went out the door. I kept my head down.
Be invisble Be invisble Be invisble. Then I smacked into someone chest.

"WHAT THE HELL" I heard a vocie. It was a Cullen vocie.

"Sorry" I muttered not looking at him and grabbed my books and half ran to English. Class already started when I bustled in threw the door.

"Swan" Fag-Face said. "Sorry" I muttered. I slammed down in my seat. Since when did Swan's say 'sorry' I know my parents never did...
Mr. Fag-Face was running his mouth when Tyler passed me a note.



I shoved the note in my notebook before Fag Face saw me reading the note.

FINALLY! Class ended. I jumped out of my chair and bolted out the door. Alice was faster.

"I am sorry" Alice said walking with me.

"I forgive you now go away" I said.

"I won't we are friends now" Alice said.

"The hell." I snorted.

"I might have fell for that when I was thirteen not anymore" I said. I was sudenly jerked into a closet. I gaped at Alice who knew a pexie could be so strong. We glared at each other.

"Go screw you boyfriend and leave me alone" I said. Blood rushed to her cheeks. A cullen, Embarssed? That's the first. "Im sorry, We are friends now. I will see you at lunch" Alice said then stormed out.

Bite me.