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I opened my eyes.

I heard Papaw and Grandma moving around down stairs. I got up and looked out my window. It was pouring rain. I groaned and put on Emmett's school hoodie that I stole a few months ago from his closet. I walked down the stairs. Papaw was sitting down at the table eating a pile of waffle's and Grandma was taking some out of the toaster and adding it to her heard of Waffles. She was wearing a Purple sweater with black slacks and heels.

"Hey, Pumpkin!" Papaw said with his mouth full.

"Where are you guys going?" I asked looking at Papaw's nice button up shirt.

"We have a meeting in Seattle we should be back before six, You hungry?" Grandma asked.

"I'm not a morning eater" I said as she buttered some waffles.

"Neither am I" She said and pointed at a shake.

"But I do love a breakfast shake" She added.

"Yes you do" Papaw said in a deep voice.

"GROSS!" I yelled and covered my ears.

"Go get your brother up, You guys will be late for school" Grandma said.

"SCHOOL?! SHIT!" I yelled and ran up the stairs.

"WATCH THE MOUTH ISABELLA!" Granma yelled while Papaw laughed.

I banged on Emmett and Rose's bedroom door. "SCHOOL!" I yelled and ran to my room.

I put on a simple long sleved shirt, jeans, shoes and my coat. I curled my hair just a little bit. I grabbed a beanie and the ring sitting next to it and ran down stairs. Emmett and Rose were finishing there last bite of waffle's. And Grandma kissed Emmett's head bye. Papaw hugged me. Grandma kissed my cheek they waved bye and out the door they went.

"I'm glad there here" Emmett said putting his plate in the sink.

"Did you notice how much Grandma Helen is like Alice?" Rose asked then took a gulp of milk.

"Yeah she is!" Emmett agreed.

"Guys, We are late" I said.

"Oh, Please a few minutes late won't kill you" Rose said. Emmett grabbed his wallet and follow me out the door

I busted into English.

"Miss. Swan, You're late" The teacher warned.

"Sorry" I murmured as I sat in the back. The kids we're giving me looks and murmuring. One girl mouthed 'Stay Strong'

What the hell?

And the rest of my classes past that way. I swear I heard a guy call me 'Emo' but I got passed a note that said:

'You stay strong' with a cross and heart drawn on it. When I walked into the lunch room people stared.

What the hell?

I noticed Edward, Emmett, Alice and Rose weren't at our table. I sat down.

"Yeah you could see them when she raised her arm" Jessica whispered to Bree when I sat down. I felt my gut churn. Something is wrong.

"Do you know where my brother is?" I asked Maggie, She wasn't as mean as the other girls. She bit her lip and Lauren shot her a glare.

"Edward told me to tell you he wants to meet up at your locker" Tanya said.

Something wasn't right. I needed to find Emmett.

He was in trouble I could feel it.

I stood up and went to run and go find Emmett.

"Oh, Bella?" Lauren asked. I turned around and looked at her.

"Don't cut yourself you Emo bitch" Lauren spat.

Then it all clicked. Why I got the looks the 'Stay Strong' shit. 'I could see them when she raised her arm' Jessica said. They saw it when I raised my hand in Biology! I felt tears fill my eyes. Emmett knows!

I went to runaway.

But someone grabbed the sleeve of my coat making it rip.

"Edward will never love you, whore. Your damage goods. Just go kill yourself" Tanya said.

I looked at my ripped sleeve. "It's not like anyone would miss her if she was dead" Jane said then laughed.

I took off to my locker.

I needed Emmett. No. I need Edward. I wanted Emmett to kick there ass's. I ran to my locker and Emmett wasn't there. I whipped a tear out of my eye. He most likely left a note in my locker.

I opened it and thousands of tiny silver objects fell out of my locker along with a piece of paper. I picked one up realizing they we're razors. I picked up the paper.
'Kill yourself'
was written on it.

I looked around I saw every kid staring at me then I saw Tanya she was smiling while Lauren laughed.

"GO DIE!" Tanya yelled.

And her group laughed like it was the funniest thing they ever heard.

I turned around and I saw Emmett standing there with Rose and Alice- they we're crying. Then I saw Edward's face. My heart broke. And I ran. I shoved passed Lauren. I ran with blurry vision to Emmett's jeep. I got in and locked the door. I got the key out of his glove box a pulled out and put the petal to the floor.

The rain came down harder making it hard to see. I started to cry witch made my vision worse. I turned the windshield wipers on high. I rounded the corner and the back tires skid. I kept going.

I saw the headlights before I could stop. Someone driving in the wrong lane.

I swerved and felt the Jeep tip to the left. But it landed on four tires. I pulled into my neighborhood and cut thru threw the yard to the driveway. I turned the Jeep off and ran into the house.

"PAPAW!" I screamed.

"GRANDMA!" I yelled louder.

"SOMEONE!" I screeched.

Dead silence.

They wouldn't be home for another 6 hours.

I hate silence. I ripped off my jacket and I sat on the floor and put my head in-between my knee's.

Then I realized. I want to be the silence. The silence doesn't get hurt it's just there.

It's Dead Silence.

I ran to the medicine cabinet and grabbed the muscle relaxers from where my dad had his slept disk. I saw headlights pull in the driveway threw the kitchen window. I grabbed the bottle and ran upstairs to my room and locked the door. I jerked a piece of paper out of my notebook and grabbed a pen. I heard the front door bang open I heard Emmett yell my name. I think Alice and Rose are yelling to. I heard footsteps as they ran up the stairs.

I scribbled I'm Sorry on the paper.

I heard my door knob jiggle and then someone started banging on my door who ever it was yelled for Emmett. I heard Emmett run up the stairs.

I opened the bottle. Witch was full of pills.

"I love you, Edward" I whispered to quietly that I'm not even sure I said it.

The banging stopped.

I threw the pills in my mouth at the same time my door banged opened and I got tackled to the ground. Pills flew out of of my mouth. I felt a finger reach in my mouth and get the pills out.

I screamed.
"STOP IT!" I screamed and thrashed.

"No Bella! Stop!" Emmett screamed as I tried to grab the scattered pills. I could fill Emmett's weight on me. It was crushing. I could taste his nasty finger in my mouth.

"What are you thinking! Those pills will KILL YOU!" Emmett yelled.

"EMMETT!" I yelled.

"Seriously, What are you doing? What the hell is going threw your mind!" He yield as he pinned my hands above my head.

"I WANT TO DIE!" I screamed at him.

I looked at him my eyes full of tears.

"No you don't" He whispered.

"YEAH I DO!" I screamed and pushed him off of me.

I sat up and he looked at me like a deer caught in headlights. I grabbed the razor from under my bed. When tiny Alice jerked it out of my hands. And I felt Rose's arms wrap around me.

"Bella, Your not thinking right!" Alice yelled. I elbowed Rose making her release me.

"THAT'S JUST IT I AM THINKING! I DO NOT WANT TO BREATHE FOR ONE MORE SECOUND!" I screamed feeling light headed. I felt stone arms wrap around me.

They feel like towers. I felt safe. "Shh, Bella. It's ok. Shh" Edward said into my ears. I leaned on him.
"I just want to die" I muttered as my vision went black.

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