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"No, You can wear my clothes!" I said saying anything to keep Edward from going home to change clothes. The girls laughed from behind me.

"Bella do you realize what you just said?" Emmett asked.

I paused to think over my words. I felt warmth creep to my cheeks.

"WAIT! I have a large mans Ramones shirt!" I said.

"Bella, I have to go home. I'll meet you at school" Edward said.

"Swear?" I asked.

"Cross my heart" Edward said crossing my heart. Rose awed and Alice mumbled 'Geek' I wrapped him in a tight hug. "Don't take to long" I whispered.

"I won't" He said and headed out I pouted when I heard his car leave the driveway.

"Could you wear anything more revealing?" Emmett asked.

"Me?" I asked pointing at myself.

"Yeah, you!" Emmett said pointing at my PJ's

"Em, I used to wear this all the time and you never said Jack" I told him.

"Well you have a guy now and you should just.. Dresslikeanun!" Emmett yelled at the end his words mushing together and stormed up the stairs.

I rolled my eyes.

"Ok, It's going to be warm and sunny. So sexy time!" Alice said clapping her hands.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"I just know" She told me I rolled my eyes and followed them upstairs. I sat on the bed.

"I don't think she has anything. Let me go check my room." Rose said about to walk out of the room.

"No!" Alice said. Rose gave Alice a look.

"Whatever your planning isn't happening." I stated. Alice rolled her eyes and started jerking stuff out of my dresser.

"HA!" Alice said throwing a pair of jeans at me witch smacked me in the face. Rose laughed.

She found and black T-shirt I bought about 3 months ago but it was way to small.

"Alice I cant.." Alice cut me off by throwing the shirt in my face. Rose laughed.

She marched over to my closet and grabbed my boots Embry got me several Christmases ago.

"Put it on" Alice said.

"Alice. I told you. The shirt is to small. It's tight" I told her.

"I know this. Put it on." Alice said I groaned and told her to grab the socks out of my dresser. I slid on the jeans. They fit my legs but not my hips. Rose handed me a belt and I put it on. I slid on my boots and took off my shirt. I slid it on it was tight. Like really tight but it hugged no suffocated me like last time. I pulled my hand up to fix my sleeve and it raised my shirt up showing my hips off. I groaned.

"Don't be such a virgin!" Rose said she went to grab her makeup bag.

"THAT'S IT YOU DIED YOUR HAIR!" Rose yelled when she came back in the room.

"OH!" Alice agreed.

"I knew there was something different!" Rose said sitting in front oh my and started applying eye shadow.


We were arguing about wearing my hair up.

"I'm wearing my hair down" I said.

"No your going to wear it up!" Alice said them my phone went off.

I grabbed it and pressed the green.

"Hey, berry" I greeted Embry.

"Hey Hon! You sound annoyed" Embry said.

"I am." I grumbled.

"Why?" He asked.

"Because I'm a girl" I told him he laughed.

"Ok I called you for a reason" Embry said.

"And that reason is?" I asked.

"Because I love you" Embry said. I felt the color drain out of my face. My heart rate picked up.

"Like a s-sister right?" I asked.

"No, Like I want to marry you" Embry said.

"Em.. I...Edward.. Kiss...Boyfriend.. Can't.. You.. Love?" I stammered. Then he broke out laughing.

"I'm. Kidding. Bella." He said between laughter.

"Jackass" I muttered.

"Sorry, But I have more news." Embry said.

"Ok, I swear if it's something sexual" I warned him.

"It's not. The party got canceled so Paul is having it this Saturday" Embry told me.

"YES! It's not on my shrink day!" I told him.

"Shrink?" Embry asked.

"Oh yeah, I sort of being forced to see a shrink" I told him.

"Did Emmett find out?" Embry asked.

"Yep." I told him.

"How?" Embry asked.

"Well this thing happened at school. Some girl saw my cuts and told everyone so I tried to kill myself" I said like it was no big deal.

"ISABELLA!" Embry jumped me.

"Sorry." I said.

"Jeez, What about Edward? Does he know?" Embry asked.

"He was there" I told Embry.

"OH! How are you guys?" Embry asked.

"Um.. Uh...We're.. Good?" I said sounding like a question.

"YOU KISSED HIM! You need to come see the love master!" Embry said.

"And who would that be?" I asked.

"Me!" Embry said like I was stupid.

"You a love master?" I asked laughing my arse off.

"Shut up" Embry said.

"I gotta go to school I will call you at lunch or after school" I told him.

"So your coming?" Embry asked.

"Oh 'course I'm coming." I said and hung up.

"Who was that?" Rose asked. I opened my mouth to answer and Emmett yelled it was time for us to go. I darted out of the room and got in the Jeep. Alice sat near me. Rose in front.

"So who was that? Alice asked.

"Who was who?" Emmett asked pulling out of the driveway.

"A guy Bella was on the phone with.. It wasn't Edward" Rose added Emmett slammed on his breaks.

"You are not cheating on Edward. he's a good kid. Are you stupid. I mean seriously! How-" "EMMETT!" I yelled cutting him off. "It was EMBRY!" I said. "Oh. Ok!" Emmett said and pulled out of the drive. Rose turned out the radio and I kept quite.
We pulled up to school and Alice was unusually quite. Then we spotted Edward.

"Ready?" Alice and Rose asked.

"Sure" I mumbled and got of the jeep.

Edward was talking to a guy. I suddenly became really aware of the red cuts on my arm. I felt people staring. I looked up sure enough they were. The guy talking to Edward slapped his arm and pointed in our direction. I just kept walking trying to be invisible. Edward turned his head and his mouth dropped his eyes bulged out. Finally we reached him.

"Hey" I said shyly.

"H-hi" Edward stammered.

"Cool, Bro, Cool" The guy teased Edward. I smiled.

"You must be Bella I'm Liam-" He was cut off by the principle calling the classes atteion.

"As you know prom is two weeks away" She said and all the girls cheered.

"Really?" I asked Alice.

"Seriously? SERIOUSLY!" She yelled at me.

"I don't give a damn about prom, Y'know that" I told her and Liam laughed.

"Ok, Well if there are anymore volunteers for the setting up of Prom stop my office . Prom queen and king nominations will be announced after school. Have a nice day" Principle said the school went back to normal.

I turned my atteion back to Liam.

"Anyways, I have been in Ireland with my family. I just returned" Liam said.

"Then why aren't people shoved up your ass?" I asked.

Rose, Alice, Emmett and Edward's eyes went wide. Liam just laughed.

"Because they are to busy buzzing about you, And I returned 3 days ago" Liam said. I pinched the bridge of my nose. Just great.

"Bella!" I heard a small voice yell. I've heard it before.. I turned around to see Angela running at me.

"Hi" She said.

"Hello" I greeted her.

"Well everyone has ben talking about what happened.." Angela trailed off.

I bit my lip and looked at the ground.

"And well I was talking with Ben and we are on your side" Angela said. I looked up and she smiled.

"Well we got to talking. Turns out A BUNCH of people are on your side. And we wanted to show you your now alone" Angela said. I raised my eyebrow. Angela whistled.

And few people came up. Ben,

Katie (The shy freshman girl)

Kebi (A over weight girl who was always nice to everyone. Well she was always nice to me..)

Alistair (Who was Kebi's brother. He was a ass hole who dated Jessica broke his heart. And he suddenly became no one) Eric (The shy guy who loved sports and always stood in the spotlight and loved politics)

Maria (A small girl who was really then and wore glasses) all walked over to me. I looked at Angela.

She pointed at her jeans and on the right leg was written 'Stay strong'. And Ben pointed to his hoodie and 'stay strong' was painted in big letters. Katie pointed to her keds and 'Stay strong' was written along the tops with roses and music notes and stuff. Kebi looked down and on a white head band was written 'stay strong' Alistair pulled down his sun glasses and it had 'stay strong' painted on them. Eric held up his phone case it had 'stay strong and fight zombies' on it. I smiled.

Maria held up her note book and it she flipped threw the pages it had 'Stay strong' written tiny on the bottom of each page.

"What's does this mean?" I asked Angela. Then Liam stepped in front of me and unzipped his jacket and in big letters on his black shirt was painted 'Stay Strong Bella Swan'.
I covered my mouth.

"This is for me?" I asked.

"Uh, Duh" Katie teased.

"Wh-Why?" I asked as a tear ran down my face.

"Because, you deserve more than what you did. We will be here for you. Not always near you but we support you and we want you to stay strong" Angela explained. And I just lost it I started cry.

"Oh! Don't cry!" Liam said pulling me into a hug.

The bell rang. I looked at my friends, boyfriend and brother

"Did you know?" I asked them.

"No" They all said shocked.

"Well we're going to walk with you to your first class that way no bitch messes with you" Liam said and we all walked to my class while everyone who still hadn't gone to class just stared.

I walked into the lunch room alone (Alice talked me into waiting there for nominees the were offering food).

Because the printable called me into her class I explained what happened and she gave me some extra work so I could catch my grades up I was a little behind from this shit. But I agreed. She winked at me and said 'stay strong' I laughed and thanked her and put the extra work in my locker.

I walked into the lunch room and everything fell silent. I got me a apple lemonade and a sat down at a table by myself.

I pulled out my phone and texted Embry.

Wait in 'till I call you after school...B

I took a bite of my apple and my phone buzzed.

Already want the love master...Berry

I smiled and rolled my eyes.

Yeah, If you are the love master why are you single?...B

I took another bite he replied almost instantly.

Because so many girls want me idk what girl to choose...Berry

I just laughed like a lunatic. I heard a chair slid against the floor in front of me.


I looked up to see Edward.

"Hey" I told him.

"Hi beautiful" He said taking a bite of a turkey sandwich. I smiled.

"What?" He asked with his mouth full.

"Your so damn cute" I told him. He swallowed.

"I'm sexy" Edward said.

"About as sexy as my ass hairs" Liam said sitting down I looked shocked. His Stay Strong shirt was like a neon light. I rolled my eyes.

"But your ass hair's are Sexy!" Edward said then took a bite of his sandwich. I saw he had sun chips. I smiled. Edward raised his eye brow. I smiled and picked up my sandwich. I counted down in my head.


I grabbed the bag Edward went to stop me and I put the sandwich in the chips place.

"Check. mate" I said.

Liam laughed.

"You don't steal a mans sun chips" Liam warned.

"Well Edward isn't a man to me" I told him opening the bag.

"Excuse me?" Edward asked and leaned forward.

"Your a boyfriend to me dumbass" I told him and Liam laughed.

"I'm soo glad I got to meet you Bella" Liam said. I put a sun chip in my mouth.

"Ok announcements for King and Queen" The principle said on the loud speaker.

All of a sudden Alice, Rose and Emmett we're next to us. Problem was there were only four chairs. Emmett sat down and Rose on his lap. Alice told Edward to move so he moved a little and Alice sat down bouncing.

"Lauren Mallory, Tanya Whore and Jane Freak!" I muttered and Liam laughed while the girls shushed us.

"And for king is.. Mike Newton!" Principle said everyone cheered.

"Next up.. Emmett Swan!" Principle called

"WOOOO!" I screamed Liam and Edward copied me so we looked like Idoits.

"Next up.. Liam Bithbheo!" Principle called. His mouth dropped.

"LIAM! WHOHOO!" I screamed. Alice hugged him and Emmett boomed

"VOTE LIAM! HE'S ON A BOOOOAAAT!" Emmett sang the last part. Rose smacked his head and Edward clapped him on the back and he took the last bite of his sandwich.

"And last but not least...EDWARD CULLEN!" Principle sang. Edward started choking.

"Edward!" I yelled. Liam smacked him on the back and Edward swallowed and gasped for air.

I handed him my lemonade he took a sip.

"Prom queen nominees are.." Principle trailed off.

"No one even ran" I told Rose.

"You don't run silly! The student body votes for whoever, And you can't vote for yourself" She told me.

"HUSH!" Alice said.

"Are first Prom queen nominee is.. Tanya!" Principle said with fake happiness I snickered.

"No last name? Figures" Alice sneered.

"Are next runner up is...LAUREN MALLORY!" Principle called. Lauren and Tanya had on the shocked faces.

"I'll shock your face" I mumbled and Liam raised a eyebrow. I just rolled my eyes.

"Next nominee is.. ROSALIE LILAN!" Principle called happily.

"Take that one-name-bitch" Rose mumbled and smile I clapped my hands and laughed at her. Emmett kissed her hair. "And next is.. ALICE CULLEN!" Principle called.

I screamed along with Rosalie and Alice. I was happy they we're nominated!

"I'm so proud of you guys!" I gushed.

Tanya and Lauren glared at the table and again...

I rolled my eyes.

"Well that will be it for are future Kings and Queens" Principle said and you could here the loudspeaker kick off.

"I'm so proud of my little dwarf!" Edward said and kissed her cheek. She slapped his arm.

"Edward we are in public!" Alice told him. I laughed.

"So that's Lauren bitch" Rose said ticking them off on her fingers "Tanya Whore, Alice Fashionista and Sexy Me.." She trailed off and wiggled her fingers. Then she started counting while Alice gushed.

"Oh! What would happen if me and Emmett were prom King and Queen" Alice joked.

"Or you and Edward!" I teased and Edward groaned.

"OH MY GOSH! Bella you do not have a dress!" Alice stressed.

"Not going" I said taking a sip of lemonade.

"NO WAY!" Edward blowed. "I was just nominated there for you have to go!" Edward added. Liam nodded.

"Ba-hull! I'm going to take a bath! Or study. Y'know I might just go to burger king" I said.

"WAIT!" Rose said and threw her hands up acting like she was stopping traffic.

"Boys had five us girls have four" Rose said.

"So.." I trailed off.

"There has to be 5 girls-" Rose stopped talking when the loudspeaker turned on.

"Sorry class I forgot someone. And the final and last runner up is.. ISABELLA SWAN! Congrats!" Printable said and then the loud speaker went off.

I felt all of the color drain out of my face I zoned out I swear Lauren and Tanya yelled something. I looked at Edward horrified.

"Looks like you are going to Prom" Alice said smiling.

I knew I was going to cry. Before I could stop one tear fell over and the final bell rang. I left my food and ran.

I'm not no damn princess.

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