Hello Folks.

Whitey here.

Ahh...it feels good to be able to type shit again.

And come to the conclusion that you missed about 2 months of new episodes of Adventure Time and 1 1/2 months of Regular Show.

*facepalms desk*

So. It's official.

I have no more ideas to continue my (horrible) stories.

I'm a couple points away from failing math and I'm in the Freshman Club, and suppose to be the secretary of course. -_-

History. is. Killing. my. fucking. feels. I SWEAR-

Only Hetalians would get it. We're on Ancient Italy. We passed Mama Greece and Mama Egypt. They were so nice too.


Um. Sorry guys (then again no regrets until the next day)

I cannot continue this anymore.


Instead, I started watching more anime and listened to more Vocaloid, and made a new fanfiction account.

Universal Pumpkin.

That's the name if you're wondering.

Never question the lovely pumpkins. They have a wife and children. They watch you while you sleep, honhonhon.

Something random to make up for you guys.

Hope you like these (stupid) trivias/weird shit I made!


You are sleeping and Jeffery appears. You do not know there are cameras in your room.

Jeffery leans over you and kills you with a knife.

Slenderman watches in amusement from a weird room.

Eyeless Jack appears and takes your kidneys.

Sally skips over and mercilessly pulls our your eyes and plays with them. (Aren't you glad you feel no pain?)

Smile Dog runs up (never liked him shhhh no one say a word) and gnaws on your arm, blood pouring from the wounds and skin pierced by his teeth. Suddenly, he pulls and pulls and your arm is ripped from your body.

Canada screams. No one hears him because he's never noticed.

Allies and Axis powers die in a mansion.

Italy remains the only one alive. He is scarred and walks out, only to fall down and die himself.

Canada became one with the piano.

Steve comes to your house and haunts you.

HetaOni plays.

You cry because it's the end of the world.

Masky Trivia:

Masky smiles. He wants cheesecake and you have some. What do you do?

A: Never notice him behind you

B: Give him some so you can be spared

C: Fight to the death for it

D: Sacrifice something for the cheesecake/ Make a deal

E: Give him some anyways

F: Nothing

Please take a moment to choose your answer, and scroll down to look at your choice.

Those that chose A:

You were luckily spared. But you kept on eating it anyways. So he killed you in return and stole all of your cheesecake and gave your body to Eyeless Jack and Sally.


Those that chose B:

You were spared anyways. But he will always come back whenever you have any, no matter what time it is or wherever you are.

Those that chose C:

Depending on what you use (Knife, gun, fists, or missile):

Knife: You barely escaped. Other than major cuts and bruises that were damaging enough to be sent to the hospital to recover. He only let you live because you left it unguarded.

Gun: How stupid are you? Guns? Are you serious? You automatically die because you had no ammo. If you did, you took a bit too long to reload and ended up being stabbed to the head.

Fists: Automatically lose. Fists against knife. Unless you're skilled, you win. Masky walks away defeated. But you die a few hours later from your wounds. Turns out that knife was poisoned.

Missile: Big enough to be a non-nuclear bomb. Both players die.

Depends on your choice.

Those that chose D:


-Regular cake

-Teddy bear

-Sacred belonging passed from generation from generation

-Other sort of food

-A new hoodie


-Music tape/ CD


Those that picked cake:

If its related to cheesecake, you were spared. If it's regular cake, he can still accept it, but with a pout.

Those that picked teddy bear:

...if you gave him one that has any relation to cheesecake or his favorite thing (who knows that?) you were spared. If not. You were stabbed and left to slowly die as you watched him eat your cheesecake in front of you.

Those that picked sacred belonging:

What would he do with it? No clue as of what he does to you. That remains a mystery for you to think about.

Those that picked other sort of food:

Depending on the food, you were spared. But you were left to take care of Smile Dog and Sally for a month and he still took your cheesecake as you wallowed in misery.

Those that picked a new hoodie:

He stares at you weirdly and accepts it calmly and leaves. Jeffrey becomes jealous over this. Ends up as a fight over you.

Those that picked blood/organs:

He happily accepted and shared with Eyeless Jack. He comes by twice a week for it.

Those that picked music tape/CD:

Better hope you know what kind of music he likes. He doesn't accept Jazz nor popular music. He kills you because of your taste in it. He prefers horror music over yours.

Those that picked game:

He whacks you in the head with it and gives it to Ben. He likes the new game. Too bad you gave away your newest one, Minecraft/Call of Duty/Assassian's Creed/other. Masky takes your cheesecake anyways and runs like hell. You die three days later because he got nothing.

Those that chose E:

You were happily spared.

Those that chose F:

No mercy shown by him, you were killed.

Black Butler Trivia:

You have a Demon Butler named Henry Saches. What do you do with him?

A: Get rid of him

B: Accept it and become Ciel Phantomhive

C: Make him do stuff for you

D: Make him be your other half

E: Be Friends

F: Have no clue

G: Other

Please take the time to pick your answer and scroll down to look at your choice.

Those that pick A:

You cannot get rid of him since you signed a contract with the Devil himself. You're stuck with him.

Those that pick B:

This is 2013, not the 1800s. But either way, a butler is a butler.

Those that pick C:

He doesn't complain like the others. He does them all correctly, completely, and very quick. He can cook too. He does the impossible.

Those that pick D:

Sorry, but you can't. He is your butler, not your fiancée.

Those that pick E:

...weirdly...accepted. But he's still a butler.

Those that pick F:

Well. Find something for him to do. You got him for a reason.

Those that pick G:

You were happy and he did whatever you wanted him to do. You lived happily.

Attack on Titan Trivia:

It is the year 851.

You are in the forest fighting 4-8 meter tall titans with the Elite Forces (Don't remember the name, sorry!). What do you do when you fight one?

A: Powers of a Titan

B: Let yourself be cornered and let a friend save you

C: Use your ODM device and save yourself

D: Let yourself die.

E: Nothing

F: You have no clue because you are very afraid

G: Be you because you enjoy killing them

H: Be a mastermind and sort everything through

I: Trust your comrades

J: Command everyone what to do/ be a commander or general

Please take the time to pick your answer, and scroll down to look at your choice.

Those that chose A:

Your commander made you rethink your choice and you, being you, thought it over and decided not to. In the end, you watched about 5 of your comrades die in front of you by a titan. Witnessing the horror and soon washed over with anger, you turned into a titan and began beating it up, only to fail and get eaten. But your sister/brother/friend saved you.

Those that chose B:

Your savior/shiny knight in armor was too late to save you, so you were picked up and eaten by a Titan. No mercy shown by these things.

Those that chose C:

You were lucky you knew how to get yourself free of sticky situations, so you used your ODM device and killed the Titan, and went back to your group unscathed.

Those that chose D:

Wonder how much of a selfish one you were. Either you didn't know what to do or you wanted to. Either way you got smashed by a Titan and soon eaten. The only thing that was left was a bloody part of your Emblem.

Those that chose E (e):

You still got eaten by a Titan.

Those that chose F (f):

Well you should think quickly. Otherwise, you died. You only live once. If you were a quick thinker, you got out by using your ODM and killing the Titan.

Those that chose G:

You killed off more than half the Titans because you want your friends to be safe. You weren't hurt, but almost out of gas, though. You were the hero of the moment.

Those that chose H:

You actually let a Titan grab you and you screamed, but luckily someone saw and killed the Titan. They don't want to lose a mastermind like you, now, do they? You knew a bit more about the Titans more than anyone else. But some of your group members and others died while you sorted everything through, so you were filled with grief and remorse. Your scolded yourself to think faster and pay attention to your surroundings.

Those that chose I (I):

Even though you didn't know them, you trusted them just this once. Turns out, they actually died protecting you because you were a key to actually figuring out what the Titans were. In the end, you, a Titan, turned into your Titan form and killed the Titans surrounding you and your group, and once you went back to your human self, you passed out in exhaustion.

Those that chose J:

Do realize that half your soldiers are dead, and you are the one that has to tell their family and friends that they are dead. You kept a straight face and kept on walking like nothing happened. Besides, you saw all of this before, but once you got back into the city, the whole city decided to rebel and hate you.

Thanks for reading! (had no choice so huehuehue)

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This is the last time I'll be up here. Sorry guys. ;-;


-Universal Pumpkin (aka White Drakim)