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The company travelled on, the loyal animals carrying thirteen dwarves, a great wizard and one very unhappy looking hobbit. Bilbo Baggins held the reins awkwardly, jerking backwards every time the small pony moved its head forward. Gandalf the Grey chuckled lowly at the hobbit whilst two of the younger dwarves rode up beside them.

"You alright there, master hobbit?" Kili asked, a coy smile tugging on his lips. His brother led his pony to ride Bilbo, trapping the hobbit in an Oakenshield sandwich.

An identical smile appeared on Fili's handsome face. "If you're having trouble, you could always ride with us?"

Bilbo Baggins rolled his eyes and dared his ride to move along faster, only to jerk as the pony bowed its head, unsure of what its rider wanted.

"No thank you, I'm quite alright," he declared out loud, then muttered under his breath, "if only this damn animal would do as its told!"

The two brothers managed to hear him, answering with a chuckle.

"If you two are quite finished," the wise voice of the wizard bellowed. His scolding soon wiped away any smirk from Kili and Fili. The brothers rode on, deciding to flank their uncle in case they were to be told off again. Gandalf could not help but chuckle; the brothers meant well and he enjoyed their teasing, but for now more important matters were at hand.

"Gandalf?" Bilbo began to question. The wizard answered with a simple turn of his head. The hobbit continued, "Tell me more of what we should meet in Erebor?" The hobbit's face grew anxious. "Do they really expect me to sneak past a dragon?"

"My dear Bilbo, when the time comes I believe what will be expected of you will be far less than what you will be capable of," his wise words followed. "An adventure is just what you need."

"An adventure, I'm sure," scoffed the hobbit, although it had been the reason Bilbo had joined Thorin Oakenshield's company. He loved the Shire very much so, but underneath Bilbo had been desperate to get away, to discover the world he'd never come to discover. He'd hesitated of course, but the Took side of Bilbo grabbed hold, egging him on to join the merry band of dwarves. And besides, he was travelling with Gandalf the Grey! What harm could come to him?

Bilbo had never stepped a foot outside of the Shire, and here we was, riding through the green like a true adventurer. He stared ahead, his eyes meeting the backs of several ponies while the others rode behind. Thorin lead the way. Bilbo admired the would-be king, yet pitied him all the same. These men had lost their home. They had lost their very own Shire, and although Bilbo did not know it yet, he would be right there with them to take it back. Thorin Oakenshield was not one Bilbo could see relaxing with a pint of ale, listening to merry tunes and laughing at drunken foolishness. Even now, his back was upright and his hands were hard on his reins. Thorin's eyes scanned the trees, searching for any sign of danger. And with the sword by his side, Bilbo would think any creature foolish to go against sure a fierce looking leader. He knew he never could.

Bilbo noticed the younger brother, Kili, look to their left. He was frowning at the landscape, soon pausing his pony until he was aligned next to the wizard. The hobbit looked at the two curiously yet could not catch on to their whispered words.

"Gandalf, sir, do you feel it?" Kili's voice whipped, making sure not alarm the company unless there was cause.

The wizard gruffed a reply, his eyes forward yet he knowingly responded.

"Do not fear, master dwarf, but we are being followed."

Kili's eyes widened slightly, "I shall warn the others."

"No," Gandalf's command was firm yet quiet. "There is no worry. We are in no danger so let them be."

Kili's eyes scanned the landscape again. He could see no figure in the fading light, but the tingle down his spine told him that eyes were upon the men. "But why should they follow, if they're not out to stop us?"

A knowing smile took hold of the wizard's lips. "Curiosity."

A deep frown settled over Kili but he minded Gandalf's words, cantering over to join his brother.

Bilbo looked to the wizard.

"Everything alright?"

The Grey wizard could only smile on at the hobbit, thinking of the unexpected addition that the dwarves would never see coming.

Soon the skies had become too dark for the men to ride, so they set up camp on the edge of a steep drop, close to the edge of the green they'd travelled through. The dwarves relieved the ponies to let them graze in a spot amongst the trees as the singing winds calmed them to rest. Fili and Kili sat closest to the woods, keeping a skilled eye on their rides. Bofur, Bombur and Dori were in charge of the meal, and all the dwarves were starving. Bilbo sat close to the wizard who rested quietly, eyes watching the skies as he blew smoke into the dimming light.

It did not long for the dwarves to eat, and the sight before them entertained Gandalf yet disgusted Bilbo.

"Are they always so," he struggled to come up with a word somewhat polite, "messy?"

Gandalf chuckled, looking on at Bombur nicking his cousin's roll, swiftly received a slap to the head from his brother. Bilbo shook his head, trying to ignore the small joy he felt from watching the group. Soon the meal was finished, and the dwarves began to settle down.

"Get some rest," Thorin's voice rose above the chuckles and taunts. The camp grew quiet. Bilbo's eyes rested on the Dwarf King's face as he continued to speak. "We have a long ride ahead of us and I will not have anyone falling behind," his dark eyes falling on the hobbit, as if he meant the Halfling in particular.

It did not take long for the snoring to begin Bilbo lay on his back and watched the stars blink in and out of existence. However, nearby the hobbit, the Oakenshield brothers stayed awake, watching for any signs of trouble. The two laughed quietly until Fili lay on his side to catch some sleep while his brother stayed alert. Kili stabbed a stray log with his knife, pulling it out then repeating the action with a bored expression. His dark eyes and messy black hair were lightened by the campfire, though his handsome features grew devilish when the orange glow danced against his skin.

A twig snap sounded and Kili's eyes cut into the woods, scanning furiously in order to discover any oncoming attacks. When he found none, the dwarf's hand snaked across the dirt to reach for his sword, his body carefully rising to make no sound.

He raised the sword high enough, ready for any attack. He stepped over his brother's resting body and approached the darkness of the woods. The campfire's glare managed to light his way as he walked deeper into the woods, but he could not see too far.

It frustrated Kili. The brothers were known for their sharpness of the eye and so Thorin often sent his nephews to scout ahead. But now, with Kili's lesser vision of what was before him, and the possibility of a danger so close to the group. The unspoken threat sent a wave of anger through Kili; he would not have the company down before they'd even started. He would not let his uncle down, nor his brother.

Kili had ventured far enough from where the men had made camp that a shout to them would be heard, but he feared not over Bombur's snores. Kili watched, waited. Nothing came.

The lightest noise was heard as a step was made, and Kili seized his opportunity. He was agile, swiftly turning and extending his sword to threaten the man that had chosen to sneak up behind the dwarf. His eyes were wide and his jaw was set, ready to bring the attacker's end with a slice to the neck.

There stood a cloaked figure. Kili's sword was pressed against the light skin of the attacker's neck. It was then that the dwarf realised he was in an identical position, as the attacker's weapon too was pressed upon his own throat, ready to murder and shroud Kili in darkness.

Careful not to slice his own neck, Kili's unusually soft voice came out rough and threatening.

"Who are you and why do you follow us?"

Kili bit back the urge to spit. The attacker had snuck up on the dwarf and almost killed him. His pride had been hurt.

The dwarf made sure to get a good look at his attacker without pushing against their sword that remained against his tanned skin. They wore a hunter-green hooded cloak that heavily shadowed their face. The figure was not tall - not by any means. Their height reached his own yet the body was much slimmer. It was then that Kili noticed.

The arm that held the sword was bare, its only coverings being brown leather cuffs and the cloak. The skin was pale with tiny goose bumps running along the whole of the arm. The hand expertly holding the sword as slender yet strong. Kili's eyes wondered down his attackers body, noticing a pair of tightly-fitted breaches, a sturdy pair of black boots, and a brown leather corseted bodice.

His attack was a woman.

Fili would never let him live this down…

Her icy blue eyes appeared darker under the shadow of her hood. Kili couldn't help but notice how beautiful this maiden was; her rosy lips were small and delicate with a button nose to accompany them. Dark curls cascaded from her hood and over her bodice. She had a heart-shaped face that made her appear innocent and lovely, but under the glare she sent his way, she seemed to be anything but lovely.

Her small mouth opened and a commanding voice spoke in the most appealing tone.

"Your name?"

Kili subtly shook himself and frowned deeply.

"I'm- No, wait, you tell me who you are!"

At his response, the maiden press her sword into his neck to prove a point.

She repeated, "Your name?"

"I asked first!" Kili said quite childishly, keeping his own weapon against her porcelain skin. His smirk appeared, "Ladies first."

With a huff, the maiden whacked her leather cuff against the flat of Kili's sword. It was unexpected, so before the dwarf could return his stance, the maiden swiftly kicked her heal against his chest, sending him to the ground with a 'hmph'.

Kili blinked several times, unsure of what had just happened until he saw the tip of her sword between his two eyes. The maiden crouched above him with a proud smile dancing on her rosebud lips.

"You'll be kind enough to give me your name, sir," she sneered the word, "so I can return the favour and help you off the ground."

Kili stared daggers at the maiden. But with a final huff, he muttered, "Kili. My name is Kili Oakenshield."

The maiden's eyes widened at the name. "Oakenshield?"

"Yes," Kili growled, "now would you please let me up if you do not mean to kill me?"

The woman laughed slightly but removed the tip of her sword from his face. Kili grunted as he stood up, wiping any dirt from his clothes. The young woman had stepped away from him yet kept her sword in hand, wary of the dwarf. She slid back her hood and looked up at the stars. But the dwarf was tired, and he felt humiliated.

"You've been following us since we left the Shire." Kili stated.

Her eyes widened and she placed her hand to her open mouth. "Have I?"

Kili growled. "Don't play games with me. Why have you been following my friends and I?"

The maiden's eyes appeared dark but the light from the moon that streaked through the trees turned her into goddess. "I know where you are going, and I know what awaits you there."

Kili took a threatening step towards the maiden, although she made no move to defend herself; she only stared at him, her eyebrow raised in a curious manner.

"How do you know of our plans?" he asked coldly. "Tell me your name."

The maiden's head fell to the side, a playful smile on her lips. She opened her mouth but before she could, another voice joined there's.

Gandalf made his was to their spot, his eyes following his staff as he used it to brush away the branches. "Master dwarf, I noticed you have been out here for some time, is everything-" His eyes fell on the two small figures.

"My, my," his low gravelly voice spoke, "isn't this an unexpected surprise." Kili followed his gaze to the maiden that stood a few feet away. "And an excellent one at that."

Kili was shocked to see the young woman grinning at the wizard. She took three skips until her small body met his, the wizard and the maiden hugging each other and laughing very loudly.

"Oh, Gandalf, it has been a while!" The maiden cried out happily, embracing the old man as he chuckled along with her.

"Yes it has, my dear," he replied, releasing his hold. She took a step back. "Let me take a look at you. It seems you have changed quite a bit since our last meeting."

The young woman giggled pleasantly. "I should hope I've grown from the age of twelve, Gandalf. Yet still I'm only as tall as this dwarf here," she nodded in Kili's direction.

Gandalf looked to the dwarf then back to the maiden. "I am glad you two have met. I was starting to wonder when you'd come forth, my dear. Kili was becoming quite suspicious."

Kili glared at the young maiden. "I suppose you can't help a fellow when he knows he is being spied on."

The young maiden stared back at him with as much hatred in her eyes as his. Gandalf stared between the two, back and forth, until his attention was pulled somewhere else. Rustling was coming up from behind him and the three turned to watch the oncoming dwarves.

"Kili!" Fili's voice was filled with worry, his calls being joined by several other voices.

Thorin was the first to appear as he ran towards the wizard.

His gruff voice was slightly out of breath. "Gandalf, what is going on?"

The wizard waved his hand in a calming fashion. "Nothing to fear, we're perfectly safe."

"Then why did you leave camp?" Thorin's gaze rested on his nephew. "You! You were supposed to watch the horses!"

"I was-" Kili defended himself.

Thorin's face was furious as he cut Kili off. "Then why are you wondering off? How can you be so irresponsible? What if orcs had come across our trail? You would have cost us all our lives!"

Kili bowed his head in shame. His brother that had been standing next to Thorin took a step towards Kili, but the king's arm caught him, stopping him in his tracks. Their uncle was still glaring at Kili.

"Explain yourself, boy!"

"Thorin," a soft voice called him, stopping the king from yelling.

The dwarf-king's eyes travelled from Kili to the young woman, who was standing awkwardly, waiting to be noticed. Thorin look bewildered, his eyes blinking as if it would clear her from his sight. But she was still there. His arm dropped from his nephew and he took a step forward, stumbling a little.

"Rhenwir?" He was still in shock, not trusting the sight before his eyes. He took another step closer. "Little Bit, is that you?"

The maiden grinned at the man. "It has been a long time, Thorin."

Thorin chuckled loudly; Kili hadn't heard him laugh like that for many a year. The king sped towards the maiden, his arms wide to sweep her up. She awaited his hold with a wide grin and clung to his strong muscles. Thorin spun her around, all the while laughing and celebrating.

He settled her down but took her face in his hands, kissing her forehead with devotion.

"Oh, my dear friend, it is a relief to see you well," Thorin managed to say.

"And you," the maiden replied, moving to seek his gaze, grinning at the dwarf. "When your comrade told me his name was Oakenshield, I had hoped…"

Thorin looked to Kili who was staring at them, unsure of what had just occurred. Thorin's had-been glare turned into a knowing smirk. "So this is what you were doing, nephew." The king let out a laugh as Kili's mouth dropped, turning back to his old friend. He tucked a curl behind her ear, smiling fondly into her eyes. "I do not blame you. She is quite beautiful."

The maiden bowed her head, blushing fiercely and slapping Thorin's arm playfully. He hugged her to him once again, squeezing onto her petite body. A certain someone cleared their throat and the two turned to see Fili watching them with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

Thorin coughed and looked to the wizard. "It seems you two have already met."

Gandalf replied, "Years back," the wizard nodded.

The maiden giggled. "On my twelfth birthday Gandalf created quite the display of fireworks in my village that I have yet to forget."

He chortled and bowed his head, his gaze disapproving, "And I seem to call a certain young lady sneaking onto my cart to try and create it all over again. I suppose you are just as mischievous now as you were then, Rhenwir"

"What can I say, you rubbed off on me."

"Now I finally know your name," a voice grumbled. Kili was still glaring at the maiden.

"Men," Thorin shuffled the young woman forward. "I'd like you to meet a friend of mine, Miss Rhenwir of Dale, commonly known as Fawn."

"Dale?" Kili questioned sharply, remembering the city by his home. But the young dwarf was ignored.

"Fawn, this here's Nori, Ori, Bofur, Dwalin," he pointed to the few dwarves that had joined him when they'd first set out to seek Thorin's nephew, "my nephews Fili and Kili, whom I believe you've already met." Thorin nodded to the dark haired dwarf who stood with his arms crossed and a frown set on his handsome face. Fawn just nodded in response. "And I think you'll remember Mr Balin."

Fawn grinned at the white haired dwarf. She remembered the kind and humble Balin from her time in Dale city.

"I think you and I have some catching up to do," Thorin interrupted her stirring memories and took her hand in his. "Come, I will introduce you to the rest of my company then you must rest." Thorin lead the way back to camp. "And then you can explain why you're here." He nudged her. "As I am sure you weren't following us, were you."

Gandalf chuckled as Fawn's eyes widened. The dwarf-king may not have realised they were being spied on like his nephew, but he was no fool. All the other dwarves began to talk, wondering who this young maiden was and what would happen in the morning.

Kili followed last, growling to himself, his irritation reaching new heights. And it was all down to a human.