Author's Note

'Tempting Fate' - a True Blood Fanfiction

Hello lovely readers, just letting you faithful ones that like my style of writing that there is now a True Blood Fanfiction I have started

I am planning it as the first in a series, following the seasons while adding my own plots

For all you True Blood fans, especially Eric/Sam/Sookie/Bill fans, this is for you

If you've never read it but enjoy vampires, give it a read

I'd be grateful for any reviews or thoughts on Tempting Fate and I hope to hear from you all soon

Also, not long now til a follow-up to Follow Me

Just a few months. But trust me, it's worth the wait!

Feel free to pm me with any requests


'Trinity' - a Hobbit Fanfiction

Hey faithful followers, just a note to say I'm testing out a new Fanfiction for The Hobbit

And as my favourite readers, I'd really like your opinion on it

Not yet decided which dwarf will get the girl, but there will be testing of all three, wink wink, nudge nudge

This particular OC isn't as innocent as our lovely Rhenwir, so your ideas will be much appreciated in the development

I know so many of you simply cannot wait for a 'Follow Me' sequel, so here's a little something to keep your dwarfy tastebuds going

Have a read of 'Trinity' and check out my poll to decide who the lucky dwarf will be

Hope to hear from you all soon, feel free to pm