Author's Note: Hey guys! (: Okay so this is a little Christmas drabble. I myself, do not celebrate Christmas, but hey I thought this drabble would be pretty darn cute. There will be many more cute drabbles to come so read, enjoy, and review! Keep calm and ship Punklee!

"So... What'd you get me?" AJ asked her best friend CM Punk. They were at a Monday Night Raw, and it was a week until Christmas. AJ sat in a bean bag chair inside Punk's locker room as he pulled on his knee pads, getting ready for a match with Wade Barrett. Punk scoffed.

"You think I'm just going to come out and tell you?" He retorted. "That would spoil all the fun of Christmas." He said sarcastically. AJ laughed.

"It doesn't hurt to ask!" She said shrugging.

"Well, what'd you get me?" Punk asked changing the subject as he stood up to look at the spitfire and that made AJ's heart beat a little faster. Whenever she looked into those jade eyes, her heart always seemed to melt. Yeah, she had a little schoolgirl crush on him but they were just friends. AJ knew that Punk didn't feel the same.

"Nothing yet." AJ answered with a smug smile. "But, you obviously got me something if you won't tell." She said.

"Okay, I did get you something but you have to wait until Christmas." The straight edge said giving AJ a smirk. AJ groaned as she stood up with her hands on her hips.

" Oh come on! Nobody waits until the day of Christmas to give a gift!" She argued.

"I do." Punk said simply as he laced up his wrestling boots. But he was just teasing her for his enjoyment.

"You're impossible..." She muttered. "Please, can I have my gift?"

"No." He said. AJ groaned again.





"If you love me you'll let me have it." She said, trying to persuade him.

"I love you, but no." He said again.

"Please?" The diva begged as she drawled out the word.

"Begging will get you nowhere." CM Punk said quirking up an eyebrow. To him, this was fun. AJ laughed and jutted out her lower lip, pouting.

"You know you can't resist..." She said. Punk then put a finger to his chin, thinking.

"Okay, I guess you can have it." He said then went to his duffel bag to fetch the present.

"Yay!" AJ said as Punk gave it to her. It was a very tiny box wrapped in festive Frosty the Snowman wrapping paper. AJ looked at it in wonder.

"Well open it!" Punk yelled with a laugh. AJ then tore the wrapping paper off of it and opened the box. She couldn't believe what she saw.

"You got me mistletoe?" She asked confused, arching an eyebrow.

"Yup." CM Punk replied smugly with that smirk written on his lips.


"So I can do this." He said then ever so gently he pressed his pierced lips to AJ's. Her face immediately turned red as she blushed from the kiss. She never thought this day would come, but here it was. And Punk was an excellent kisser, no doubt about that. Once they pulled away Punk smirked. "I've been waiting to do that forever" He admitted. AJ was speechless for a moment.

"Okay, there is no way in hell my gift is going to top that." She said with a sweet smile.

"Merry Christmas AJ." CM Punk said then left for his match with Wade Barrett.