Author's Note: Woah, here's another one.

Sighing, AJ zipped up her suitcase and sat it on the floor.

"You ready AJ?" CM Punk asked throwing his duffel bag over his shoulder. They were catching a late flight to Punk's hometown, Chicago. Raw was being held there, and since they didn't have to be on SmackDown, they had many days off.

"I'm ready." AJ said picking her suitcase up by the handle. After some light conversation they finally arrived at the airport. This time they got first class seats.

"You want anything?" Punk asked as they were settling into their seats.

"Could you get me a blanket? I really want to sleep." The spitfire asked.

"Yeah, only if we can share." Punk smirked.

"Deal." AJ said and he asked one of the flight attendants for a blanket. The two then laid their seats back and snuggled up under the small blanket together.