Under Their Watchful Eyes


"Think about it, Angel," one of her friends, Chris, said, staring deeply into her eyes. "If we can all go together, it'll be so cool! Like…an adventure!"

"Yeah," her other friend, Cherry, said, shaking her dark hair so that it fell back into place.

Her actual name was Sherry, but Angel and Chris had named her Cherry, as it was much more fitting. Her wings were from that of a Cardinal, all rustic red mixed with brown. It was so cool. All Angel had was stupid white wings. Though Max always called them beautiful, she thought they were just so dang simple. Plain. Angel didn't want to be plain!

"I guess…But Max and Fang probably won't want me to go-"

"We'd still be on the island," Chris continued. He took a lot of heat from the other kids, being as his two best friends were girls, but his older brother assured him that would come in handy later in life, though he wasn't sure how. "We're just going off, the three us."

"Like camping," Cherry said with a smile. "It'll be so much fun."

"I know and I really want to go, but if Max and Fang say no-"

"Can't you, like, control what other people do?" Chris asked. "Right? Remember that time you made Max agree to let us skip out on our duties that day so that we could swim in the race with the older kids?"

Angel frowned at the memory. "Yeah, but when Fang found out, he-"

"Who cares? You can control him too, huh?"

"But I'm really not supposed to-"

"Angel, do you want to do this or not?" He finally asked. "I'm feel like you secretly don't."

"Are you…scared?" Cherry asked, giggling when Angel shot her a look. "It's okay if you are, seeing as you're still so young."

"You two are only a few months older than me."

"And? We're still eight and you're what? That's right, seven. This might not be a trip for little seven year olds," Chris said, shaking his head. "You think, Cherry? We should just go on together, huh? A camping trip for two?"

"I can go," Angel intervened. "I'm not afraid!"

"Sounds great. We wouldn't want a baby tagging along," Cherry agreed.

"I'm going!" Angel jumped up, shocking the other two kids. "I'll go tell them I'm going right now!"

"Jeez, she didn't have to flip out," she heard Chris mumble to Cherry, but Angel ignored them as she headed to where the flock normally convened on the beach. Every group had their own assigned area, though Max and Fang made sure the flock also had control of a cave, high up on a cliff overlooking the beach. The only problem was that Max and Fang were gone; in their place were Iggy and Ella, who were making out heavily. God, talk about making a girl lose her lunch…

"Guys," Angel interrupted. "Guys!"

Iggy pulled away from Ella slightly, though he kept his head pressed against hers. Though, Angel didn't hold that against him, seeing as Ella was basically sitting in his lap.

"What, Ange? I'm kind of busy here."

"I want to know where Max and Fang are. I need to talk to them."

"I saw them when Ella and I first got here, but they left. Apparently, they don't like seeing us make out. I mean, God, some people are so ungrateful. What I wouldn't give to see."

Ella giggled, taking her hands and holding his face with them. "You're so cute."

"Guys," Angel tried again when they began to make out again. "Guys!"

"What?" Iggy finally pulled far enough away from Ella to pay attention to Angel. "I just said I don't know where they are!"

"Well, which way did they go?"

"I don't know, Angel, why don't you ask my eyes?"

Ella pushed his chest slightly. "They headed into the woods, Angel. I think they were gong to look for fruit. I don't think they wanted to be bothered though."

"Oh, let her go. Max and Fang don't ever do anything interesting anyways," Iggy said, pulling her face back to his.

"Thanks," she mumbled, but they wouldn't have heard her either way as they began to kiss again. God, they weren't even cute together…

"Max," Angel called as she headed towards the forest. "Fang."

She didn't care what Ella said; Max and Fang always had time for her. Especially here on the island. After they feared her dead in Paris and then found her alive, they had been much more willing to do as she asked. The only problem, though, was that they constantly wanted her to be watched by someone or be with a group of friends. They didn't want her alone, as they were scared of losing her again. It made no sense, really, considering that no one that had bothered them their whole lives was still alive. You'd think they'd give her a little more freedom.

Realizing that calling out for them was fruitless; Angel began to search around for their minds, trying to feel if they were near. She was picking up Fang's thoughts, but none of them made sense.

Fuck. Shit, Max. God, Max. Oh, God. Fucking hell yeah.

Angel didn't even waste time getting into Max's mind. They must be in trouble!

'Fang?' Angel closed her eyes. 'Fang? Are you guys okay?'

Fuck, Max. I'm cumming in you. Yeah, M- Angel? Shit.

"Shit!" She actually heard that one out loud and then heard some frantic whispering that sounded like Max and Fang. Rushing towards it, she stumbled upon Max and Fang, who were both haggard looking. Max's hair was all messed up and Fang's jeans were falling off his butt, though she'd never know that they were actually being pulled up. Fang had on his undershirt, but Max was wearing his t-shirt. It was his favorite, with the logo of one of his favorite bands before the world went to hell.

"Angel, what are you doing?" Max was on the ground, just staring at him. She reached up, smoothing down her hair. Fang was standing off to the side, glancing at his shoes, which had been take off, set aside along with Max's. Fang was also without socks, but Angel didn't think he ever wore them, where as Max still had hers on.

"I came to find you," she said, looking between the two of them. Max's jeans were nowhere to be found, but she was wearing what appeared to be boxers, but that couldn't be right. She had washed clothes with Max before; all she owned was panties. And why, anyways, would she just be in her underwear?

"But why?" Fang moved closer to her, but still kept one hand behind his back. "Are you okay? I told you, Max, we should have made Nudge watch her today."

"Oh, shut up, Fang, you're the one that wanted to get out here to…"

"Look for bananas?" Angel offered up. They both looked shocked at her. "That's what Ella said you were doing, looking for fruit. That's your favorite, right, Max?"

"Oh, um, yeah, we were…and then I fell…and…um…"

"Max's leg was hurt," Fang said, to which Max nodded.

"So…you took off her pants?"

"Yes, yes," Fang said rather quickly, still nodding. "To, you know, make sure she wasn't bleeding or anything."

"Oh. I guess that makes sense."


"But…how come she's got your boxers on?"

Max glanced at Fang before back at Angel. "I haven't done laundry yet, this week, and Fang has, so he had a clean pair of boxers and, when I went to him, he offered them up to me."

"Then how come you're wearing his shirt?"

"Aren't you listening, silly?" Fang smiled at her. "She hasn't washed her clothes. I gave her my last shirt, so all I had was an undershirt left."

"What about your shoes?"

"What? We're not allowed to walk around without shoes now?" Max asked. "Angel, you-"

"And why are Fang's pants about to fall?"

"I was going to take off my belt," Fang said.

"How come?"

"I told you, Max fell. She also hurt her arm."

Angel looked back at Max, who quickly began to cradle her right arm. "And?"

"I was going to try and make a sling out of it, but it wasn't working out so well and Max said it didn't hurt that much anyways." Fang shook his head a little. "Did you need something?"


"Come on. You can tell us," Max said as Fang reached out to pat Angel on the head. The only problem?

"Why do you have Max's bra in your hand?" Angel asked as Fang, stupidly, had taken the hand behind his back to comfort Angel, forgetting the reason he was shielding it.

"Because…uh…remember, silly? I told you Max need her clothes washed, so we stopped by the cave to get some of her stuff to wash. This was the only thing there though."

Angel stared at them both skeptically. What had they been doing, really? When she went into Max's mind, the only thing she got was this:

Tonight. Definitely tonight. Tonight, tonight, tonight. Calm down, you'll finish tonight. Just you and Fang…tonight.

"So what was it you wanted?" Max asked, finally standing. She looked weird, standing there braless, in boy clothes.

"Uh…Chris and Cherry wanted to, uh, go camping."

"I can't take you tonight," Max said. "Are one of their-"

"Alone. They wanted to go alone, just the three of us."

"On the beach?" Fang asked, finally fixing his pants. "I can get you guys a tent."

"No," Angel said, still watching them. "We were going to explore the island tonight, all by ourselves."

"Oh, Ange, I don't know," Max said, frowning slightly. "Fang and I don't think that's a good idea."

Fang sent Max a look for speaking for him, but it was clear he felt the same way. "We don't want you out there by yourself. You could get hurt."

It was clear that Angel's two surrogate guardians were expecting a fight, but Angel didn't put one up. Instead, she just nodded a little bit.

"Okay," she agreed, though her mind was a whirl.

She followed Max and Fang along as they led her back to the beach. She immediately went to tell Cherry and Chris that she could not accompany them on the trip, if only because Max and Fang said no and she felt wrong about tricking them. Of course she got taunted, but Angel didn't care. She could sneak off and spend time with them whenever; she only had one chance, that she knew of, to find out what Fang and Max were really doing.

"I don't know, Fang," Max mumbled as they looked around the cave. "Are you sure no one was following us? I can't imagine someone seeing me-"

"They won't. No one. I promise," Fang said. They had gone to a cave all the way on the other side of the island. No one should bother them here. "God, I finished before Angel showed up. You?"

"Nope," Max said, shaking her head. "You know I didn't."

"I just wanted to hear you say the word cum, but you wouldn't."

"Oh. Cum, cum, cum, cum."

"In a more…sultry tone."

"Spell sultry."

"Uh…no, you can just say cum some more."

Giggling, Max said one more time, "Cum."

"Damn, baby." He was rubbing the front of his jeans as he headed further into the cave. He had come here before, without Max, and prepared it. "Come here."


"I got us some blankets. Food too."

"What are we doing with food?"

"Don't give me that look. We're eating first. Or after. If you want." Fang let out a loud yawn. "Want a fire?"

"Why? So I can stare at your body as you fuck me?"

"Oh yeah."

"No. Besides, the light might attract someone."

"Guess you're right."

"Aren't I always?"

The only thing that Max didn't know, however, was the fact that the two of them were already under Angel's watchful eyes. She was carefully hidden at the cave's entrance, behind a conveniently placed pile of rocks. God, you'd think that big man himself had put them there, just so Angel could spy on her technical guardians.

"No." Fang flexed for her. "So sex first or the good stuff now?"

"Food is the good stuff?"

"It depends on what we're eating. Personally, I like to eat out."

"You're being a real dick today."

"You're the one that told me how much you liked that."

"Liking dick is different than liking someone that is being a dick."

Angel frowned, peeking cautiously around the rocks, trying to figure out what the heck was going on. She knew in a technical sense what the word sex meant, but she had never actually seen it. From what she had heard, sex was nasty. Or at least that's what Max told her. She said that it was just a nasty thing that adults did. When she went to Iggy and Dylan though, they just both told her that it was something that older kids did, that she didn't need to worry about. When she asked them if it was nasty, Iggy just shook his head and said it can be, which got him an elbow from Dylan. Why did Max and Fang seem to enjoy it so much?

"That's what you think. I kind of want to screw you now and eat later." Fang sat down on the ground, his back to where Angel was hiding. "Sit in my lap."

Craning her neck, Angel was shocked to find that Max wasn't just going to sit in Fang's lap, but rather she was working on taking off her top while doing it. What?

"Or, Max, I could always, you know, eat out."

"Shut up. Why do you keep bringing that up if you never deliver?"

"Every time I try, you don't want to." Fang pushed her down on the ground rather roughly.


"Fine. You want it? I'm doing it now."


"I am." He moved down to unzip her jeans, pulling them down. "You're the one that won't admit that you enjoy this, so I guess I have to prove that you do."

"Fang, I don't want…can't we just have sex? Like nothing else, just sex? Just this once?"

Fang frowned down at her. "But-"

"Just fuck me. You've been doing everything recently, but fucking me. I want you tot fuck me, Fang."

Fuck? Angel thought they were having sex. This was all too confusing. Fuck was a curse word. What did cursing have to do with sex?

"Are you sure?" Fang moved to get over her. "That's all you want?"

"Yes. All we've done for the past two weeks is touch each other or I've blown you." Max shifted under him. "I want to fuck."

"God, I love when you talk like that."

Max pulled herself up onto her elbows. "Like what?"

"Like a guy. Saying fuck and shit. I love that I got a girl that's not, you know, a girl."

"You sound like the chick right now." Max leaned up and kissed his gently. "Now are you gonna fuck me or what?"

Fang just grunted, pushing her back down on the ground.

With them both enrapt with each other, Angel was able to move into a more open and comfortable position.

"Why do you wear a belt?" Max asked as she fumbled around with the buckle. "It's really useless."

"Sorry that I'm not one of those fags that go around showing off the ass."

"Maybe I like your ass."

"Maybe I don't care what you like."

She finally finished with the belt. "But Fang, it'll make you cooler."

"Shut the fuck up."

Now fuck meant to be quiet? Angel shook her head. This was too much for her to grasp.

"Mmmm, so forceful." Max ran a hand down his chest. "Take off your shirt."

To accomplish this, Fang laid down on Max, which Angel didn't think could be very comfortable. Max though, seemed to enjoy it as she made some sort of weird noise that Angel had never heard before.

"God, I can feel you against me."

Fang pulled his shirt off before forcing his hips into hers. "Can you feel me now?"

"Thanks, Verizon."

Shifting again, Max ran her hands underneath each of his wings, trying to force them out. Fang opened them for her, but only slightly.

"I love your wings so much." Max stroked the right one gently.

Ignoring her, Fang continued his work on her body. Max for the most part fell silent after that, wanting to allow Fang to do whatever he wanted. What he wanted, it seemed, was just to make out.

Sighing, Angel turned back and leaned against the rock, not caring to see the two of them kiss. It didn't interest her, at all. It never had. In fact, it rather annoyed her. She hated seeing them together for some reason, though she had never figured it out. Whenever she spoke of her hatred of their relationship to her brother, he just told her it was because she didn't want Max's time divided between her and someone else. Angel just figured it was because she hated Max's happiness. She wanted no harm to come to Max of course, she loved her after all, but seeing her happy and content…it got under her skin for some unknown reason. Especially when she was happy with Fang. That really bothered her.

"God, Fang."

That brought her back to attention. Peeking around the rock again, Angel saw that though Max's shirt was still on, Fang was completely naked and Max was missing her jeans. She really couldn't see Fang that well, as he was huddled over Max, doing something. Frowning, she shifted again, wanting to see all there was to see.

She got her wish as Fang moved back from Max and went over to his bag.

"What are you doing?" Max asked.

"I got us some condoms."

"Really?" Max pushed herself up, giving Angel a better look at her leader naked. Really, though, Max naked didn't interest her at all. Still, as Fang's back was now to them, she found herself staring at Max as she pulled off her shirt finally. "We never use condoms."

"I know. I just figured…I dunno." When he turned around, Fang very much enjoyed the sight of Max in just her bra. Angel, however, was shocked to see Fang full on frontal.

Now, she had seen a guy before. After all, she did grow up in the school. Still, she didn't remember a penis looking like that.

"Maybe I don't want to use one," Max complained as she unhooked her bra.

"Maybe I don't give a shit."

"Ooh, sharp tongue you got there."

"You'd have known just how sharp if you let me eat you out." Fang glanced out into the night, but luckily Angel had already pulled her head back. "Do you feel weird about tonight?"

"What do you mean?" Max was no her back again, now slowly rubbing circles around her clit, trying to get herself ready while also enticing Fang. When the latter failed, she asked, "What's wrong with you?"

"It's just…I feel…bad."


"Angel catching us before."

"She didn't even know what we were doing," Max told him dismissively.

"You think?"

"Yeah. Now get over here and fuck me. Stop thinking about her."

Angel was going to move back to stare at them again, but suddenly, a hand clamped down over her mouth. She started to scream and fight, but then a voice hit her ears.

"Don't fight me, Angel," it whispered. "Walk with me or else I'll blow your cover to Max and Fang."

Dylan. She turned to look at him, nodding. Slowly, he helped her up before leading her further away from the cave. Once he thought they were out of earshot of his ex and her current boyfriend, he spoke.

"What do you think you were doing?"

She jerked out of his hold. "Nothing."

"You do not need to be seeing something like that, Angel. You should know the spying is bad."

"What about you?"

"What about me?"

"What were you doing here?"

Dylan flushed. "I, um, I…"

"You were gonna watch them too, weren't you?"


Yes, he was.

"I came to get you. I followed her you here."

"So you were spying on me."

Dylan frowned at her. "Shut up, Angel. This isn't about me. This is about you. Do you want me to tell Max and Fang that you were watching them?"

"Do you want me to tell them that you were? I mean think about it, Dylan, who would they be more mad at? They never get mad at me. You though, Fang'd hang you." Angel crossed her arms. "Besides, I just wanted to look."

"You shouldn't be looking at that."

"Why not? If Max and Fang can do it, I can at least watch. It's not like I was doing anything bad or nothing."

"Watching that is bad."

"Then what they're doing is bad?"

"To some people!" To him it was. He didn't think Max should be doing that at all. Especially not with Fang.

Angel frowned at him. "Why were you looking at them? Huh?"

"That's none of your business."

"So you were watching."

Dylan took a deep breath. "Just…shut up, Angel. And get gone, alright, before I call Max out here to deal with you."

"And admit what a creep you are?"


Angel just glared at him before continuing on down the mountain, quickly taking to the air. Dylan made like he was going after her before turning the head up the mountain. About halfway there, he lost his nerve, afraid that Max and Fang had already finished and were heading down also. So he took into the air, not wanting to be caught by them.

"Man, Angel, you should have come with us."

"Yeah" Cherry said. "We had so much fun. We told ghost stories and stayed up all night."

It was now the next morning and Angel had met up with her friends in the normal spot on the beach to eat breakfast.

"I wish I could have gone," she lied. She wouldn't have traded what she'd seen last night for anything. She just kept thinking about what Fang had looked like, the way Max spoke, all slow and seductive like, and how flushed Dylan had been when he caught her. Clearly, he too wanted to watch the couple. So what made it so wrong when she did it?

"What did you do anyways?"

"Nothing, really," Angel said. Part of her wanted to tell her friends all about what she had seen, but she knew that if she told them they would tell others and those others would tell others also and eventually it'd work its way back to Max that she had been spying on her. "Just hung out with my brother some."

"Maybe next time you can go with us," Chris said, but Angel was already focused on something else. She could see Max and Fang in the distance, walking next to each other while talking. As they got closer, Max saw her looking and smiled at her.

"Hey, Angel," she greeted before also greeting the girl's friends. Fang rolled his eyes, but stopped when his girlfriend did. "I didn't get to tell you sorry last night that you couldn't go out with your friends. Did you guys have fun on your own?"

"Yes," Chris told her, but left it at that. Very few of the younger kids were very vocal around Max, but that was probably due to the weight her named carried.

"You can come eat lunch with us later if you want, Angel," Fang said as he bent down to take an apple out of her pile of fruit.

She just blushed, looking away. She didn't realize how embarrassing seeing him again, clothed, would be until that exact moment.

"Yeah, okay," she mumbled, still not looking at him.

"You okay, Ange?" Max asked, taking notice of her change of attitude.

"She's fine, huh?" Fang patted her on the head, which just about mortified the girl. "We'll be with the others near the huts. Meet us there, alright?"

She could only nod, refusing to look into Fang's eyes. The only coherent thought in her head was that she had seen him naked, that somehow Max and Fang had found out, and now she was going to get in trouble.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Max asked, interlacing her and Fang's fingers when he tried to walk away, keeping him in place. "You look a little red. Maybe you should go hangout in the shade for awhile."

"Yeah, alright."

After they were gone, Angel's two best friends kept asking her what was wrong, but she couldn't answer them. The only think she could think was that she had seen Fang's…bad place and now she could never unsee it again.

I'm thinking Jeb next. Anyone second that?