A/N: Based on the answer David Tennant gave at the Midnight convention (2012) when asked what the duplicate Doctor and Rose were doing in the parallel world; "Organic farming! That's definitely, definitely what they're doing!"

"Doctor, you really should have asked me about this first," Rose told her partner as she gazed around.

The Doctor's face dropped, and his arms fell to his sides in disappointment. He noticed that Rose was still stood beside their car, a sleek black Range Rover, and she was looking rather pale.

"Are you ok, Rose?" he asked in concern, quickly hurrying to her side.

"Doctor, you bought a farm!" Rose hissed, wide eyed.

"Well, yes," he replied, frowning in confusion, "but... Oh! Oh, Rose, I'm sorry! You don't like it, do you? It's too far from your parents' house; I mean we're in Cambridgeshire for Rassilon's sake! And I know you said you wanted to get away from Torchwood, but..."

"Doctor," Rose cut in gently, "it's ok. It was just a bit of a shock, that's all. You said we're in Cambridgeshire?"

The Doctor nodded.

"Yep, just down there is the village of Foxton," the Doctor told her, pointing at a road leading in the opposite direction from where they'd come from.

Rose nodded slightly, before turning to face the Doctor properly. She wasn't as pale anymore, but still looked more than a little concerned.

"Why exactly did you buy a farm, Doctor?" She asked curiously.

The Doctor shrugged, and rubbed the back of his neck, like he always did when he was nervous.

"I thought it would be fun!" he admitted quietly, sounding rather vulnerable. "I mean, we're out in the countryside, we could get a few chickens, maybe a horse, or some cattle or something... There's a shop in the village that sells organic produce grown by local farmers, and I thought we could perhaps give it a go. If you like, of course..."

"You've really thought this out, haven't you?" Rose realised, smiling slightly.

The Doctor nodded, scuffing his converses in the gravel of the drive up to the farmhouse.

"And you really want to do this?"

Again, he nodded.

"Ok, when do we have to sign the paperwork by?" Rose asked, beginning to warm to the idea.

The Doctor blushed.

"Doctor?" Rose prompted.

"I may have already signed the paperwork," he admitted, smiling weakly.

To his surprise, Rose merely laughed.

"I guess you've been thinking about this for a while, yeah? I mean, it's not exactly something you just decide to do one day, is it?" Rose pointed out, smiling.

"I've been thinking about it for about four or five months now," the Doctor explained. "Only thing was, I'd only been here two months when I decided that that was what I wanted us to do, and I was too nervous to just ask you."

Rose rolled her eyes and pulled him closer for a kiss.

"Come on the , let's go look at our new farmhouse," Rose announced suddenly, dragging the Doctor by his t-shirt to the front door.


The farmhouse needed a fair amount of work done to it, but it wasn't so much that they couldn't live in it while they repaired it; some of the walls needed re-plastering and painting, and the wallpaper in the master bedroom was hideous, but the building was structurally sound. Rose had been a little surprised at how cosy the house felt; it was a rather large farmhouse, and the rooms were larger than she'd expected, but it still retained that warm country feel.

"So we already own it?" Rose asked suddenly.

The Doctor nodded eagerly as he poked around the front room.

"Yep! We can move in as soon as we want!" he answered with a grin.

"And how much is the mortgage?" Rose prompted.

"Mortgage? We don't have a mortgage!" the Doctor told her, frowning.

"Well, how did you pay for it? You've only been here seven months, there's no way you had enough money to buy it outright!" Rose pointed out.

The Doctor blushed and mumbled something about getting a loan from someone.

"Oh, Doctor!" Rose sighed. "Please tell me you didn't go to a loan shark!"

"I didn't," the Doctor muttered stubbornly.

"Then who gave you the loan?!" Rose snapped, anger beginning to build.

"Your Dad!" the Doctor snapped back.

Rose blinked.

"Right," she replied, numb. "So my Dad bought us a farm."

"Yeah, well, I said we'd pay him back! As soon as we're on our feet, and we have the cows and chickens and vegetables, it'll be fine!" the Doctor insisted.


The Doctor and Rose spent the majority of the rest of the day cleaning their new farmhouse and making a list of what crops and animals they could get.

"You really are determined to raise cattle, aren't you?" Rose noted in amusement as the Doctor added it to their list.

The Doctor grinned.

"We-ell, we could get some chickens too," he replied.

"Doctor, I think the chickens will be easier to care for than the cattle," Rose admitted gently. "I mean, neither of us know how to milk a cow!"

"I could learn!" the Doctor answered quickly, wide-eyed.

Rose sighed, trying not to smile.

"Oh! And maybe some sheep!" the Doctor added, eyes lighting up with excitement.

"And where will we keep the sheep?" Rose asked sceptically. "For that matter, where will we keep the cattle? There's not that much land…"

"Well, when I bought the farm, the estate agent mentioned that the surrounding few acres were possibly going to be up for sale soon…" the Doctor explained, shrugging.

"How much is a few acres? Right now, it sounds like you want to start running an entire farm, and I'm really not sure we can manage that!" Rose told him uncertainly.

The Doctor shrugged, seemingly unfazed.

"Well, like I said, it's not even up for sale yet. We can start off with just the crops, and see how that goes, and then if we decide to get some more land, we could get some cattle, or sheep or something. Oh! And we'd have to get a dog!" the Doctor rambled, grinning.

"A dog?" Rose echoed.

"Well, I'm not going to be able to round up the sheep on my own, am I?" the Doctor told her.

He was virtually bouncing up and down now, and Rose couldn't help but grin.

"Ok, ok, we'll see how it goes," Rose told him.

"Really?" the Doctor asked excitedly.

"Really," Rose assured him.