A/N: Merry Christmas! This chapter is dedicated to David Tennant (although he'll probably never see it!) as, if it weren't for his comments at Midnight, none of this would have been written :P

The Doctor lifted Tony into his arms so that the little boy could pin his Christmas stocking above the fireplace in the front room. Pete was upstairs sorting the presents into piles so that they could fill Tony's stocking quickly and quietly once his son was asleep, and Jackie and Rose were watching the Doctor and Tony from the doorway.

"The Doctor would be a great father," Jackie informed her daughter quietly.

"Mum," Rose chided quietly "you know for a fact that we aren't in a position to even consider having kids yet!"

"Yeah, but you're not denying it, are you?" Jackie pointed out, smirking.

Rose blushed and ducked her head, choosing not to dignify that with a response. Her Mum was right of course, but Rose had willed herself not to start thinking about a family; after all, they were still struggling with getting the farm up and running, and they were only just managing to pay their electricity and water bills as the farm proved much harder to run that initially thought. They were in no way financially ready for children, and yet Rose couldn't help but wonder whether the Doctor- like her- was considering it.

"Are you going to come and get ready for bed, now, Tony?" Jackie called over to her son, startling Rose out of her thoughts.

Tony huffed, but reluctantly crossed the room to where Jackie was standing. Despite his protests, the adults knew that the little boy was very tired; it was December 24th and he'd been up since just before seven that morning as he'd helped Rose and the Doctor with the farm animals that morning. The milk and mince pie was on the table waiting for Santa, as well as a carrot for Rudolph, and had been there for almost an hour now. As Jackie lifted the sleepy boy into her arms, she encouraged the little boy to say good night to the Doctor and Rose. He did so, quietly, as he rested his head on Jackie's shoulder. Tony was asleep before Jackie had even reached the top of the stairs.


"It's Christmas! It's Christmas! It's Christmas!" Tony yelled, running down the stairs.

Jackie and Pete were trailing after the little boy tiredly, quickly followed by Rose and the Doctor, who were looking a little more alert than the older couple. This was, of course, because they had gotten used to fairly early mornings now as they had to get up and see to the animals. Archie was curled up on the rug in front of the fire, but quickly jumped to his feet when Tony burst into the room. The three year old crossed straight to where his stocking was, grinning in delight when Pete handed it to him, full to the brim with presents. He dropped to his knees, upturning his stocking and emptying his stocking all over the floor. The adults contented themselves with cups of tea and smaller presents while Tony ripped the paper off of various books, toys and games. Soon, the floor of the front room was covered in wrapping paper, and the Doctor brought in a bin bag to begin tidying it up. Then, after everyone was dressed, Rose and Jackie retreated to the kitchen to start preparing Christmas dinner while Pete and Tony helped the Doctor with the farm animals.


Nearly four hours later, Jackie and Rose were laying the small dining room table for dinner. It was just before twelve and it was almost time for Christmas dinner. Tony was in the front room, playing with the toy cars Rose and the Doctor had bought him. Soon though, the five of them were seated at the table, the Christmas dinner dished up in front of them. Archie was sat at the table, eagerly anticipating which human would drop food first. The young puppy didn't have to wait long, as Tony soon dropped a bit of meat on the floor. The six month old pup skittered across the floor, quickly swallowing the meat. Tony giggled, but the Doctor and Rose both rolled their eyes.

"Don't do it again, Tony," Pete told his younger child sternly.

"I didn't do it on purpose!" the little boy insisted, wide-eyed.

"We know," Jackie replied "but we know what you're like, and you're not to be feeding Archie any of your dinner, ok?"

Tony pouted, but after a stern look from both his parents, he reluctantly nodded. Nonetheless, the Doctor caught the little boy no less than three times as he slipped food off his plate so that Archie could eat it out of his hand under the table.


After dinner, they spent much of the afternoon watching films on the TV while Tony played with his toys. It began snowing again just before teatime, so the five of them headed outside for a while, helping Tony make a snowman. Of course, by nine o'clock, Tony was almost asleep, but was desperately fighting it. Instead, he'd curled up on his big sister's lap as she read him one of his new story books. Soon, he was beginning to drift off to sleep, and the little boy was taken up to bed.