Given and Denied

Chapter 4

Everything seemed in a blur, though the twisting sensation in his stomach made a groan echo throughout his mind as a wave of pleasure rushed through his body; making his body hunger for more. A soft caress ran down his spin, though it felt distant as if it was simply a memory but the harsh and ragged breath in his ear, and the feeling of another body pressed up against his made him think otherwise.

He tried to reach forward but his body felt too heavy and limp as a pair of lips nipped at the skin of his neck making him growl deeply within the back of his throat.

"…Need you," A voice purred though the sound was muffled by another deep moan not too far away. An arm snaked around his shoulder; the skin was flawless and beautifully tanned though a hint of clawed marks lay raw on the silk like skin. He felt nails digging into his back whist a pair of supplied breasts laid bare in front of him; appealing to his needs.

Another arm wrapped itself around his waist; though this one was different, the skin was white like snow, laid against thicker and toner muscles. A large amount of pressure was applied against his back as he was pulled in by a broad and smooth chest, his eyes snapped shut as this pure sense of feeling etched into his senses, he was enticed with pain and something alike ecstasy.

His lungs felt heavy as he fought for air as sweat dripped along his skin, though his vision went blank leaving him feeling senseless as everything washed away into nothingness, just a distant memory of the feeling of being taken and taking lingered deep within his mind. The taste on his tongue no longer the sweet taste of another's mouth; the excruciating and pleasant build-up of pleasure was nothing but a dull thump within a heartbeat, the rest of his body felt numb except from the pressure against his hand which felt as if someone held it in their own.

A few moments passed until the darkness turned to light as his eyes fluttered open, the view of his bed chamber greeted him in a hue of sleepiness. Tony groaned as he swung his legs out of his bed, the cool morning air hitting the skin of his bare legs making him hiss from the feeling. He thought to stand up but the burning and throbbing pain in his head made him reconsider that thought.

"I do not suggest that you do that, you may never get up," A snigger came from the empty doorway over in the far right of the plainly decorated room.

Tony's eyes averted to look over to where the voice had formally come from, trying to match the voice up with a face though he was never good at remembering faces or recognising people in general.

"And why might that be and also why would I listen to a faceless voice?" Tony asked with a playful tone in his voice and a smirk on his lips as he stood up from his bed and walked up to the wall opposite the door frame, ignoring the pain in his head and the fact that he wasn't wearing anything.

"Because it is known that the so called Blacksmith in which inhabits this place is quite lethargic definitely in their mannerisms…And on the contrary, do not doubt that faceless voices are not wise as a face is what can be deceived," The voice replied in a manner in which suggested that it knew it all. Tony shook his head half-heartedly as he thought of what to say next.

"A voice can be seductive, venomous, knowledgeable," The voice retorted again as a figure stepped out of the shadow of the arc of the doorway and into view though not enough to show their face.

The person had a womanly figure, long tanned legs and a sculptured curved waist, hair reached down past two perfectly rounded breasts which were covered in a fitted knee length lilac dress.

"Like what you see?"

"God, I was just beginning to wonder if this day would get any better," Tony mumbled sarcastically though now also mentally smacking himself for forgetting his pants.

Well for the fact that I had such a big impact on your day which has not exactly started of yet; I must introduce myself, it is very rude of me that I have not done sooner. The name is Amahel, second name not important and that being said let's just cut to the chase, which brings me to why I am here. I simply need you to craft me a silver dagger made from this special silver ore I have with me today," She said in an emotionless tone, she strutted towards Tony so she now faced him as she reached out a hand and lightly pressed it against Tony's bare chest.

"Umm…sure," Tony replied minimally as he was lost for words with the woman whom stood before him and the slight touch which sent a weird yet pleasant feeling conspire within him. A small smirk formed on her lips as she pressed closer to him and with her other arm she pulled out a small block of metal from her dress, and put it into his slight trembling hand. With a short kiss Amahel pulled away with that same smirk on her lips before turning away from the abnormally stilled and silenced Tony.

"Thank you," She whispered as she walked out of the room.

By the time the sun had fully risen within the dawn sky Loki was already sick with his mother's babbling about what he should wear for a Ball that was coming up and also the clothes themselves which she happened to shove in his face every ten seconds, she was also determined to make him wear something that was not either black, green or gold, not that Loki was really paying any attention; if he had his way he would just miss out, he knew what the Balls consisted of and he also knew that no matter how much effort he put into his appearance or into how hard he tried to interactive with others he would always end up getting pushed away and being ignored. There was only one occasion in which he had actually enjoyed the event and that was the time when he and Thor had made a bet seeing who was better at courting therefore the challenge was on and Loki never took a challenge lightly definitely when Thor was his competitor.

At least by the afternoon Frigga had got the picture and left Loki to his own devices, Loki gave Frigga a curt kiss on the cheek before she left and then went back over to his bed and sat down on top of the covers, he sighed heavily as he closed his eyes.

He felt so sick and tired though he pushed it away and thought of the deep feeling of danger that dwelled within his mind, he was not stupid he knew that there was something going on definitely with the new announcement of him being engaged in an obvious one-sided agreement of betrothal, one he felt uneasy and slightly unready for and yet no matter the purpose he knew that he would not be able to deny or get out of the agreement unless he was to go as far as to completely rebel against half of Asgard; though it was in Loki's nature to rebel and to do whatever he wanted to do but just the mere thought of doing such a thing made him cringe and formally doubt himself and all of his further intentions.

Loki felt heavy as if a huge weight had been pressed against his chest as he laid back on the bed, he felt overloaded with so many different emotions yet totally indifferent to how it felt. He knew it was all over as a single tear fell from his eyes; which stared up at the decorated ceiling which long before became dull and boring.

"Loki, thou alright,"

That single voice stirred up a deep and dark anger within Loki, how dare he storm in here and ask such a question; how dare he see him like this. All Loki could see was red, his vision blurred as he rushed up from where he laid, in a whirl of green a dagger formed in his hand and before Thor could even blink the dagger was thrown towards him. Thor closed his eyes waiting for it to reach him, willing to accept the pain it would bring just for Loki's sake but it never came. He opened his eyes to see Loki standing in front of him with his head lent down towards the floor so he was not able to see his face and in his hand inches away from Thor's face was said dagger.

"Get…out," Loki snarled sharply, his voice dripped with venom daring Thor to retaliate and to comment back but thankfully Thor had some common sense and actually did what he was told, Thor knew better than to test Loki when he was in this kind of state as he was very unpredictable; Thor had on previous occasions made that mistake and had than learnt that it was not just him that got hurt instead a huge mass of innocent people tended to become the target of Loki's unpredictable actions.

Loki raised his head slightly so he could see Thor as he exited the room, soon after there was a deafening silence which plagued the air making Loki feel in need to make as much noise as he possibly could. The sound of metal clashing against the ground shattered the almost endless silence though it did not seem enough, nothing was ever enough.

Loki felt like screaming, crying, throwing up and tearing his own skin off but it all was pointless. Loki ran the palm of his hand down the skin of his arm, feeling all the sharp yet smooth edges of the faded lines that permanently tainted his skin. Loki could not help but let a small but growl out in indirect annoyance as he stormed over to his door and ripped it open, needing to do something crazy.

Loki made his way out of the palace and into the courtyard which was full with just under a hundred villagers. People glanced at him suspiciously as he climbed up on the tall fountain which long ago stopped working.

"Look at me!" Loki shouted, his voice strong and confident as he stood tall above everyone else though it was all a put on, it was actually a breaking point; an impulse by a small voice in the back of his mind. Every face in the crowd turned to look at Loki, something alike fear, curiosity or simply indifference lingered within their eyes as they waited for the next move Loki would make.

"Am I a monster; what if I cut all of your throats? It would matter not, just proving that I am…ripping insides out...that should do it; just meaningless though, not one of you could ever feel pain to the extent of my own. All of you are pathetic little rats scavenging for something so meaningless such as happiness or simply the meaning of your great existence but oh…It matters not, you will all meet the same dark and hopefully excruciating end in the hands of a child of my own that was ripped away from me; that is the true sign that there can never be happiness not for you, not for me; I will rip everything that means anything to each and every one of you if that is what I have to do," Loki rambled on manically as he jumped down from the fountain after he spoke his final sentence.

Loki went up to the nearest person in the crowd though the person unbeknown to him, Loki grabbed them from the back of the neck and pulled their head forward almost slamming a dagger into the person's eye. A menacing smirk etched onto his lips when he saw the horror and fear in their eyes as he scrapped the pointed edge of the dagger over the top of the eyeball.

"I will take it all away; what about your eyes, should I take them away? What is the point of sight when you do not use it properly, when you do not see what you do not want to see?" Loki asked rhetorically. Loki moved the dagger to the corner of the seemingly dark eyes; he heard a pained moan as he twisted it lightly and pushed the blade harder against the pink flesh of the eye.

"Loki!" A distant voice called out as to get his attention but the voice seemed to fade as dizziness consorted his vision; everything turned to black with only the sound of his own heartbeat. All the memories of the last hour got washed away from his mind as his body hit the floor.

Tony felt everything drain away from him as he heard the heavy and lingering loud smack of something hitting the floor; he had faced away from the man, fearing what would happen if he continued watching as if looking away would make the scene go away; like it wasn't happening and he wasn't breaking down.

He hadn't meant to witness the scene that stood before him but it seemed like fate had pulled him towards the place that he now stood. It terrified him, every manic movement he made and the deep snarl in his voice as he said each word with over exaggerated malice, he never considered how truly unpredictable Loki could be; in a moment like this it would seem that he would go to any length, even to turn on someone he likes but what does Tony know of what consists in his heart.

He felt as if it was all different now, in what way should he treat him; knowing how his whole attitude could change so drastically, him being afraid of Loki breaking down, would he hurt him? He had not flinched when pointing a dagger into an innocent person's eye so why would it be different for him? Tony was not one to enjoy pain; he had a large memory of it in his past but it was a fear of his to be ripped apart, to be betrayed by a person he trusted.

"Everyone goes mad at some point," A voice seemed to whisper in his ear though it was more engraved in his head, whispering in the back of his mind; spreading an undignified sense of relief through him, making him question himself as to why it happened to make it feel as if it solved everything; the insecurities he had about Loki, though a part of him deep down inside which seemed to be separate to the rest of him, a dark part of who he was; a part that almost seemed to be someone else. It made him feel pleasant and satisfied by the thought of the realm raving in madness but Tony took no notice to those feelings and the empty thoughts, though it did not stop it from being there; the small ominous darkness that was embedded in his mind and soul which only recently transpired within him.

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