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Merry Christmas (happy holidays) to all my readers new and old. This is a very short multi chapter almost drablish (though the chapters are all between 600 and 1200 words) that I will be posting between now and Christmas. I hope you all enjoy.

I've always loved Christmas. The feel of the season and the crispness of the air… the beautiful decorations, the big-ass tree that takes up half my parents' living room and, of course, the closeness of family all around me. Even if at some points, I'd wish I could lock my big sister, Alice, out of the house, I still love having her close for the holidays.

In the tiny town I grew up in we never had a white Christmas that I could remember—at least not naturally. My crazy lovable Mom decided that every little girl should have at least one white Christmas. So, one year after Alice and I went to bed Christmas Eve, she filled the front yard with white batting fabric and tossed cotton balls on top of it to add depth and reality. While even at seven and I knew that it wasn't real snow, it brought tears of joy to my eyes and I insisted we had hot chocolate sitting outside 'in the snow'.

My Dad—oh, my sweet, lovable Daddy—when I was nine, one of the older boys at school told me there was no Santa and I rushed home crying. After calling that boy a foul name, and putting him on his personal naughty list, my Dad got one of his bowling league buddies to get caught putting presents under the tree dressed as Santa. I found out years later that it was Waylon, the lovable slightly inebriated guy who loved to play Santa at the VFW Christmas parties. My Dad luckily woke before me that morning and got Waylon off from where he had fallen asleep (passed out drunk) on our front porch. Those little mini bottles of vodka and scotch will get ya every time.

So, Christmas is a big deal to me, to the Swan family as a whole. Not that it's a large family just myself, my parents and my slightly older sister Alice. Slightly older at least is what she is claiming, now that she'd hit the big 3-0 and I just turned twenty five in September. Of course, how can I forget Grandpa Hank—my Dad's Dad. The man who has been kicked out of two separate retirement communities for lewd behavior, we chose not to talk about the time he got arrested for streaking the old folks' chess tournament at Shady Pines. Or when a ninety year old man on a walker at the home went after him for sleeping with the man's eighty year old girlfriend, those younger women are fought over at the old folks' home.

This Christmas we are being joined by Alice's latest 'love of her life', Jasper. Before him, it was Liam, the Irish guy who thought whiskey in your coffee was normal, then James, the would-be serial killer and what's his face… oh yeah, Connor the barely legal guy from when she went through her cougar phase. Alice's 'cougar phase' didn't last long, she likes a man who knows what he wants in life and Connor wanted to play video games. This time though, Alice swears that Jasper is the one, the one who has kept her waiting forever. The one who is going to fertilize her womb and give my parents lots of beautiful grandbabies to spoil. Sadly, the 'fertilizing her womb' is a direct quote. Alice makes Mom look sane half the time. Don't get me wrong, she has a wonderful heart, she does all she can to be a good person, but she is umm… how to put this nicely? Quirky? No, that doesn't quite explain her. Hmm… Hyper? No that's not quite it, either. Unique? Yep. That's the nicest and easiest way to describe Alice. Unique.

Though this year we will be down one important family member—my sweet, loving, live-in boyfriend Edward. That makes Bella, and Bella's hooha one big ole' sad Panda.

Reviews would be a lovely Christmas gift ;0)

To The Extreme's next chapter is in the works, my son has been sick so I haven't been writing much. This was pre-written awhile back so thats why it was ready to go.