Christmas 1987

"Christmas is the day that holds all time together" - Alexander Smith

It was the morning of December 24, 1987 and Bobby Singer was in the back of his salvage yard doing a repair on a car. Bobby normally didn't work during Christmas, but the car belonged to a college girl on her way home for the holidays and it was a quick fix, so he'd taken the car on and told the girl it would be ready by noon. She had thanked him and he had lent her one of his old rusty cars to go into town and pass the time while he worked.

He was in the middle of repairing the vehicle when he heard the back door slam shut and the freshly fallen snow crunch. He looked up from his work in his shed to see Sam and Dean race by.

John had dropped them off three days ago. Didn't want them be alone for Christmas and without a Christmas tree while he and Pastor Jim hunted, and Bobby's house had been on his way there.

Bobby hadn't been happy with him. The boys were his sons, and he should be celebrating with them. It was bad enough they'd lost their mother four years ago, bad enough John dragged them across the country in his determination to hunt and find the thing that killed his wife. Leaving them at Christmas with him was wrong.

Not that he minded the boys. They were usually well behaved and Bobby had become fond of them since he'd met John, but he knew they'd rather be with their father. It was a shame his friend couldn't understand that.

Bobby took a momentary break from repairing the car to watch Dean and Sam as they played in the snow, diving and rolling.

Sam then rolled a snowball and threw it at the back of Dean's head. On contact it exploded, leaving Dean's hat powdered with snow.

Sam snickered and covered his mouth with his hands.

"Oh you think that's funny?" Dean inquired. "What about this?"

Sam flopped to the ground and covered his face as Dean threw a string of snowballs, complete and incomplete, at him.

"Okay, okay!" Sam shouted, his voice muffled by his thick winter jacket's sleeves, "I surrender!"

Dean grinned and stopped, but as soon as he did Sam was on his feet throwing snowballs at him.

"Oh now you're asking for it!" Dean yelled.

He charged and knocked Sam off his feet before grabbing a handful of snow and covering Sam's face with it.

Sam began laughing so hard that he had to hold his stomach and Dean began laughing as well.

Bobby felt the side of his mouth curve up at the sight.

Sam and Dean were still trying to catch their breath when a snowball hit Dean in the shoulder.

Surprised, both Dean and Sam glanced around looking for the person who'd thrown it, and when they saw who it was, they ran over to him.

"Daddy!" Sam exclaimed gleefully, running into John's arms.

"I thought you weren't going to come back for a few more days," Dean said, surprised.

John shook his head. "Change of plans. Pastor Jim doesn't need my help, and I realized I need to be here."

He looked at Bobby and nodded.

Bobby nodded back and couldn't help but smile as an excited Sam began rattling off to John about the Christmas tree in the Library.

John Winchester had turned the Impala around and had come back to his sons.

If nothing else, the boys would always have this one perfect Christmas with their father.

A/N: Happy Holidays Everyone. :)