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- New Author's Briefing-
Alright...I'm going to be using a lot of already used ideas...and I bookmark almost all the Eva stories I read. I'm a hopeless romantic, so this will have romance, in fact that is why I named it the way I have. If you recognize the ideas I borrowed, and are mad at me, I apologize...I am borrowing their ideas and putting all the good ideas I have come across into one interesting fic if possible. I also want to cover more of the interaction and thoughts of others, and more of each of the different situations impact on others. A lot of time the authors had good ideas, but didn't follow through on them, I intend to do my best to make their ideas shine their brightest. Also even though this is a romance, I'm going to leave it conflicting, this is no particular romance with anyone. I want to touch on the relationships of all the characters that I choose. Sometimes a person's heart cannot choose, and that will be part of this fic. This will be a Shinji/Asuka S/Misato S/Rei as well as perhaps a Misato/Kaji and possibly a brief Asuka/Kaji, I will touch on Hikari and Touji. The more I have watched Eva, the more I have realized that Hikari is actually an adorable and kind of hot characters. Her appearance is more kawaii than the other characters that brief the more major cast. Also as part of my personality, I will try to stay as in character as possible, while changing them through growth, because all characters grow as a person...and it doesn't qualify as OOCness in my book, if you do it through character growth. I'm going to stretch this for as long as possible, and try to update as much as possible. I will probably have more than 6 chapters done when I post only one, two or three, depending the time I have to write. If I keep that many unposted, when I don't have time to write, I post what I have. When I have time I write tons of chapters, I write them, therefore always keeping the update time constant. I will try my best to update twice a week.

-New Authors Briefing-
This is the second revision of 1, the first was lost. Hopefully any changes made weren't entirely relevant or not. Also I'm not using other's ideas anymore..Anywho...I wrote this to have a feel to it. It originally was supposed to have a feel of emotion to it, so I revised it to have a feeling, to be descriptive enough for you to SEE it. Jimbader it the expert of explaining peoples thoughts, and James Joyce (famous Irish author) the feel, I can only hope to mix and have a 20th the feel, which is till more than most authors.
-End Briefing-

Disclaimer: I don't own Eva or it's characters, I'm a Rei Otaku, and I wish to steal her.

I'm going to place this right after the Shinji comes back from being absorbed Eva 01, events may vary and the story line WILL change, I'm just running from this point on. Got it? Got it.

Complicated Feelings
Chapter 1- Mirrored Red Spheres

Misato followed Shinji's stretcher as far as she could before it went into the emergency room. She had to know what happened to him, how he was, but that would have to wait. She sat down outside the room. As far as Gendo was concerned, as long as she was at NERV she was at work, therefore she would not be absent from work as long as Shinji is in NERV's infirmary. She rested her head in her hands. She was still crying. Her tears wear a mix of joy and concern though. She knew Shinji had to be okay, it could be no other way. This past month of waiting for his extraction had been hell. Ritsuko's lack of caring for the boy had caused her to take out her anger on her, before she mentioned that he could be extracted. Ritsuko was hard to read sometimes. She always seemed to be caring one moment, after she was so cold to you the moment before.

Misato ran her hands through her hair and let out a long sigh. She looked up to see Rei coming to sit across from her. Rei was expressionless as she waited.

Did she even care? Misato thought.

She probably was trying to check on Shinji for Gendo, so he wouldn't have to do it himself. Coming to check on Shinji, his flesh and blood, wasn't worth it.

What a bastard! Misato shouted in her head.

Rei sat down calmly, moving as ethereal as she normally does. She was concerned with Ikari-kun. She had this feeling she couldn't quite identify in his absence. Perhaps if she saw him, and maybe asked him she would understand.

No. I don't think Shinji would care, and the Commander wouldn't like to be bothered with such trivialities. Rei thought.

Maybe she could ask Misato. She would take time to answer her questions. Rei looked toward the door. Most of the doctors exited. She gazed at them expressionless. They squirmed under her gaze. They didn't know why she was looking at them that way. They didn't know she wanted! They tried not to look into her eyes as they continued walking down the hall.

Misato turned her gaze at Ritsuko when she came out. Ritsuko gave her a reassuring nod. Misato's tears once again resumed, this time with joy. Ritsuko continued walking. Suddenly she stopped in mid-step and said, "You mustn't disturb him now, he needs his rest. I recommend you come and visit him tomorrow I don't think anyone should visit at the moment."

Rei calmly got up, and walked towards the nearest exit out of NERV. Misato sat there thinking for a moment, before getting up and returning to finish reading up on Project E. She didn't really want to though. She had a lot on her mind, mainly Shinji. All she would see attempting to read the papers would be Shinji's sad, so very sad, smile. The paper would be a blur as she teared up remembering all the moments she spent with him.

Shinji was the boy who affected all around him. Even though he didn't realize it. Shinji had moved her a lot. He gave her something to care about. His kind heart and gentle smile had always struck a cord in her heart. She wanted to show him what love he longed for. That wouldn't be acceptable though. These Children, they aren't children anymore though. Shinji's heart has had more than enough damage to it. Maybe someone could give him the love he needs. She would just be there to help their love blossom.

Sub Commander Futsiyuki walked into Gendo's office with that firm stride that he always has. He informed Gendo that Shinji Ikari was in a stable state. Gendo gave a sound of acknowledgement. Gendo's back was to the sub-commander. He was looking out the glass window onto the Geo-Front.
"Anything else you have to report?"
"The second's Sync Ratio has dropped since the last angel."
"Understood. You may go."

What sounds like an option, is a said with a commanding tone from Gendo. It was a command, he wasn't asking. Futsiyuki then took his leave from Gendo's office. He wondered whether Gendo cared about his son or not. Even if he did. He would never show it. He was so cold after Yui got absorbed into Unit 01. Unit 01 seems to be an enemy to his family. It absorbed his wife, and even tried to absorb his son. Yet it was essential for his scenario. What sick game the deities had played on him indeed.

Asuka sat upside down on the couch. She gazed at the TV from this angle. She wasn't truly watching though. She was absorbed in her own thoughts. Had she actually missed the baka? She missed his cooking. She missed his meager "sorry" every time she yelled at him. He was a good way to release frustrations. But she felt it was more than that, more than what she would admit. She hated Shinji. The invincible Shinji, who laughs at death; it never, seems to be able to take him. He has even come back from even more incomprehensible odds. Shinji was better than she was and she knew it. She must become better than Shinji though. She would never forgive herself if she kept losing. Eva was her entire life. She wore her sync clips like a proud trophy. She spent her life dedicated to Eva, only to be outdone by someone who has barely known it for a few months. It wasn't right. She couldn't fail. She had to win. She tried to hate Shinji, but she only took her anger out on him, her feelings for him were actually on an opposite side of the spectrum than hate.

Asuka looked up as she saw Pen-Pen walking to his fridge to cool off. She heard the opening and closing star-trek hum that it made. She would go to her room before Misato returned.

Ritsuko hoped that Misato was happy. She couldn't take much more slapping from an angered Misato. Though, deep down inside, despite how Ritsuko acted, she cared about Shinji. It was his wounded soul that got to her. She saw it in his deep brown eyes. You could see the subtle turmoil in eyes like the powerful currents below the surface of the ocean. Others deserved to parish before his kind soul did. The more Shinji lived though, the more his soul died. He was dying from the inside out. He didn't care about himself; he cared about others. Shinji would protect even protect Ritsuko, even though she confirmed actions that would kill him before. Shinji was strong whether he realized it or not.

Ritsuko was sitting at her desk sipping on the great coffee that Maya always made her. Maya went out of her way to impress her, and make her happy. She did more for her than Gendo ever did. Ritsuko swore that she would have his heart though. All she needed to do is get him to open up to her.

Maya walked out of her sempai's office. She seemed to be troubled by something. She was wondering what was bothering her sempai. If she could help it, she would cure all that ails her sempai's heart. But she could never being herself to move on the superior Akagi Ritsuko.

-Author's POV-
I must now decide what idea to implement. I know where I want to go through the series and interlace the ideas I've come across, but now is the moment of truth. What will I choose next? I feel bad for what I am thinking. A story that used this idea was just posted. I'm going to be hated for this. I smile to myself. "Concern noted. Proceed with scenario."
Enter Rei.
-End POV-
-Next Day-

Rei woke from another dreamless dream. Dreaming was unnecessary, the commander told her. Though she did have a few dreams, dreams that bothered her for some reason. They were of Ikari Shinji-kun. They told stories of Shinji dying and leaving her forever.

Leaving me forever? Why am I worried about him leaving me forever? He just is another lilum. I must go see him like I originally planned. I must understand these feelings I have. I can't allow them to hinder me. I must do something about them. Commander said that emotions are weak, that is why he abandoned them along time ago.

Rei slipped on her panties and bra, and put on her school uniform. She wasn't going to school though. It was all she had to wear. There was no purpose in buying clothing that served no particular purpose. She then walked out of her door, which had no lock, and proceeded to the nearest NERV entrance to go see Shinji.

She arrived there an hour later. She came in, and walked into Shinji's room. He was lying there, sleeping peacefully. She awaited his awakening. She wanted to be the first thing he sees, like usual. It had become a ritual for her, a tradition. She looked down at his face. He seemed a little less sad than usual. With Shinji, there wasn't happy, there was less sad. He wondered why he had this smile on his face of slight contentment. She then released she was smiling at his raise in mood. This puzzled her. Shinji happy made her happy. Maybe she should make Shinji happy more often.

Shinji was in a deep dreamless sleep. He had been at a higher mental state when he was in the Eva, time seemed slower in there, and a moment was a day. Everything was so vivid yet vague. He retained the feeling of comfort he had received there. It felt so warm and welcoming, yet protecting. He felt the smile of someone looking down on him lovingly. He noticed he was smiling. He felt his lips curled up. He then felt something touch his arm briefly. A soft female hand. It seemed to pulse with caring. He then opened his eyes to be welcomed by the lights on the ceiling, but there was a shadow over him.

Rei gasped slightly at the sight of his eyes. She didn't remember them looking that way. They...reminded her of her own. He looked at her, a reaction to the gasp he heard. Rei looked at him mostly expressionlessly, but Shinji could pick up that something wasn't right in her eyes. Rei felt that Shinji was looking into her very soul, at least, she thought she had a soul.

"You're awake, Ikari-kun."
"Ayanami, what are you doing here?"
"I came to see your current state, and perhaps ask you questions."
"I see. Why are you looking at me like that."
"Like what?"
"Like something scares or startles you. Why?"
"I don't know what you are referring to, but your eyes...are of a different color."
"They are? What color, may I ask?"

Shinji took a moment to absorb this. Red, like Ayanami's? He thought her eyes were beautiful and unique. Fate gave him a wonderful gift.

"I will inform Doctor Akagi of your state, Ikari-kun."
"Please, come back when after you do, Rei."
Rei almost lost her footing on a step, as she released she called him by his first name.

"As you ask of me, Shinji."
"Thanks, Rei."

Rei blushed out of Shinji's sight. He called her by her first name. It was...nice. I have to ask him to call me Rei.

I think I like it. Rei reflected.

Rei went to Doctor Akagi's office. Maya walked out of her office, before she went in. She always saw Maya coming out of Doctor Akagi's office. It was normal to her.

"Doctor Akagi. Shinji has awoken. There is also something...different ...about his physical features."
"There is? I will be there momentarily, Rei."

Rei didn't like it when other's called her Rei. She only liked it when Shinji did. Shinji...was different than others to her. She turned and walked back to Shinji's room. Akagi soon followed.

Doctor Akagi walked in with her clipboard, to make notes of Shinji's condition. When she walked through the door, her heart almost exploded from surprise. She did not expect this. Shinji's eyes They mirrored Rei's eyes. She would have to investigate why immediately, but she had to make sure who would know of this. She had to keep it contained, to prevent situations by Seele and people who would fear this.

"Rei, have you told anyone else of Shinji's Condition?"
"Shinji, do you know what is different about you?"
"Shinji you aren't to tell anyone of this, understood?"
"I will give you contacts, until then you must not see anyone else, and must stay to this room. No one will be allowed in. This door will require security clearance. I will do tests on you now. Rei, could you go retrieve some contacts that match Shinji's old eye color?"
Rei then left the room. She knew that it would be easy for her to get contacts as a pilot in NERV. She would go to the 24 Hour Everything Store. They should have what she required.
-Author's Notes-
The idea of Shinji's red eyes was borrowed from a fic, I recently read on It is from
The Beginning of Something New by demonwalker. I thought would make my fic interesting.
I also started developing Rei's feelings for Shinji in this chapter, but low and behold, it will take a long time before it actual develops to something. I might wait for the idea I think I got from "Blue Love" before it progresses to a seeming relationship. But remember no one is able to choose anyone over anyone else too much. It shows the complications of feelings.
-Next Chapter-
I will go into the what Shinji's condition causes and why he is that way. I will also start to touch on Misato's feelings. And sorry if my events get mixed up, My DVD's don't work past a certain episode. So I might get some things wrong by chapter 3. This fic will focus on relationships and feelings. Remember that.
Until next chapter...Ja ne!