It has been a while since I made a new story, but after Resident Evil 6, I couldn't get this idea out of my head! Anyway, hope you all enjoy!

Summary: After a harsh breakup with her boyfriend, Claire enters into a slight depression. As her overly-protective brother, Chris has an idea that might change her attitude.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Okay the story will contain majority of the events of Resident Evil 6, but there has been some alterations too from the earlier games since I want to include Wesker and Steve! So they will be alive, like Piers.

AND ONE MORE NOTE: It is about Wesker. In this story, he was never evil and worked for Umbrella. This is one of the biggest alterations from RE's storyline. I just wanted him to be more involved in this story and personally, I believe that it would be more fun to add him. He is a good person, but to an extent. He still has his little dark side.

Pairings: Mainly wil consist of Piers and Claire, but there will be other couples. I will include Jake and Sherry once they enter the story! I might have some other pairings, but let's see.

The Solution

It was fine, relaxing day at the B.S.A.A.'s North American Branch. There was not that much bioterrorism occuring especially after the Lanshiang incident. Ever since Simmons was killed by Leon and Helena, the spread of bioterrorism started to decrease. Not to mention the fact that Carla Radames, Ada's clone was dead.

Ever since Chris had lost most of his men at Edonia like Finn, he wasn't Ada Wong's number one fan. But after the events of the whole bioterrorism this whole year, he was later informed of that being a clone of Ada. A clone who lost her true identity of who she only because she wanted to be what Simmons desired ever since he laid his eyes on Ada.

Chris almost laughed at the idea of Simmons being obsessed with Ada. Though he had to admit, she was attractive. She was probably a 'charmer' to men such as Leon. When he encountered Leon while chasing after her clone, the Alpha captain knew that the agent was head over heels for the lady in red.

He often wondered what made people establish relatioships or a love for one another. Though he never been in a relationship before, he couldn't understand how people would handle each other. There will be fights and then a sudden breakup. Then, once the man decides to call it his fault, the woman jumps him and smooches him like there is no tomorrow. Then, there wil be another fight and the cycle repeats.

The B.S.A.A. captain sighed.

Claire...why are you even dating? Can't you be like me? I mean, I am perfectly fine without anyone, he thought as he took a sip from his coffee. He glanced at the picture of him and his little sister where they were smiling brightly at the camera.

"You will die alone, Chris! I don't want that to happen to me! I mean, there are girls wondering why you are single!" his younger sister stated. She crossed her arms as she waited for him to answer.

"I don't have the time. You and the B.S.A.A. are my first priorities," he replied as he flipped through reports.

"Well, just think about it. Look at Steve and I! We are perfect for each other and have been dating for many years. Inseparable since Rockfort Island," the auburn said.

Steve. The burnside kid that Claire would always talk about. In honest truth, Chris wasn't really fond of the kid, who isn't a kid anymore. More a kid in his thirties. Still, he acted like a child. Sometimes when Claire would bring Steve along to visit the captain, Burnside would touch almost everything such as his Nine-Oh-Nine. Then Steve would go on talking about the events of what happen in Rockfort Island and Antarctica years ago and sometimes boast what he did to the zombies.

Claire would approve of what her boyfriend would say and add on the story, and also make some humorous side comments that would make the couple burst out laughing.

Chris, in the meantime, would sit there. Though he didn't really like Steve even if the kid helped his sister be safe. For that, he allowed him to date Claire, though the captain was very annoyed by him.

In the back of his head, there was a thought that slip in his mind.

What if Claire dated someone else...Like-

He snapped out of his thoughts when his door burst opened. There in front of him was a young woman, in her early thirties, with red puffy eyes that made her look like a zombie. It frightened Chris to see this since he never seen her like this before. He immediately rushed towards her and engulfed her. Her cries were muffled by his chest while she soaked the polo he was wearing.

The captain tried to soothe her as he ran his fingers down her hair while patting her back.

"C-Chris..." she murmured.

"Claire, what's wrong? What happened?" he questioned. As an overly-protective brother, especially since he was separated from his sister during the time she was in Raccoon City, all he ever wanted for his baby sister was to be safe, protected, and happy. This, however, was the opposite of what he wanted.

"He...H-He broke..."

"He? Claire, come on. You can tell me," he gently assured her as he stroked her back.

"Steve broke up with me!" Claire suddenly yelled as she gripped her brother harder.

"What!" Chris shouted as he looked at her. "That son of a bitch! Where is he? He is gonna get it."

He grabbed Claire's hand and dragged her until she commanded him to stop. The older Redfield turned to look at his sister with eyes that can scare people away. If looks could kill, then Chris definitely would fit that description at this moment.

"Don't, please!" she pleaded. "Please don't beat him up!"

"Why shouldn't I? The bastard made you cry!"


"Chris, what is going on?" a voice asked.

The two Redfields turned their attention to the door.

"You two are causing a ruckus. The entire floor is talking about you two," Wesker stated.

"Leave us alone, Wesker."


Chris slammed the door on his former S.T.A.R.S. captain and looked at his sister once again.

"Give me a good reason why I shouldn't kick his ass?" he questioned.

"Because Wesker is watching," his younger Redfield replied.

"Wait, what?" Chris then looked at the door and noticed that Wesker opened it.

"Don't you dare close the door on me, Chr-" the door shut again.

Then it flung open. "Chris, I said-"





Close. Open. Close.


"Chris, why did you close the door, opened it, and closed it again? I didn't touch the door," Wesker said.

"To emphasize to you to leave us the hell alone." Chris spat and shut the door again.

Once again, he looked at his sister. But the door opened.

"You should really know how to lock a-"

Close. Locked.

The doorknob moved.

Chris smirked. "Can't do anything now!"

The door opened.

"What the hell..."

"I have the keys, Chris."



"Do you do this to Jake?"

"When he closes the door on me."

"Can you leave us alone?"

"I just want to know why you two are causing such a distraction."

"This isn't your business! Can you go bother someone else?"

"You better turn in all your reports about Lanshiang then by tomorrow at seven in the morning," Wesker said as he closed the door.

When they were finally alone, the older Redfield sighed and rubbed his temples. Sometimes, he wondered why Wesker would pester him so many times. He spent many years working with him and everyday was a new bother.

To Chris's surprise, he wasn't expecting Wesker to continue to work with anything that involved some kind of bioterrorism ever since S.T.A.R.S. had dispersed after Spencer Mansion. The deaths of some S.T.A.R.S. members such as Kenneth J. Sullivan bothered some of them. The mansion had created such bad memories that caused S.T.A.R.S. to end and allowing the former members to do whatever that they wanted to do in life. But, there were some members that continued to fight against the threat that posed on humanity.

Like Chris, some of his former teammates such as Jill and Wesker continued on by joining the B.S.A.A.

"Chris?" a voice snapped him out of his thoughts.

"Claire, just...what happened between you and Steve? You two dated for years. Why now breakup?"

She looked away and more tears were rolling down her face. Biting her lower lip, she slowly glanced at the Alpha captain. Chris gave her a tiny smile and brought an arm around her shoulders to bring his sister closer to him. He just held her as she continued to cry more.

He didn't know what to do, but all he knew that his goal while on break from bioterrorism was to make his sister happy. But he wasn't sure how to since Steve was a big part of her life. He wasn't good at relationships either due to the fact that he has never been in one. He wondered to himself if Jill counted, but they never entered into a romantic relationship. Though there were rumors of them of being a couple to hogging the janitor's closet for a good hour or so to have some personal time, but Jill and him just laughed it out since it wasn't true. They did mananged to keep a great lasting friendship that was hard to find in a lifetime.

Wouldn't hurt to try to go on a date with Jill though...

"Claire, how about we go find Jill and you can spend time with her? You okay with that?" He gave a promising smile to his sister, who in return showed a tiny grin and nodded her head.

He pat the back of her back and muffled her hair like he would do to her when they were younger.

"I'm not a kid anymore, Chris."

"You still are to me," he laughed.

"So, she broke up with Steve?"

"She told me that Steve broke up with her."

"Son of a bitch."

"Agreed. I spent all these years dealing with his annoying shit and this is how I get repaid?"

"Chris, he can't help but be himself. Claire was friends with him ever since he first met her. They are good friends."

"Jill...but he broke up with her."

"Yeah, I know..." she continued to hold her gaze at the younger Redfield as she was getting a sandwich from the cafeteria. The brunette shook her head as she saw that Claire still had tears in her eyes.

"How long has she been like that?" Jill pointed out.

"Since she came to my office. I really want to beat the living crap out of that Burnside kid."

"For a girl who went through hell and horror, it is surprising that she is vulnerable."

"Burnside has been part of that experience she been through. He's has been with her since 1998."

The two B.S.A.A. members watched Claire making her way towards the table that they were sitting at. Once the auburn sat next to her older brother and on the opposite side of Jill, the air became thick. There was no conversation other than that the sandwich special for Monday was good or that it needed more sauce. Then, it would return to some awkward stare contest between them three. A munch from here to there happened, but it couldn't replace the silence.

Jill tried to stir up a conversation, but she choked on her piece of bread. After managing to shallow the big chunk she was eating, the awkward stare contest will commence once again.

She made eye contact with Chris and both of them tried to mouth words to each other, but it resulted badly. As Chris was trying to mouth words to his former partner, part of the food he was chewing fell out of his mouth and landed on the tray that he was eating on.

The older woman wanted to pull her hair out. She wondered what made them so awkward while at the table.

At that moment, Chris and Jill blamed Steve for this.

Then, something caught her eye as she saw a familiar person waiting in the lunch line: a young man in his B.S.A.A. uniform with short, brown hair that pointed at the tip of his forehead, wearing his signature scarf that he would still be wrapped around his neck even in combat.

When he got his food, Jill yelled, "Piers! Over here! Come on join us!"

The young ace paused in his tracks and awkwardly scratched the back of his head. He took small footsteps towards their table, but he was suddenly rushed as Jill appeared near him and pushed him towards the table.

He sat next to the SOA operative and gave her and Chris a questioning look. "Why are you two staring at me?"

"What is wrong staring at you, Piers?" Jill wondered.

"It is awkward."

"Don't say it is awkward, Piers. That's an order," Chris stated.


"Piers, how are you?" Jill asked him with a smile.

"I'm fine?"

"You sound like you aren't fine," she observed.

"Join the club," Claire interrupted.

Then the whole table became silent. Well, especially Chris and Jill since they haven't heard Claire speak throughout their whole stare contest, chokes, and food falling out of their mouths. Everyone was staring at her, but she remained to poke at her food.

"I'm sorry that I made it awkward for you, Ms. Redfield," Piers apologized.

She looked up and gave him a small smile. "It's nothing, Piers. It is not your fault. I am just having a bad day."

"You are?"


"Well, I hope it gets better. Hope that Captain won't ruin it though," Piers teased.

Claire smile grew a bit bigger, but it was barely noticed by the younger man. But, the older operatives were able to take notice of it. The two former S.T.A.R.S. members made eye contact with each other. Jill then saw Chris making a movement with his pinkie. She raised her eyebrows in response to what he is trying to tell her. His eyes quickly glanced at Piers and then returned to Jill. Once again, she saw him move his pinkie.

Then out of nowhere, everyone saw that the sniper made a sound as he jumped.

Chris kicked Piers, but Jill wasn't sure why.

The young ace tried to kick his captain in return, but he hit the wrong person.

It was suddenly quiet as Claire let out a gasp and got away from the table. She looked at the three B.S.A.A. members, who eyed each other. Instantly, Jill and Piers pointed at Chris, who shook his head.

"How can I even kick her knee from here? I sit next to her!"

For the first time of the day, she let out a light giggle. Claire grabbed for her tray and threw the remains from her food into the trashbin.

Grabbing her purse, she kissed her brother's cheek and gave him a quick hug.

"I will see you three later. I'm sorry for causing such as damper on things today. But, thank you for trying to make my day," she said as she made her way towards Jill and giving her the same embrace as her brother.

Once she looked at Piers, she extended her hand which he followed suit. The two shook hands and gave a nod to each other.

When she left, Jill took the chance to speak to Chris about the kicking incident. "Why did you kick Piers?"

The younger man nodded. "Agreed."

"Jill! Jill," Chris jumped.

The woman merely gave him a confused expression. "Yes?"

"I-I," he glanced at his ace, "Piers you have to leave."

"Sir, I'm not done with my sandwich."

"Finish it somewhere else."


"Join Wesker's table."

"What? Hell no!"

"That's an order."

"That's an abuse of power, Captain!"

"Wesker!" Chris called to the blonde wearing sunglasses though they were indoors, "Piers needs to tell you something!"

"Captain! What are you doing?" Piers snarled.

"Piers, accept your fate-"

"Fate? This is caused by you!"

"Chris, what does your ace want to talk about?" Wesker questioned.

Piers turned a shade lighter.

"He just wants your company for today. He feels lonely-"

"Captain Redfield is perfectly fine as company," Piers intervened.

"He's lying. Bring him to your table," Chris demanded.

"Piers, come," Wesker commanded.

"Captain, I hate you," Piers grumbled.

"We can both discuss how much we hate Chris, Piers," Wesker said as he patted the sniper's shoulder.

Piers, on the other hand, felt as his shoulder would fall off.

Once the two left their table, Chris tapped Jill on the shoulder rapidly like a machine gun. And that's how it felt on Jill's shoulder. The Alpha captain was known to be strong that it was very possible for him to break a wall down. Since he was strong, even his pokes hurt like hell.

"What do you want?" Jill growled. "And why the hell did you do that to Piers? He didn't deserved that you know. You kicked him and then you send him to Wesker's table to talk about his feelings or some crap like that! He was just teasing you Chris-"

"I have an idea that will solve the problem!" Chris announced.

"An idea for a...problem?"

"Yeah, to help Claire feel better."

"Where are you getting at?"

"I want Piers to be the rebound for Claire."


"Whoa, whoa. Wait, what!"

"It will make-"

"What kind of idea is that! That is crap!"


"Isn't she eight years older than Piers?"

"Yeah I kno-"

"Are you trying to make you sister a cougar?"


"Then why?"

Chris grabbed for Jill's hand and held them in his. She tried to get out of his grip, but his hands crushed hers. She saw him look around and demanded that she should lower down her voice.

"Are you crazy?" she quietly asked. "He is your subordinate! And she is your own sister!"

"I know, but-"

"I find it weird that it is you who wants for this to happen. I mean, it would be understandable if Piers had a tiny crush on your sister or if Claire thought as him as adorable, which he is," Chris gave her blank stare, "but the fact that you want them together? I just can't wrap my mind around it. You are like the barrier between them two. But also, they don't really talk to each other. Piers even addresses Claire as 'Ms. Redfield'!"

"Look," Chris said, "ever since Claire dated Steve, though he is actually a good kid with so many annoying qualities, I had a slight wish that my sister would date someone else. Someone who would of been better suited for her. My first thought was Leon, but ever since I saw him try to protect Ada's clone, he is in love with that woman though I don't know why."

"She is attractive," Jill noted.

The B.S.A.A. captain just gave her a blank expression.


"Anyway, since Leon is out of equation, I had to think about someone else."

"Wait, you have been planning this since Claire dated Steve?"

"No, it was just a thought. I mean, today I wasn't expecting Claire to come to my room and say that Steve broke up with her. But I did had the thought of her dating someone else than Steve while they were together. When I saw Piers interacting with my sister and making her smile, I couldn't help my smile myself though I couldn't believe he teased me."

"Ahh, the loving friendship you two have..."

"When you and I made eye contact with each other, I was trying to send you a message."

"Resulted badly."

"And that's why I want Piers to be the rebound."

Jill was released from Chris's grasp after he finished his plan. Jill Valentine wasn't so sure about the plan since the sniper and Chris's sister weren't well acquainted with each other. They just knew each other. But she was bewildered about Chris making up the plan. But, she knew in his heart that he desired for his sister to be happy. His happiness was his sister's.

"Why Piers though?" she asked.

"Man saved my life. Almost sacrificed his own life for me. He almost fully severed his own arm off when trying to save me from Haos. Piers was about to inject himself with the C-Virus, but Haos threw me at him before he could have done it. I'm still surprised that we made it out."

"His arm was probably the worst injury any B.S.A.A. operative took. Had to reconnect the nerves and blood vessels. He looked like crap when he returned with you."

"And Piers still was able to keep his arm. There was a huge possibility of him getting a mechanical arm, but kid's tough."

"Reminds me of you," Jill smiled.

"Piers has my blessing of dating my sister. He is man who would sacrifice anything for someone else."

"But he doesn't even like her. I don't think he would even listen."

Chris smirked. "It's an order though, Jill."

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