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You Owe Me Big Time

Piers gulped.

He couldn't believe that he just accepted the request from his captain. On that morning while at Wesker's house, Piers immediately had his mind-set to decline it. But somehow, everything just turned around. He was very sure that he was going to say no since Wesker was forcing him to do chores, but still Piers accepted it.

But he began to change his mind while heading towards the headquarters. He thought about his captain and how much he meant to him. Piers didn't have any siblings, but he would never tell his captain that he was like an older brother to him. And although that Piers had a father, he wasn't a part of his life as a true father should be. His father never was present at any award ceremonies that Piers had since he was a child. Not even during his college graduation.

When entering the B.S.A.A. and being placed into the Alpha team, Piers immediately admired his captain. He led them through some tough times, but also provided advice to them that lifted up their moods. Because of this, Piers saw Chris as a second father sometimes.

When Piers heard his captain say to him that he was like a little brother to him, the young ace thought that he was kidding. He thought that it was all a joke, but the Redfield was telling the truth. And that made Piers smile on the inside.

He held so much respect for his captain that when Chris asked him about his answer, Piers's mind went blank. That decline that he was prepared to say flew out of his brain and left him with no answer. In the end, the only answer that Piers could muster up was a 'yes' and that's what he did in the end.

He couldn't go back now. He accepted the proposal and made a promise. One that he didn't like, but it was out of the respect for his captain.


The elevator doors opened that revealed to the sniper the cafeteria level. Once he stepped out, he was immediately greeted with a pat on a back. When he turned his head to see who touched his back, he saw the man who was recently present in his thoughts.

"Just the man who I was looking for," he said with a smile.

"Captain," Piers nodded.

"You ready?"

"Can never be ready for this kind of situation."

"Come on," Chris gently patted his back again.

"Alright, but let me get my food first-"

"Jill and I already got it for you. Actually, Claire is holding your food for you so you are in good hands."

Piers felt his heart sink.

Chris was already initiating the plans and it seems that Jill was helping him with it. Piers wasn't ready for this at all.

He felt someone nudge him. "Piers? Piers?"

The man shook his head. "Y-Yeah?"

He smirked. "Come on."

What did I get myself into?

There she was. The thirty-four year old woman who he was supposed to woo. Or to be specific, to be her rebound. And here he was, a man eight years younger than her, making his way towards the table. He saw Jill chatting away with her causing Piers to hope that they could remain like that the entire time while he sat there.

But it stopped as Piers saw his other superior elbowing the younger Redfield causing her to look up and smile at him.

He noticed that she smiled at him and it almost made him feel better. She seems better than the last time I saw her. Maybe she doesn't need me-

"Piers! There you are. Claire has your food," Jill said.

When Piers was about to sit in front of Jill, he almost frowned as he saw Chris suddenly taking his seat. It took him a millisecond to realize that he was forced to sit in front of Claire.

How convenient.

As he awkwardly took his seat in front of Claire, he tried to avoid any sort of eye contact with her. When he looked down, he felt a finger jabbing his sides causing him to gasp.

He looked to his left to see Chris trying to act all innocent while Jill's expression showed her doubts and annoyance with this plan.

When Piers glance at Claire, he saw that she slid the food tray that contained broccoli soup with sourdough bread. He blinked at her and just simply nodded at her.

Then, he felt a foot stomping on his.

He gasp again.

"Are you alright, Piers?" Claire asked.

"Yeah," he said as he looked at her. "I'm fine."

"You sure? You keep making a noise."

"I'm just...nevermind," he mumbled while turning away from her.

A stomp again.

And Piers stomp back.

Chris groaned in pain.

Claire worriedly eyed her brother. "Is there a bug underneath here?"

"No, don't worry. It's nothing."

"Yeah, it's definitely nothing if it keeps hurting my brother and Piers."

Chris shook his head. "Don't worry. It will go away."

"Whatever you say," the redhead snorted.

Then, there the table was silent. It was like the first day Steve broke up with Claire. The only sound that was being made was the sound of their munching from the bread or their sipping from their soups. Sometimes, they would all look at each other, nod, or even give smiles. At some moments when Piers looked away, he saw Jill and Chris glaring at him, and motioning their eyes to Claire.

Claire in the meantime, seemed preoccupied with her thoughts that she hardly noticed what the three were doing with their eyes.

"Hey, Jill. Can you come with me to get some more food?" Chris asked.

This made Piers and Claire's heads pop up.

"Yeah, I actually enjoy the soups. Do you guys want more? We will get more if you want," Jill said.

"Can I come with you-"

"No, Piers. Keep Claire company," Chris commanded.

"Wait, Chris-"

"No, Claire. Keep Piers company." Jill firmly stated.

Piers and Claire glanced at each other and sighed.

"Chris, can't you see how there is no hope at all?"

"Just wait, Jill."

"Wait? You saw how both of them didn't want to stay in the same table with each other? They know that it will be awkward between the two of them. I could see it in their eyes!"


"Uh huh...Will try, Chris."

Never had both experienced such awkward silence. There was absolutely nothing going on between them at this moment. The silence was so bad that hearing crickets would brighten up the mood, but sadly, there were none.

Here they were, sitting in the table, looking around as they waited for Chris and Jill to return with their soups.

Good thing that Claire was a talkative person.

"So,'s life?"

The young man turned his attention to her and was surprised by the sudden start-up conversation. "Um, it's going well. The weather is nice today. What do you think?"

"Yeah, I think it's nice. So Piers, what is it like working with my brother?"

Piers scratched his head. "Hard. Sometimes he is such a hardheaded person that he listens to only himself." Eyeing Claire, he just noticed that he insulted his captain, but worse, Claire's brother.

Before he could say any apology, Claire gave him a smile. "Not surprising. That's what Jill says to me all the time."

This caused him to raise his eyebrows. "She does?"

"All the time. She even says it in front of Chris."

All Piers could do was nod. He didn't know what else to say. Just by staring at Claire and her looking back at him made him very nervous. Her bright blue eyes were looking at his and he gulped.

They didn't know what else to do as they remained to look at each other.

"Jill! Jill! They are staring at each other. This is good," Chris smirked.

"It looks like they have nothing else to do."

"But that's what people do when they like each other, right? They stare into each other's eyes?"

"And talk, Chris. And talk. You know, communicate?"

Her stare was starting to get to Piers. With her bright blue eyes only looking into his, he was began to feel nervous. He never felt this way before, but it was his first time actually staring at a woman for more than a minute. And she, Claire Redfield, had eyes that could intimidate anyone. He didn't know why he nor her didn't turn away from each other yet. They simply continued their eye contact, but they both knew how uncomfortable was this situation.

Though Piers signed up for the B.S.A.A. and faced some of the most horrifying things that any human being can witness, he was not cut out for this sort of thing: wooing women. Especially his captain's younger sister.

"Uh, I have to pee." Piers blushed as he got up rushing to the bathroom leaving Claire awkwardly sitting by herself. Well, she already felt awkward sitting with only Piers but now she was just alone.

Though the ace said that he had to pee, he didn't need to. He just had to collect his thoughts. Before he could reach the restroom, he was suddenly grabbed by the arm and forcefully turned around to look at whoever held him.

There stood his captain, looking pissed. "Why the hell did you leave?"

Piers's eyes looked at the bathroom. "To use this."

Chris frowned. "To do what?"

"Uh, pee? I am a human being."

"So you have to pee?"


"And did you tell that to Claire?"


"And you didn't actually have to use the restroom?"

"Yes, wait. No!"

"You didn't need to use the bathroom and you left my sister alone to go take a piss?!"


"At least make yourself look like a man!"


Piers stared at him. "Excuse me, Captain?"

"You practically rushed here to the restroom! And you should have said that you needed to take a shit! Men take a shit! Are you kidding?"

The young ace blinked. "Everyone uses the restroom, Captain. For anything they need to do. You pee and I pee. You take a dump and I take one. Everyone does."

"Is this what you teach your subordinates, Chris?" Wesker interrupted.

Both Alpha members' heads snapped at the voice and glared at the blonde, who was just smirking as he adjusted his sunglasses.

"I start to wonder why you are captain," he added.

"Shut the hell up Wesker and go take a shit."

"I was on my way to do so, Chris." Passing the two, Wesker stopped as he put a hand on the door and looked at Piers. "I recommend that you transfer if you are only going to be taught those kinds of things."

After Wesker entered the restroom and the door fully shut, Piers sighed. "Captain, I don't see why you are even mad."

Rubbing his temples, Chris looked at him. "Look, I am just upset that you are making yourself look bad in front of my sister. Her old boyfriend...the Burnside kid was, in her own words, a 'badass.'"

Piers lips twitched. "A badass? Captain, I am one too."

The Redfield rolled his eyes. "Yeah, a badass who needs to go pee."

"Oh, Chris. Don't be so hard on him. Give him at least some credit. He is the B.S.A.A.'s top sniper. Never misses a shot, right?" Jill intervened, giving the young man a smile. "Besides, she is your sister. Of course he is going to be nervous to talk to her! It was his first time being only with her."

"Thank you, Ma'am," Piers happily said.

"Can you try your harder, Piers?" Chris asked.

"I am trying to do the best I can, but I warned you how I am not used to having girls, or technically, women around me!"

Jill gave him a look.

"Excluding Ms. Valentine, of course."

The Redfield eyed him for a bit and sighed as he put a hand over his forehead. "I am starting to doubt that this is going to work."


Piers blinked. "Captain?"

Letting his hand fall down and setting it on his subordinate's shoulder, Chris looked at him. "I am sorry Piers to making you do this. I am sorry that I put you up to talking to my sister. I don't think that this is going to-"

Suddenly a fist collided with Chris's cheek causing Piers to simply stare at him in shock. The ace couldn't believe his eyes as he saw his own captain getting punch in the face. Randomly too. Tracing the fist to its owner, the sniper's mouth nearly dropped as he saw that it was Jill. His other superior had an expression that just read off the bat that she was about to go on a murdering rampage.

But, none of them expecting for the punch to be that hard as Chris fell into the men's restroom.

"Chris, I don't believe that the door should be left opened."

"Shut up Wesker and go take another shit."

"Don't mind if I do," Wesker trailed off as he used his feet to push Chris out of the restroom and shut the door.

"Ma'am?" Piers gave a worried look at her. "Why did you do that?"

"Because," Jill said as she grabbed Chris by the arms and shook him until his captain glared at her. "You, Chris, shouldn't give up on anything. Even this. You kept telling me that you somehow knew that this was going to happen, right? Well keep your word."

"That is unless if Piers wants to continue. I'm not going to put Piers up to this anymore if he can't do it," he spat back.

Both superiors turned their attention to him and waited for an answer.

"Captain, I was true to my word. I'm not going to abandon this mission and I will do it. Just give me time. Everything takes time," Piers said.

"What mission? And why is everyone gathered here? I sat at the table for more than five minutes alone! What is going on?" a voice coming behind them suddenly asked.

Slowly, they all turned to look at the voice and saw the one and only, Claire Redfield, standing there with an annoyed look. She had her arms crossed and glared at them. By the looks of it, they all noticed that she wasn't in the mood to wait anymore as her left foot was tapping the floor repeatedly.

The three B.S.A.A. members looked at each other and knew what to do in response to all of this. They all gave her a fake smile.

"Uh, we are deciding where to go for dessert," Chris lied through his teeth.

"Uh huh..." his sister eyed him suspiciously, "and where is the food? What happened to the bowls of soup?"

Jill tried to support him. "We gave them to some of our comrades. They wanted the soups and we took the last servings so we decided to give it to them."

Claire frowned. "Then why are you guys near the restroom? You could have returned to the table once the two of you gave the food. What is going on? What is this mission?"

"Chris had to use the restroom, and Piers just happened to be here at the same time we arrived," Jill responded, but she avoided answering Claire about the 'mission.'

"And why are you here then, Jill? Couldn't you just go back to the table?"

"I was about to use the restroom too."

The younger Redfield was losing her patience fast and she was annoyed that no one answered her question about the mission. Rolling her eyes, she continued her interrogation. "The mission? What is the mission you three were talking about just now?"

Chris immediately jumped in to try to support his former S.T.A.R.S. partner. He wasn't going to allow his plan to fall apart especially only after one day. But also, that punch in his face would have been for nothing.

"It is a mission report that we had to complete while in Lanshiang. I forgot to report one of the incidents that happened and Wesker is bothering the hell out of me to write it. But being overwhelmed by all the work that I have still yet to complete as you as see the mountain of paper on my desk, Jill and Piers were talking to me about lending a hand to report this mission."

The Alpha captain was praying that Claire would believe him. To him, it sounded like the truth and good enough to let her off the radar. He watched his little sister take in the lie and it seemed that she was about to accept it as she gave him a smile. But then, he saw her jump up a bit and notice that Claire eyed him with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

This can't be good. Chris gulped.

"Chris," Claire smirked, "you don't have a mountain of paper on your desk."

Shit just hit the fan.

Chris tried to stay calm as he saw his sister take a step closer to the three of them.

"Now tell me, what is going on?"

Before anything else could happen, the unexpected happened.

"Ms. Redfield," Piers blurted out causing all eyes on him. He walked closer to her and tried to give her a good, fake smile. "Would you like to join us for some ice cream? Captain and Ms. Valentine are just losing it today since they have been losing track of their works." He knew he got a glare from his superiors. "But, excuse them for that. I just think that we all need to get away from work for a bit and surround ourselves where it is more relaxing. So, what do you say?"

Claire blinked.

Everyone could tell that she was surprised, but she wasn't the only one. Chris, Jill, and even Piers, himself, were surprise at the sudden request. No doubt that it was a good call on Piers since it seemed actually genuine for him to ask her, but also to give a good background story to support the reason everyone is acting a bit weird.

The younger Redfield then gave him a smile. "Of course, Piers. And please, call me Claire."

Piers, once again, forcing a smile that was actually believable, took a step back. "Lead the way."

She nodded and took the lead as the ace turned his attention to his superiors.

"You owe me big time," he whispered to them once they caught up to his pace.

Chris then knew that he was wrong to doubt himself or his ace. Not once, and not anymore.

This will happen and it will go to plan.

But for Jill, she simply rolled her eyes as she glanced at Chris. The ridiculous things that I do for him.

And for Chris, he was smiling as if Wesker just got fired from the B.S.A.A.

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