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Katniss (POV)
The house was almost ready for Prim to come home. I didn't plan a whole party, because she still Is not perfect at walking, or talking, and I don't want to shock her. However, I make sure that all of the pillows are in the right place, everything is dusted and polished, and vanilla which is her favourite scent is the candly that is burning. Out of the corner of my eye I see a black car from the Capitol drive into our driveway. When I answer the door I see Prim, and a younger lady with black hair and green eyes.

"Prim," I say hugging her. Her arm is a little awkward, but she manages to give me a small hug.

"K-Katniss," she says slowly. I just clutch on to her and cry. Finally the women speaks.

"Hello, I'm Mrs. Morgan. I need to speak to Prim every week over the phone, but here is her notepad. Get her to write in it every day. As well as make her recite a page of this book every day," she said handing me a big brown book, "I have to get back to the Capitol, but it had been a pleasure watching Prim get better, and I'm sure that she will make a full recovery."

Before she can leave I grab her arm and hug her, "You have no idea how thankful I am. You saved my sister," I say.

She smiles, "I'm glad I could help her… you know this is truly a miracle."

"I know," I say. I watch her car leave and take off down the driveway. I turn around and see Prim bendingover slowly to take off her shoes. I run to help her, but she brushes me off.

"Katniss I-I-I have to d-do this myself," she tells me.

I back away, Yes, you are so right," I say. After she successfully takes her shoes off she looks at me awkwardly.


"Well I don't know," she says.

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know what to do," she says.

"Do what you normally do," I say.

"What I normally do i-i-is practice with my couches on speech and my writing," she tells me.

"Well why don't you go to your room and check it out," I say. She nods and starts to walk up the stairs. After about five minutes she is finally at the top. I bit my lip.

"Prim!" I say running up the stairs.

"Yes?" she answers.

"When are you allowed to go into town?" I ask.

"I can go now, but I'd rather wait until I'm fully better," she says.

"Prim you are fully better," I say.

"No, I have a horrible stutter, a-and I c-can't walk great."
"When you are better would you like me to throw you a party?"

She smiles, "When I'm better you can throw me a party."

Prim (POV)

I look at myself in the mirror. This is going to be an internal struggle for now on. I have scars on my face, arms, legs… everywhere. My head is half shaved, and my skin in sickly pale. I put on my grey track pants, and a blue tank top. I even decide to try something and put my hair in a bun. My head is still covered in hair, but half of it is like a boy cut. I thought that if I put it in a bun it might hide it. My hands flop around awkwardly. After the brain surgery I had to learn how to do everything again. I manage to get it up in a bun on top of my head which causes me to feel very proud. I thought about attempting make- up, but the effort that I had to put into the bun makes me so tired. When I walk downstairs I smell bacon and eggs.

"I can't eat bacon," I tell her.

"Why?" She asks looking at me, "Oh you look beautiful," she says giving me a hug.

"Thanks," I mutter, "The medication that I'm taking doesn't sit well with meat. It will make me throw up," I say.

"Will you throw up if you eat eggs?"

"Maybe, I throw up once a day usually, because of the medication," I tell her. She looks worried, but places a steaming hot plate in front of me. I eat about half of it before I feel full.

"You always eat so much," she says.

"That was before," I say getting up to leave. I head back up to my room and practice just walking back and forth as fast as I could.

"Prim!" Katniss calls. I walk back downstairs into the kitchen, "There's some boy at the door."

"I don't want to answer it looking like this," I say, "I look worse than when I had cancer."
"Prim you looked beautiful while you had it and when you were recovering!"

"I was bald!"

"You beat cancer, you should wear that baldness like a badge of honour," she said.

"I don't want to answer the door," I say.

"Prim answer the stupid door, he won't care what you look like I can assure you that," she says. I huff and go to open the door.

"Prim!" a boy says hugging me. My thoughts muffle and I think of the time when I kissed him.

"Reed," I say.

"I heard and I came as soon as I heard, that didn't make sense, but wow you look great," he says, "They told me you won't talk or walk, but here you are."

"I know, I was lucky, i-i-I'm still w-working on the talking part, b-but it's getting better," I tell him, "how did you know so fast?"

"After your accident I moved to Four with my dad, and he met your mom and they are dating now… they plan to marry. Actually I'm supposed to give you this invitation," he says.

"Why should I go to her wedding, she isn't here to see me right now," I say.

"Because then I can see you," he says.

"But we're going to be siblings," I say.

"Step siblings, and technically we were dating first," he says.

"Lets take dating out of the equation for a second," I say. Just then Katniss walks out of the bathroom.

"Why are you guys staring at me?"

"Mom's getting married," I say.
"What!?" Katniss screams, "Who is hell is she marrying?"

"Reed's father," I say. She is silent for many seconds.

"Whatever, I've decided to cut her out of my life," she says.

"No, but we should go. It is our mom Katniss," I say, "Please."

"If you want to go then I'll go, but when even is the wedding?"

"Three months," I say checking the invitation.

"Will you be ready in three months?" she asks me.

"Hopefully," I say.

"Maybe we can go sooner, we could stay with Fin and Annie," she suggests.

"I'd be okay with that," I say, "I like Four. It has a beach, palm trees, warm weather."

"I'll go call them right now… in the meantime go pack your stuff," Katniss suggests. I run into my room and grab a bag. I then open the drawer. In the drawer is the necklace that I was wearing on the day of the accident. I slam the drawer shut and sink to the floor. I push my head in-between my knees and wait until the flashback is over.

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