Chapter 1

My name is Gilraen. I am one of the elves of Middle-Earth, though not as one would think. I never was able to remain in one place for a long period of time. I lived for adventure and would travel anywhere I might find one. Of course adventures in a time of peace were not easy to come by. My adventure began when an old friend paid me a an unexpected visit.


"My dear Gilraen. How do you fare these days?"

"As well as ever Gandalf. Though I suspect you are not here for a simple visit." I replied.

He laughed and nodded his head.

"Quite right my dear. I am here with the knowledge of a great adventure."

I looked upon him with excitement.

"Please go on dear friend."

"What do you know of Erebor?"

The Lonely Mountain that had long been told to be occupied by a dragon was a tale I had heard many a time.

"I am bound for the Shire, Hobbiton to be more precise."

"Whatever for?" I questioned.

"That is where all shall be told. So I ask you now young Gilraen daughter Meldiron…will you take part in this adventure?"

I smiled at Gandalf and nodded.

"That I will old friend. That I will."