The dwarves rebuilt Erebor and it was once more restored to its former glory. Thorin did as he promised Gilraen and helped the men of the Lake to rebuild their home. The town of Dale was also rebuilt with Bard as their leader. Not much is known as to what happened to the Master of the Lake-town.

Gilraen and Thorin were married the day the repairs of Erebor were completed. In the years to come Gilraen and Thorin would travel to Imladris and to the house of Beorn. And of course to the Shire to visit their dear friend Bilbo Baggins. Master Baggins returned to his home soon after Meldiron and Fili were buried. He of course returned for the wedding and the celebration of the restoration of Erebor, but then returned once more to Bag End. Gilraen and the Elvenking ever held a friendship of unbreakable stone, as well as the Prince Legolas. Though Thorin did not easily forgive them for their treatment of him, he remained respectful at his wife's wishes.

During the war of the Ring, Thorin and Gilraen traveled to Imladris, to the Council of Elrond. There Gilraen was reunited with her childhood friend Estel, who as many know, is Aragorn son of Arathorn and the rightful King of Gondor. It was such that the son of Gloin, Gimli went with the Fellowship on its quest to Mordor at Thorin's wish.

At the news of Balin son of Fundin's death, Thorin and Gilraen traveled to Moria and paid respects. Though they dared not go inside for they knew it to be overrun with goblins.

After the war was won and the Fourth Age of Middle-Earth began Thorin and Gilraen went to Gondor for the coronation of Aragorn and there witnessed him wed Arwen Undomiel.

The elves departed for Valinor but Gilraen and Legolas remained.

Gilraen and Thorin had 3 children. The first was a son who was given the name Meldiron in honor of Gilraen's father. He mirrored his mother and had the eyes and strength of his father. Their second child was a daughter who of the three was the only one to inherit the ears of the elves and the flawless beauty of her mother. She was named Silivreniel in honor of her grandmother the mother of Gilraen. The last child was a son who was very like his father. His height and look and of course his commanding presence. In the last year of Thorin's life Gilraen never strayed from his side. And as he lay dying she sang to him of their love and continued as such until he passed. Gilraen had long ago made the choice of Luthien. She said her farewells to her sons and daughter and then laid herself to rest, for she could not and would not live without Thorin. Meldiron claimed the throne of Erebor. His sibling stood with him and every year in memory of their parents held a celebration within its halls.