Okay, this will be the last chapter of this story. Don't worry, I will write a sequel. But boy howdy, this is a cliffhanger.

At Midnight

The Butler, Traitorous

Sam and Castiel went down to the kitchen to look for the servants.

They found Bardroy snoring loudly on the table, Mey-Rin trying to put out a fat-fire, and Finny staring his reflection in the pans. Another servant, an old man, was sitting in the corner, drinking tea.

"Hey, uh, guys?"

Sam knew it was a bad idea even before Bard woke up. When the man did, he leapt up, yelling loudly.

"All hands!" he shouted, causing the others to jump. "Battle stations!"

Sam ducked as Bard pulled out a Gatling Gun from out of nowhere. Mey-Rin hoisted up her skirt(Sam had to glance twice) and cocked her dual pistols. Finny picked up the massively heavy stove. The old man just sat there, saying "Ho, ho, ho!"

Before anyone could do anything, however, Castiel had emanated a blinding white light, his angel wings silhouetted against it, his blue eyes glowing.

"Enough!" he commanded. "This is pointless!"

He stopped glowing, the servants staring blankly at him.

"Your master is in danger," he said. "He has his butler with him, but we need to act, and quickly."

"The... the master?" Bard repeated, confused. "Hey, what the hell did you just do?!"

"In danger!" Finny repeated, putting the stove down. "We've got to help him!"

"Yes!" Mey-Rin agreed, stowing her pistols.

"Ho, ho, ho!" the old man agreed.

"Okay," Sam said, standing up, his hands in front of him. "So you won't try to kill us?"

Bard regarded him with a wary eye.

"You have the accent of an American," he said. "My old home."

"Well, I am," Sam said. Bard smiled suddenly.

"Great!" he said. Turning to the others, he jabbed a finger toward Sam and said, "we can trust this guy. Sorry about earlier."

"Yeah, no problem," Sam replied, somewhat confused. "But we need to move fast."

"Indeed," said the old man, and everyone jumped to see him standing up straight. "Castiel, long time no see."

Castiel seemed shocked that the old man knew him.

"T-Tanaka?" he said slowly. The old man bowed.

"Of course," he said. "I remember you well. You kept me safe in the old days, in the war."

Sam was dying to know what the hell they were talking about, but they didn't have time.

"Okay, let's go," he said, getting everyone's attention. He kinda liked the way the maid was looking at him, now she wasn't trying to kill him.

Dean groaned.

"Who are you?!" the Indian boy demanded, pointing a finger at him. "What are you doing here!?"

"I..." Dean held up his hands. "I'm... where am I?"

The Indian boy ogled at him.

"You don't even know where you are?!" he asked incredulously. Dean shook his head. "You are at the townhouse of Earl Ciel Phantomhive, and I am its viceroy, Prince Soma!"

"Soma," Dean repeated, eyeing the older Indian and the young boy with the snakes around him. "And who the hell are...?"

"These are my kama-san, Agni, and Ciel's footman, Snake!" the boy, Soma said proudly.

"Snake," Dean repeated, feeling dazed. One of the snakes hissed.

"You want to make something of it?" Snake said, "says Woodsworth."

"Nope, I'm good," Dean said. "I'm a friend of Ciel's. He sent me here. He might be in danger."

Dean loved his ability to lie on command. And since this Prince Soma didn't seem the brightest of characters, it was easy to convince him.

"But then we must go at once!" Soma said a few minutes later. "We must aid Ciel!"

"I agree," Agni, the Indian butler said. "But if he had kama-san Sebastian with him, he will come to no harm."

"Yeah, about that," Dean said, rubbing the back of his neck. "I think Sebastian might not be so helpful here."

"What?!" Soma yelled, causing Dean to flinch. "What are you saying?! Sebastian would never leave Ciel's side! He even came back from the dead to be with him!"

That doesn't surprise me, Dean thought. He wanted that kid's soul.


"Something may turn the tables on him," Dean said, clearly realizing that the kid wasn't gonna believe Sebastian wasn't the nice guy he thought. "That's why we need to help."

"Sebastian's very capable," Snake said suddenly. "And sexy... says Doris."

Dean stared at him.

"Don't mind her," Snake said again. "She's man crazy... says Poe."

"And you're just crazy," Dean muttered. "Says me."

Ciel looked from one demon to the other.

He had just ordered Sebastian to kill Crowley. But Sebastian seemed to be taking his time.

"How much would it be worth to me to join you?" Sebastian asked Crowley. The bearded demon considered this question.

"Let's say... right hand man. No more of this butler crap. You'd be my lieutenant, my Kowalski... pretty much me to our subordinates."

Sebastian stroked his chin with his gloved hand.

"That seems reasonable," he said. "I've never craved the top. It has been, in my experience, that tyrannical leaders are always taken out. Being number two is always safer."

"Yeah, well," Crowley went on, not bother by his imminent doom. "King of Hell has a lot more perks than you'd think."

"Sebastian!" Ciel shouted, his child-like voice echoing throughout the chamber. "What the hell are you playing at?!"

Sebastian bowed to Ciel.

"My apologies, young master," he said smiling. "I am merely considering my king's offer."

"What!?" Ciel yelled. "You just said you had one master!"

"But he is right," Sebastian went on, his eyes becoming cat-like, with slits for pupils. "I have the right to be free. It is his right to grant."

Before Ciel could respond, a man entered the chamber. He was clad poorly, almost in rags, and in his hand was a sawed-off shotgun. This he pointed at Crowley.

"Crowley!" he bellowed, and his mouth could be seen through his gaunt beard. "You have no business here!"

Crowley stared at the man. Another figure appeared right behind him.

"Wow, is this really the place?" Ronald Knox said, looking astonished. "I'd never have imagined..."

"Oh, great," Crowley said. "You again. But who the bloody hell are you?"

"I am the hunter, Winchester!" the man said, a thick Scottish accent clouding his words. "This is my work, my duty, to destroy creatures like you!"

"Easier said than done," Crowley sneered. "Winchester, eh? How ironic." He looked to Sebastian.

"Kill him!" Ciel screamed.

Crowley snapped his fingers. Sebastian held up his wrist, and a gold chain appeared there, glowing, for a brief second, before being broken, and disappearing again.

"Yes, my master," he responded, before turning to Ciel.

"I'm sorry, Earl Phantomhive," he said, his voice oozing condescension. "But I don't take orders from you now. Our contract is annulled. There are more souls for me to feast upon in my new master's keeping."

"Oh, damn," Winchester, whose first name was Sean, breathed. "Son of a bitch!"

He fired his shotgun. A massive explosion occurred.

And then, a blinding white light.

So the identity of the mysterious hunter is revealed! What will happen next!? Stay tuned, for the sequel will be called

Thank you, and good night.