Authors Note: Okay, so this isn't exactly in tune with the actually story line, and I will warn, there may be SPOILERS, so if you don't want to know, don't read.

So, this takes place on the asteroid, but it's as if Jade and John joined them within a week or so, not three years.

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It wasn't really difficult to tell that the troll in front of me was vicious, the rainbow of blood on his skin and clothes told me that, as did the three gashes on his face, where purple blood has long since scabbed over. His clown like face paint was smeared giving him more of a rough appearance, his yellow and gray eyes were focused on me, thankfully the gaze wasn't hostile, it seemed more lethargic, but still I wasn't exactly sure if I should be afraid or not. Though, the club in his hand, which had dried green blood on it, made me think I should be at least a little cautious...

'So this is Gamzee?' I thought to myself, obviously, as I trailed my eyes down from the tip of his tall, almost, candy corn colored horns, past the grotesque grin on his face, which showed off a set of extremely sharp teeth. My eyes lingered probably a little longer than they should have on his loose black shirt, where his dark purple Capricorn symbol was almost completely covered by green and dark blue blood. His pants seemed odd though, almost as if they were pajama pants yet, he wore them normally, anyway, they too were black much like his shirt, but with gray circles placed every now and then, blue and green blood also dotted them, but it was mostly near his ankles and feet, as if they had been dragged through puddles of it, and his purple, almost Converse like, shoes had the blood around the soles of them. 'My God, he's a giant...!' I was kinda shocked whent hat was the only thing that came to mind, and there wasn't anything about the blood, or who he had killed, or even if I had ever talked to them...

Moving my gaze back up to his face, I let out a deep shaky breath as his grin grew wider. Karkat had told me to tell someone if I found Gamzee immediately, that he was extremely dangerous to be around, but, I was becoming to afraid to move, sure I was a God Tier, but, that didn't mean it wouldn't hurt to be hit by that club, which seems to have already killed someone...

"MoThErFuCkEr, WhO aRe YoO?" His voice was deeper than I expected it to be, and very gruff and gravely, it kinda hurt my throat just to hear him talk, but after a second of thinking about it, I couldn't really imagine him with any other voice, it just sorta, fit I guess?

"um... i'm john..." He seemed to perk up at my name and his entire stature just became more relaxed, as if he deemed me as no threat, but yet, his sharp toothed grin grew wider, if that was even physically possible, but, with him being a troll, I guess I didn't really know for certain... "i, uh, just recently joined you guys..." Seeing him take a few steps innocent toward me, at least I hope he meant no harm, I instinctively took a few back, wanting to keep the space between us, just in case he was as dangerous as the others said. Not that I couldn't just do the Windy thing and knock him away from me, but still! I didn't want it to come to that!

His gaze slid down to the yellow, um... Scalemate! Yeah! The yellow Scalemate tucked under my arm, and his grin turned to more of an amused smirk as he pointed to it with his club, it wasn't a threatening movement, but I couldn't help but tense up as the club moved closer, and I could smell a slight iron tinge in the air now.

"WhAtChA dOiNg WiTh ThAt LiTtLe FuCkEr?" Looking down at the toy, I felt kind of embarrassed being caught with it, and my cheeks burned a little, as I looked up at the troll again, I barely noticed he had moved a bit closer, but, this time I stayed where I was.

"well... uh, terezi asked me to get it for her... she said something about it being late for it's trial? which I don't really understand, but, whatever." Laughing nervously, I rubbed the back of my neck with my free hand then glanced off to the side, if Karkat found out about this, he would kill me! The one rule on this meteor for us humans? If we find Gamzee, if he's threatening us or not, we're to run and tell someone where we saw him without any hesitation, and, more or less, try and not let him see us. I really fucked up, and it was only my third day here!

Seeing him move closer out of the corner of my eye, I quickly stepped back, my heart skipping a beat as I hit what I feared was a wall, glancing behind me timidly, my suspicion was confirmed, it was a wall, and as I turned back again, I looked up at the troll now blocking my path, he had to be at least a foot taller than me, if not more! Nothing came to mind but all the things he could do to hurt me, my mind went blank on how to get away.

"YoU kNoW wHaT mOtHeRfUcKeR, tErEzI's GoNnA hAvE tO wAiT bRo, CaUsE yOuR aTtEnTiOn? Is AlL fUcKiNg MiNe..." Our gazes were locked, and to tell you the truth, I was pretty much frozen in place, as he leaned down, getting a bit closer to me, I let out another shaky breath, my heart hammering in my chest.

My name is John Egbert, and I am not a homosexual, or at least, I thought I wasn't until I met Gamzee Makara...