Authors Note: For those of you who were wondering, no, that wasn't the end. I could never end it like that! I like John to much. XD Though, here is the ending actually.~ Imoto out!


Closing my eyes as the blade against my throat shook, I wondered if Karkat would even be able to kill me, he knows he should, fuck, even I know he should, but it's the matter, if he could...

"nn..." My eyes snapped open at the sudden sound, and hesitantly I turned my head up to look at Karkat to see if it had been him, but he was staring back at me just as confused. Slowly I moved my gaze back to the human in my arms. I was almost convinced one of the others trolls had found my hide out as well, till John shifted ever so slightly.

"JoHn...?" Silence consumed the room again, I guess... I really was just crazy... Even without the mirror...

Speaking of the mirror, I turned my attention to it, just staring at the shards, wondering what would have happened if it hadn't been here in the first place... Would the others still be alive...? Could I have maybe saved Tavros? ...Would John and I even have met?

"FUCKASS!" Karkat's voice startled me, and as I came back to reality, I looked up at him confused. "JOHN'S ALIVE!" The blade moved as my gaze dropped to the human, and Karkat went to the other side of John, he dropped down to the ground as well, only for the human to move his head, his eyes fluttering open after a short moment. John's eyes shifted around a few times before they met mine, and he blinked, looking up confused.

"g-gamzee?" Not even wasting a second, I wrapped my arms around him, hugging John tightly, it took him a while to understand what was going on it seemed, then he hugged me back anyway, though he seemed confused. "what's going on? what's wrong gam?" Pulling away from the human, his eyes searched around, then settled on something behind me, glancing back, I realized it was the mirror. " is it you? Like... the real you?"

"YeAh BrO, iT's Me." He smiled, then it faltered a bit when his eyes shifted back to me, and he seemed to actually study me, he pulled himself up into a sitting position, then gave me a confused and slightly worried look. "I-i tHoUgHt YoU wErE dEaD bRo... I tHoUgHt ThAt I..." A soft smile formed on his lips as he shook his head, chuckling a bit.

"gam, i'm god tier." John grabbed my shoulders and pulled me closer, his lips meeting mine without hesitation, I didn't mind, at least for a moment, until I remembered, Karkat was still here...

Detaching my lips from his, John gave me a confused look, I could only hold it for a second, before I had to glance behind him, where Karkat was sitting with his eyes trained on the ground, red tears running down his cheeks.

"BrO..." John turned, his face going pale when he noticed the other troll sitting there, but Karkat didn't say anything, he just wiped away his tears and climbed to his feet, sending a nasty glare my way before storming out of the room.

"uh oh... i guess karkat knows i broke the rules now..." Nuzzling his head, I just didn't even care at the moment, John was alive, I hadn't killed him, and nothing Karkat did could ruin this.

"WhO cArEs? RuLeS aRe MeAnT tO bE bRoKeN bRo!" He smiled a bit then pulled my lips back to his.

So this is the ending, it's a little more happy! XD If you guys really liked this one let me know, I might start doing more Homestuck stories, this was just a test run, and I think it turned out pretty good. :3