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It was a dark and chilly night at Santoff Clausen the night that the Guardian of Fun came tumbling into the room with the globe bleeding out of many unseen wounds. Jack mumbled a couple of indecipherable words and promptly crumpled to the floor.

North saw him fall and went running towards him and caught the mischievous spirit before he hit the floor. North picked him up, noticing that Jack was vey light, and carried him to the room that was designated as Jack's. As soon as he reached Jack's room, he had Phil, who followed him, to go get the first-aid kit. While he waited, he began to examine Jack to know what do with his injuries. Based on what he could see, Jack had several major cuts on his arms and legs, a large gash running across his face from forehead to the base of his left cheek, and Jack's feet had various scrapes across them.

North gently slid Jack's hoodie off his thin form and couldn't help but let a sound of surprise out. Jack had so many scars on his torso and he was so thin! North was just beginning to inspect the cuts on Jack's arms when Phil came back with the first-aid kit and quickly left the room again. Phil knew North would not need help and knew he wanted to be alone. North began to work on Jack's many wounds. He put antiseptic on the cuts and gashes and tightly wrapped all of them, especially the gash on his head. Once he was done with that, he made sure Jack had no broken bones. He gently pressed on all his limbs and just as he thought there were no broken bones, he heard a faint whimper as he pushed down on the lower section of his ribs. North sighed. He wished Jack didn't have this happen to him. He tightly wrapped Jack's chest and leaned back in a chair that was near the bed. North made himself comfortable for a long wait.

It was dark. He couldn't see, couldn't feel, couldn't hear, nothing. His head hurt and he didn't know where he was. He couldn't remember what happened. Not to mention the pain. It hurt! His head, his arms, his legs, his whole body hurt! As he realized this, he let out a small whimper. And his mind faded again and he let it, knowing he wouldn't feel the pain anymore.

North heard a small whimper come from the bed and he looked and he saw Jack's eyes move behind his eyelids and he gently called, "Jack. Jack, can you open your eyes for me." He watched jack closely but he saw that Jack was slipping back into unconsciousness. "Yul Brynner," North cursed. He saw Jack slip away and settled back in his chair for another wait.

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