A year later...

"Come on Jack! The Guardians are waiting for us!" Mirtis yelled playfully at Jack. A year has passed since the day they became friends and they both were happier than ever.

Jack all but forgot about the 300 years he spent alone and had entirely forgiven Mirtis for the annual beatings. They were pushed to the back of both their minds. They were both due to arrive at Santoff Clausen for some reason or an other. North didn't really say why they were needed.

Jack laughed and answered, "I'm coming Mirtis! Can't you wait!"

"No, I can't! You know me! I am terribly impatient."

"I know this! Come on Let's go."

"FInally! Let's race there!"

"Okay! Loser has to hug Bunnymund!"

"That is so unfair! Bunnymund would kill me!"

"Well, you better win then!" Jack answered with a laugh and was gone, flying towards the North Pole.

Mirtis laughed, shouting, "Unfair! No head starts!"

North was standing in the Globe Room waiting for Jack and Mirtis. He invited them to the North Pole for a surprise party, they just didn't know it. Hence, the surprise. They were due to arrive any minute and all the guests were hiding behind various pieces of furniture waiting for them to arrive. Just then, North heard laughter and he grinned.

"Ha! I win! Now you have to hug Bunnymund!" Jack laughed as Mirtis came flying in, pouting with ruffled hair.

"Unfair! You had an unofficial head start!"

"SURPRISE!" Jack and Mirtis jumped and turned around and they both smiled really big at all their friends.

"North! What is this? I didn't know there was going to be a party!"

"Yeah! This is awesome!"

"Well, it has been a year since you two have been friends, and we thought that deserved a party, so we give you one. Have fun Jack, Mirtis." At North's words, music started playing and the bells that are worn by the elves could be heard.

Jack looked at Mirtis and Mirtis looked at Jack and they instantly began to party. They danced with each other and socialized and had fun. At one point, Bunnymund pulled Mirtis off to the side, asking her, "Mirtis, I love that you and Jack are friends now, but I am curious. Why did you change your mind? Why did you go from beating Jack up to being his best friend?"

"Well for at least 10 years now, there was a little voice in the back of my mind telling me it was wrong but I ignored it because I didn't want to admit it. But, after North saw me punching Jack, he took me to a room and I escaped. Once I flying away, the little voice came back and this time, I listened to it. I figured out my reasoning was stupid. I found Jack and apologized and he accepted it. Now we are friends. It's that simple."

"Okay. I just wanted to know. Thanks for being honest Mirtis. Now go have fun with Jack."

"I will. Bye, Bunny." Mirtis gave Bunny a hug.

"What was that for?" asked Bunny.

"Well, Jack and I had a race here and the loser had to hug you and I ended up losing even though Jack had an unofficial head start."

Bunny just shakes his head and goes to talk to North. Mirtis watches as Bunny walks away and goes back to Jack. The party goes on for two more hours before it begins to dwindle.

Jack is laying on a couch dozing off and Mirtis is in a chair nearby sleeping. The Guardians are chatting quietly nearby when they notice the two sleeping spirits. North smiles and lifts Jack to take him to his room and motions for Bunny to do the same with Mirtis.

Sandy sprinkles some of his golden dream dust over them while Tooth began to talk to Sandy about the Jack's and Mirtis' friendship.

North felt Jack stir slightly but the frost child soon settled down with a soft sigh. North headed to the hallway with the bedrooms knowing Bunny is following him. He reaches Jack's door and nods his head towards a black door for Bunny to put Mirtis in.

North opens Jack's light blue door and gently sets up him on his bed. Jack's hand is groping for his staff and North sets the child's staff in Jack's hands. Jack settles down on his bed.

In Mirtis' room, Bunny lays her on the covers, taking off her shoes and smoothing her hair down.

It has only been a year, but Mirtis has become a part of the family that has been created by the small group. First Jack and now Mirtis, the Guardians were more like friends who met when absolutely necessary like school friends working on a project. But now, with Jack and Mirtis, they became more of a family.

Bunny was like the big brother, North was the father and Tooth the mother while Sandy was the fun uncle. They now went on something similar to family excursions. Bunny's personal favorite excursion was the trip to Australia to show Jack a REAL kangaroo. They weren't there long because Jack started becoming faint and weak.

They also just met at Santoff Clausen every once in a while just to have a day of games to catch up with each other. Bunny was glad they formed this family. It made life so much better and so much more fun for everyone. He was glad they had Jack and Mirtis. They made life better.

Jack slowly awoke and stretched like a cat. He blinked sluggishly and looked around noticing he wasn't on the couch anymore. He smiled softly knowing either North or Bunnymund took him to his room.

He laughed at a memory that came back to him. Him and Mirtis were hiding behind one of Bunny's giant stone guard eggs planning to push him into one of his dye rivers when instead, Mirtis was pushed in who decided Jack needed to join in the fun.

It took Jack weeks to get the purple dye off his pale skin and he was mad for a little bit but got over it when he began to splash Mirtis and then it as war. They even got Bunny to join in and it was a grand time. Jack drifts back to sleep, smiling.

Tooth went to check on Jack and Mirtis and saw them fast asleep still. She remembered a time when Mirtis and Jack were hanging around Tooth Palace and remembered the party they managed to start. They had the mini teeth play music while they danced with each other. They would do elaborate spins and twirls and jack would pick Mirtis. They were great dancers. She loved watching them when they danced. They don't dance often, but when they do, they go to the expert level. They did all the moves including flips, spins, twists, turns, jumps, and slides and they did it in such a fluid way that it was like they've been doing it for years. She knows they haven't but she's glad Jack has a friend.


North sat in his office making an ice sculpture when he was reminded of the time that Jack and Mirtis helped North come up with ideas.

Mirtis was actually really good at carving the ice and Jack just created the basics with his staff and added the details with the ice tools. Mirtis carved a beautiful doll and Jack created a statue of the Guardians and Mirtis.

North loved the detail he was able to put into it. North still had them. Every once in a while, they would come back and make another sculpture. North always let them. He always kept them and stored them. It really made him feel like a father to the two young spirits.

He loved that he was considered the father of the family they formed. He has always wanted children but could never have any because he never found anyone. The humans said there was a Mrs. Claus but that was a myth. He was proud of his new family.

Mirtis slowly woke up in her room at Santoff Clausen. She knew she fell asleep and was glad she was moved. She knew it was Bunnymund who moved her because of her powers as a spirit. She always knows who is near her. She has a lot of enemies and she likes knowing who is nearby.

She smiled as she remembered a game she played with Bunnymund once. She was visiting Bunny without Jack for once and Bunny was curious but didn't question it. She asked him to play a game with her and he agreed to her surprise. She recommended Monopoly and so the game began.

It went on for 7 hours and they played by the official rules. In the end, Mirtis won with 14 properties, the utilities and the railroads. Bunny had kept landing on her St. James hotel and she noticed every single time.

Bunny went bankrupt, Mirtis cheered and began to happy dance. She waved her arms, turned in a circle, did a flip, and turned in another circle. Bunny was shaking his head and was starting to pick up the game. Mirtis ended her dance and came to help. Once the game was picked up, Bunny held out his hand and said, "Good game, mate."

Mirtis responded, "I know right." holding her hand out as well and they shook in mutual game ending rights. "Well, see ya Bunny. I've got a job to do." Once she said this, she flew away.

Mirtis smiled at the memory. She had a great time playing with Bunny. Then she left and when she came back with Jack, they were closer, she could tell. She loved Jack as a friend and brother and Bunny was like her big brother. Sandy was a great uncle, Tooth made a great mother figure and North a great father figure. Mirtis was glad she was a part of this family.

At times, she felt they only put up with her because of Jack but she was proven wrong when she played that game of Monopoly. Nobody ever mentioned her job though. They knew it was necessary to guide the children but they never wanted to think about the innocent lives lost.

However in reality, they knew it was adults who were to blame. They hurt the kids a little too much, and that was the call for Mirtis. She always felt sorry for the littlest ones, they had hardly lived yet she was called for them and she answered, or else the child would lose themselves in the tunnel and would be lost in the passage between life and death, creating ghosts.

Ghosts were not good for a variety of reasons. Not only did they catch attention of the humans, but it meant she did not complete her assignment proper. Of course, she could not get all her children done, so she had to pick and choose which ones needed her the most. She sighed as she felt a child who was near death because of an upset parent. She went to the window and flew away to the child.

Jack was wide awake now and was playing around in the globe room, bothering the yetis, freezing the elves, and causing general mischief. North was smiling and Bunnymund was watching silently from his place near the fireplace.

Tooth was gone by now, back at Tooth Palace to direct her mini fairies and to go on a couple of runs herself. Before they knew it, Jack roped them into playing a game with him. Just before they started, Mirtis was back and she played with them too. They were going to play The Game of Life.

It was a blast. Jack won the game with two million dollars and Bunny lagged behind with only twenty thousand dollars. The night ended with warmth and laughter. After all, they were a family.

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