October 10, 2012

"What are you doing?" A voice said from above. Bree looked up from the papers on her lap to see the Doctor leaning over them and studying her face. She laughed as she pushed his soft hair from out of his face. The Doctor huffed impatiently. "Shouldn't we be out there? Having fun?" he gestured towards the TARDIS doors from where they were on the glass stairs leading to the corridors.

"Can't." Bree said shortly. "Put off this essay for too long." She gestured to the papers in her lap.

"What's it about?"


The Doctor laughed, smiling at a distant memory. "Ah, Tennyson." He ran a hand through his hair staring off into the distance for no particular reason.

Bree gave a short bob of her head. "Yeah, I like his work."

There was a pause before anyone spoke again. "Want any help?" The Doctor offered, sitting down next to his companion; resting his arms on his long, gangly legs. Bree didn't respond; instead continued to scrawl words on to the page. "Should I leave?" he said rather unwillingly.

"Doctor?" she finally spoke.


"Are you and River like Tithonus?" Bree asked rather outwardly.

This stunned the Doctor; not expecting the turn of the conversation. "What?" was all he managed to say.

"Legend says that Tithonus and the dawn goddess were in love, they asked the gods to grant Tithonus immortality; which they did." Bree started recounting the legend. "Only thing was though is that they never asked for eternal beauty. So Tithonus aged."

The Doctor looked at her curiously. "What are you getting at?" he asked.

"You're the dawn goddess and River is Tithonus." Bree stated. The Doctor slapped her upside the head; not enough to cause pain, nut enough to get a point across. "Ow, what was that for?" she complained.

"For calling River old." The Doctor said plainly, glaring at her.

"But you know it's true." Bree insisted gently. "You have who knows how many years left, but River… she can't regenerate anymore. And you've seen her die." There was silence, the Doctor staring down to the pedals on the floor underneath the console. "You know I'm right." Bree told him softly.

"I'll let you work on that essay of yours," The Doctor mumbled, getting up and went upstairs to the TARDIS corridors. "we can do something tomorrow." His voice floated down the hall to Bree's ears.