A/N: This was written by my friend who doesn't have an account on this site, but wanted this posted anyway. I just typed it for her. It's all her work. Well, aside from the fact that she doesn't own Shakespeare.

Implied Slash; don't like don't read. Modern AU


"Alright, class! We have a new student! He's from Denmark! How cool is that?" The teacher announced to her class.

Rosencrantz looked up from his drawing of him jumping off the Empire State Building and his heart literally stopped when he laid eyes on the new kid his teacher was referring to.

This "Danish" kid was freaking hot as hell, but didn't look Danish at all. He had dark, dark brown hair and the most stunning pair of royal blue eyes Rosencrantz had ever seen.

"Care to introduce yourself to the class?" the teacher asked.

The dude seemed to look frightened for a second, turning bright red before mumbling "Guildenstern…"

Everyone else in the class started laughing loudly at the poor kid's expense. Guildenstern looked out at the sea of chuckling teens feeling the same feeling he felt last year when he introduced himself to his old class. He's just accepted the fact that his dumbass name will always get him teased.


Guildenstern's eyes locked on the waiting pair of green ones staring back at him. But, unlike the rest of his classmates, he wasn't laughing.

After class, Guildenstern was struggling with the lock on his new locker when the one kid in his class who didn't laugh at him walked up. And, now that he got a good look at him…

Damn. The dude was fine.

His light blonde hair fell in his face a little bit and his cheeks were tinted a quite flattering shade of pink. His beautiful green eyes, the same ones that looked upon Guildenstern with such compassion in the stupid Chemistry class, were locked on the floor. He looked…embarrassed?

"Uh, I just wanted to tell you… I mean, I just," the hot blonde guy stumbled on his words. "I wanted to apologize for the idiots back there. It's just 'cause… well, I think you know…" He looked down again sheepishly.

Guildenstern looked at him, knowing exactly what he was saying. "Yeah, I do. It's always been like that." He stared at the vents on his locker, willing himself not to cry. It's always the same, in each school he's been to.

But this school would be different, Guildenstern thought. Because this total babe just grabbed his hand.

Holy. Shit.

"Hey," the sexy man said gently, gripping his hand a little tighter. His cheeks turned beet red and spread to his entire face. "I know what you mean."

Guildenstern looked at him, confused.

The boy looked at him sincerely. "Hello, my name is Rosencrantz."