"Real smooth, Sam," Dean said.

"Shut up." I knocked again. "We just want to talk to you, Lily. We think we might know what's going on." I was a little surprised when the door opened again.

"How do you know my name?" Lily demanded.

"Because Martha used it. I can, uh, see the future."

"You can? I'd say that's rich but people die when I touch them."

"So, can we come in?" Dean asked.

"Sure." She moved aside and ushered us in. We squished together on the too small couch. "So talk."

"What I see, it's related to the people like us, and well, the demons."

I felt Dean's glare drive into my head.

"Yeah. Very funny. It's all demonic."

"Let me guess, your mom died in a house fire when you were six months old?"

"My mother lives in Indianapolis."

"Listen, Lily we know it sounds crazy," Dean started.

"You think?"

"You have to believe us. Demons are real and they're after you."

Lily didn't have time to open her mouth before the apartment door flew open. I knew what it was going to be before I looked up. Lily's head snapped to the side. Dad moved across the room to her, confirming she was dead. Dean went for his gun, and I grabbed his arm to stop him.

"Don't bother. It's not going to help."


"It's him. Azazel."

"Good job, Sammy. Figured it out. And, oh, the whole Winchester family is out today. Except Jess I see."

"She's alive," I said.

"Sam, is this him?" Dad asked.

"John Winchester, I must say it's an honor to finally meet you. The man that made Sammy so much better than the rest of my children."

"I don't seem to recall you being in the shower when Sam was conceived."

"Dad!" Dean said.

"True, but that blood I put in his mouth the night your dear Mary died makes him mine."

"Why are you here? What do you want?" I demanded.

"Well, Lily didn't seem to be taking so well to her powers. Figured I should get her out of the way before the real fun begins. I can't say I expected the Winchesters to be here."

Azazel smirked. He moved in a way that screamed not human, dangerous and the glint in his eye told me it was intentional. He wanted us good and scared.

"We have our reasons," I said.

"Oh, I'm sure you do. I bet you're finally getting a nice handle on those powers of yours, aren't you?"

"Hardly. Your little gift nearly melted his brain," Dean chimed in.

"Dean," I cautioned. I knew Azazel wouldn't hurt me. He liked me, for whatever reason. I was less confident about getting Dad and Dean out of this.

Gonna turn yourself to pudding if you aren't careful, Sammy

"What? It did." Dean said in response to my glare.

"I fell down the stairs. It was hardly brain melting."

"Taking advantage of those visions, then? Trying to find my kids, and what, save them? You can't even save yourself Sam," Azazel paused. "Oh, oh this is too good. They trust your judgment don't they? You never told them."

"Told Dean."

"But not Daddy or Jess. I'm surprised at you."

"Sam's told us everything." I cringed at Dad's bluster. This was a secret I needed to keep at all costs. Dad, at least, didn't need to know I had a demon in my head.

"Oh, John. Little Sammy's all grown up. He doesn't tell you everything. He certainly hasn't told you how I can get into his head, plant what I want him to see. His visions are about as reliable as that old clunker you call a car. Sammy knows it too. He won't even try to stop it."

"I can tell the difference. Fool me once, and all that."

"I'm sure that's what you think. I think you need to be taken down a notch. You have no control. You aren't half of what you could be."

Azazel closed his eyes and the familiar shot of pain went through my head, and the world went a little fuzzy. We were still standing in Lily's living room. My perspective was different- I had moved to the corner of the room.

Lily's body was still sprawled across the floor, head at an unnatural angle. As I looked up I realized it couldn't be that far into the future. We were still standing there, Azazel across from us. Seeing myself, actually seeing myself, not in a mirror or in a photograph was one of the strangest experiences of my life. My feet were stuck to the ground and I knew Azazel was putting this in my head. Whatever was about to happen, wasn't going to actually happen. I tried to focus to pull myself out of the vision, but Azazel's voice was distracting.

"John, I don't take too kindly to people telling me what to do." Dean's arm napped with a flick of Azazel's wrist. "Work on the whole co-dependent brothers thing, or it's not gonna work out for you Dean-o."

Dean spluttered, whether out of spite or pain, and I tuned out the rest of the scene. I knew I could pull myself out of this vision if I just tried harder. I needed to focus.

It happened fast when it did. Blocking out the scene was what had done the trick. The world spun again and I came to on my knees, blood trickling from my nose into my mouth. I waited for everything to come back into focus before I tried to stand. I used the couch to haul myself back up and wiped my hand across my upper lip.

"I'm proud of you, Sammy. Didn't think you had it in you yet."

"It's Sam," I spat.

"You still think you can tell the difference, Sam?"

"I know I can."

The room was silent and the tension was nearly unbearable. We knew how stuck we were and I could feel Dad mentally berating himself for not bringing the Colt from where I stood. We spent a few minutes in silence, and I braced myself when Dad opened his mouth.

"I think it's time for you to let us go."

"John I don't take too kindly to people telling me what to do." Dean's arm napped with a flick of Azazel's wrist. "Work on the whole co-dependent brothers thing, or it's not gonna work out for you Dean-o."

I cringed at the snap of the bone, and at his words. I was wrong. Azazel had planted the vision, yes, but it was also an actual vision. Maybe there was no way for me to tell. There had to be though. We couldn't run every time I saw something if I couldn't know if we were walking into a trap.

"You bastard," I spat.

"Demon, Sammy. It comes with the territory. Certainly took your ego down a notch, though. You have so much potential to be great." Azazel crossed the room, circling me, and I steeled myself. "You just have to quit fighting it so damn hard. Use that anger, that hate. Don't worry about your family, about dear Jess. You can have it all, if you just let it have you."

I had closed my eyes so I didn't have to see the predatory glint in his eye. When I opened them he was gone, and Dean was sitting grey faced on the couch.

"Did you know this was going to happen, Sam?" Dad asked, the familiar roughness of Sir on his tongue.

"I, I couldn't move in the vision. I thought that was the key to telling if it was fake or not. I didn't know."

"Let's get him out of here before it decides to come back."

I got an arm around Dean's waist and hauled him to his feet. I half carried himto the car, and put him in the back. His lips were pressed into a narrow line, and his arm was at an unnatural angle.

"I'm sorry." I said before I shut the door.

"Not your fault, Sammy."

It was an accident, Sammy

I slid into the passenger seat, and Dad gunned the car to life. The hospital was a quiet affair. Dean had grunted out the excuse of falling out of a tree. They set the bone. Dad went to the motel to grab our stuff while we waited them to put the cast on. Three hours later Dean was passed out in the back from the pain meds, Dad was driving and I was on the phone with Bobby.

"You ran into who?" was his response.

"Azazel. We're fine. Well, Dean got a little banged up but he'll heal."

"What did he want?"

"He wanted Lily dead, and when we there, he decided he wanted to play. Apparently my visions aren't as reliable as we thought they were."

"Well, there's nothing that can be done about that. I assume you boys are headed back."


"Alright then. We'll see you then."

"How's Jess?" I tried not to feel guilty that I hadn't been too worried about her through the trip.

"She's fine. She was up off and on for about half an hour or so. Asked where you were. But she's mostly fine. Tired and sore, but she'll make it."

"Thanks, Bobby."

"What I'm here for. Drive safe."

"We will."

I closed the phone, and put it back in the glove compartment. I leaned back, intending to take a nap.

"We could've been killed, Sam." Dad said.

"We weren't."

"Because Azazel decided he had enough. It was pure luck."

"Maybe so."

"You're supposed to know these things."

"I was right about Lily, wasn't I? And I can't see everything."

"We aren't going anywhere on your say-so until you fix whatever it is that's wrong with you, Sam."

"There is nothing wrong with me. But at least we agree my visions can't be trusted."

"You got demon blood in you and that thing wants you something fierce. Your visions can't be trusted, and until we know something different, I don't know if you can either."

"I'm still me. It's always been in me."

"Not always, Sam."

I understood the implication, and I understood what he blamed me for- Mom's death.

"Don't fight. 'M sleepin'," Dean mumbled from the back.

We quit talking. I glared out the window, all thoughts of sleep gone. There had to be a way to fix this.

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