Despite the fact that it was now Friday and, according to Lovino, going into school on a Friday was pointless if he hadn't been in all week, Feliciano was back in school. And glad to be. He'd take school over the hospital any day.

Everyone welcomed him back and told him they were glad he was feeling better. Even Natalya had come over to speak to him, and Feliciano was pretty sure she hated him. Then again, Natalya did seem to hate everyone.

"Feliciano." The blonde put her hand on Feli's table, staring at him with cold eyes, making the poor boy cower slightly. "If anyone gives you any trouble," she motioned to the girl from yesterday with her eyes. "Come talk to me about it."

"Oh... um, okay." Feliciano stuttered out, clinging to Ludwig's arm.

Ludwig and Natalya shared a look and a brief nod, before Natalya walked away, gliding into her seat and folding her hands on the desk.

Feliciano let go of Ludwig's arm, glancing over to find the blonde girl staring straight forwards as she normally did. "That was peculiar." he noted.

"It was?"

"Si." Feliciano turned back to face his friend. "I didn't think Natalya even liked me."

Ludwig chuckled quietly. "Don't be an idiot. Everyone likes you." he replied.

"Really?" Feliciano tilted his head.

"You're a difficult person to dislike, Feli." chipped in Kiku, who had been quietly going over his homework, triple checking that everything was right.

Aside from almost everyone he knew seeking Feliciano out to ask if he was okay, the rest of the day was pretty normal.

Feliciano briefly wondered if the school nurse had been informed of the change in his medication. But, he suspected that Lovino wouldn't have let him go in if she hadn't.

The day breezed by, and before he knew it, it was time to go home.

Antonio was waiting by the gates as usual, sitting on the bonnet of his car playing Subway Surfer. Beside him sat Marcello, who was trying his hardest to mess up Antonio's game and get on his nerves, but after years of dealing with Lovino, Antonio was a difficult man to annoy.

Marcello was the first one to notice Feliciano and Ludwig exit the school gates. He jumped down off the car and ran towards them, jumping into Feliciano's arms, who was knocked backwards and caught by Ludwig.

"Marcy, you are a disaster waiting to happen!" cried Feliciano, righting himself and his younger brother.

Marcello just laughed. "You'd be surprised how often I hear that." he said, turning on his heel and climbing into the car.

Feliciano followed him in, pulling the seat back for Ludwig. "Antonio, is it okay if I stay at Ludwig's place for a while today?" he asked as Antonio pulled the car door shut.

"I'd much prefer it if you asked Lovino, Feli." replied Antonio, starting the car.

"What's the point?" Feliciano frowned. "He's just going to nag me about being safe, let me go and say 'Be good, be careful, call me if you need me.'"

Antonio gave a quiet chuckle at how well Feliciano imitated his brother's voice. "That may be, but I still want you to ask him." he said.

Feliciano pouted, leaning back against the seat.

Aside from Feliciano and Marcello chattering in the back seat, the rest of the car ride was pretty quiet. They stopped to drop off Ludwig and drove straight home, Feliciano rushing into the house as fast as he could.

"Lovino!" He practically sang as he wound himself around his older brother.

Lovino patted Feliciano's head. "What do you want?" he asked, turning back to his task of preparing brioche and coffee, which was difficult with a seventeen year old hanging onto your waist.

"To go to Ludwig's house."

With a sigh, Lovino put down his spoon. "Feliciano, I—"

"Please, Lovino!" Feliciano whined. "I'll be good, I'll be careful and I'll call you if I need you!"

Lovino looked at his brother, who was staring back at him with his perfected puppy dog pout, complete with watering doe eyes. "You know what, fine." he grumbled, folding his arms. "I'm not in the mood to argue with you, just go."

Feliciano's eyes lit up straight away. "Thank you, Lovi!" he cried.

"Yeah, whatever, just be careful, alright?"

"I will, I promise!" Feliciano gave his brother a quick hug before dashing off to his room to change out of his uniform and into a pair of plain, blue jeans and a white t-shirt with a monochrome pug on.

He pulled on his converse, tucking the laces into the sides rather than tying them up, and left, slipping out the back door.

He ran down the street for as far as he could before his chest started to hurt. He slowed to a stop, catching his breath before continuing, slowly, around the corner and onto Genesis Terrace.

Feliciano stared at the ground with frustrated tears in his eyes. There were billions of people in the world, why did he have to be the one that couldn't run further than a few feet?

No. He wouldn't wish this disease on anyone.

He stopped walking when he realised he was outside Ludwig's house, wiping the tears from his eyes and pasting his usual cheery expression onto his face as he hopped up the front steps.

It was Gilbert who answered the door, greeting him with a smile and welcoming him in. "Ludwig's ups— Hey, what's up?" he asked, laying a hand on Feli's shoulder.

Feliciano raised an eyebrow.

"You look like you've been crying, what's wrong?"

"N-Nothing." Feli wiped his face with the sleeve of his jacket.

Gilbert frowned. "Don't lie to me, kid, I notice everything." he pressed.

"Gil, leave him alone." said Ludwig as he descended the stairs.

Feliciano dashed over to Ludwig, wrapping his arms around his waist as Ludwig awkwardly petted his hair.

Gilbert smirked at the two, opening his mouth to tell them what a cute couple they made, but changed his mind when he saw the look Ludwig was giving him.

"Um, hello?"

Recognising the voice at the door instantly, Gilbert spun on his heel. "Birdie!" he chimed, wrapping his arms around Matthew's waist and lifting him off the ground.

Matthew squeaked in surprise, grabbing hold of Gilbert's shoulders. "Gil, put me down!" he cried.

"Never!" defied Gilbert, tightening his grip.

"Gilbert, if you keep squeezing me I'm going to be sick!"

At this, Gilbert released his hold and let Matthew drop to the floor, landing safely on his feet.

Matthew straightened out his clothes, breathing heavily.

"Sorry." muttered Gilbert, wrapping his arms around Matthew in a much more comfortable hug.

Briefly hugging him back, Matthew moved passed his boyfriend to greet Ludwig and Feliciano. "So, you guys are coming, right?" he asked.

"Coming where?" replied Ludwig.

Matthew turned back to Gilbert with a frown. "You haven't asked them, yet?" he grumbled.

Gilbert put his hands up in mock defence. "I wanted to ask them together and Feli just got here!" he explained.

"Ask us what?" asked Ludwig, a little impatiently.

"Mattie's family owns a cabin in Porthcawl and they said we can stay there this weekend." Gilbert replied. "And we're inviting you two along."

Feliciano smiled brightly, clapping his hands together. "That sounds like fun!" he sang.

Ludwig frowned at his brother before turning his attention to the excitable Italian. "Feliciano, shouldn't you ask your brother about this first?" he said.

The smile falling from Feliciano's face was instantaneous. He shrugged lightly, sticking out his bottom lip.

All four of them were quiet for a short moment before Matthew spoke up.

"Why don't I come with you to ask him?" he suggested. "Lovino knows me, he trusts me, he's more likely to let you come if I ask with you."

Feli's smile returned, though not as brightly as before, as he nodded.

The two said a quick goodbye, see you soon, to the brothers and left, hurrying towards The Red Café.

Gilbert sighed, kicking the door shut and walking towards the kitchen. "I'm hungry. Have you eaten today? I should cook something. Or should I wait for those two to come back?" he rambled.

"Gilbert, why did you invite Feliciano?" asked Ludwig, following after the elder.

With a groan, Gilbert pulled open the fridge. "Well, I heard he just got out of hospital and thought 'Hmm, what would be the quickest way to piss off my brother?'" he replied.

"Have you ever taken anything seriously in your life?" Ludwig snapped back.

"Pull that stick out of your arse, Ludwig." replied Gilbert, slamming the fridge shut. "Feli's going to be fine. This weekend will be good for him, you'll see."

Ludwig scoffed, about to walk away when Gilbert continued.

"And anyway, I want to get to know the kid if you two are going to be dating."

Ludwig spun on his heel, facing his brother with a vicious glare, and a blush to match. "W-We're not a couple!" he spluttered.

"Of course you aren't." chuckled Gilbert.

Feliciano and Matthew tumbled through the back door, being greeted by a frustrated sigh from Lovino.

"You make a fuss about going out, only to come straight back in?" the elder Italian grumbled, placing a plate of food on the window into the front of the café, ready for Antonio to take it to the desired table.

Feliciano slid into a seat at the small table, signalling for Matthew to do the same. "Hey, Lovi..." he muttered, wringing his hands.

Lovino sighed. He knew that tone. "What?" he bit back, returning to the stove.

"W-Well, Matthew, Gilbert and Ludwig are going to a cabin in Porthcawl that Matthew's family owns for the weekend and they invited me, so I—"

"Are you serious?" Lovino faced his brother, arms crossed. "You expect me to let you go to Porthcawl with no notice?" He gave a frustrated grunt, turning back to the stove and turning down the heat.

Feliciano pouted. "Matthew, Gilbert and Ludwig will be there." he replied. "It's really not that far. I'll take my medicine and my inhaler and I'll be really, really careful! You don't have to be so protective!"

Spinning back to glare at Feliciano, Lovino clenched his fists. "I'm protective for a reason." he growled. "I worry about you, Feliciano. I'd trade places with you in a heartbeat, if I could." A tear that he couldn't hide slipped slowly down the elder Italian's face. "But since I can't, I do my damn hardest to keep you safe and sometimes it feels like you don't even care!" His voice raised, alerting Antonio, who leaned through the small window.

"What's the yelling about?" he asked.

Feliciano stood up, hands on the table. "Antonio, how far is it to Porthcawl from here?" he inquired.

Antonio thought for a moment, doing a quick calculation in his head. "I don't know exactly, but it's not really that far. You could probably get there in under three hours." he replied. "Why'd you ask?"

It was Lovino who answered him, cutting his brother off before he had the chance to say anything. "Feliciano wants to go to Porthcawl for the weekend with Matthew, Gilbert and Ludwig." he said, demanding with his eyes that Antonio take his side in this.

Unfortunately for Lovino, he seemed to have forgotten that Antonio could catch subtle hints about as well as a brick could levitate.

"I don't see why not." he said, calmly, switching his gaze from Lovino to Feliciano. "As long as you take your medicine and inhaler."

"Damn it, Antonio!" Lovino yelled.

Antonio ducked back a little lifting up his hands in defence. "What?"

He received only an annoyed groan from Lovino in reply.

"Lovino, Feliciano is more than capable to taking care of himself for one weekend. And it's not like he's going up there on his own." Antonio defended.

Lovino glared, first at Antonio, then at his brother, who has sat back down, arms folded on the table. Then, he directed his gaze at Matthew, who had been sat quietly, looking awfully uncomfortable and pretending that he wasn't there. "Matthew." Lovino demanded his attention. "Keep an eye on him."

Before Matthew could respond, Feliciano jumped to his feet, smiling as brightly as ever. "Thank you, Lovino!" he yelled, grabbing Matthew by the wrist and pulling him up to his room with the intention of helping him pack for the weekend.

Lovino collapsed into a chair with a sigh, laying his head on the table. "I hate you." he growled.

"Me?" Antonio had made his way into the kitchen, the window becoming uncomfortable to lean on.

"Yes, you!"

With a chuckle, the Spaniard sat next to his boyfriend, laying an arm over his shoulders. "Liar."

"Um, guys."

They both looked up to see Marcello stood in the doorway. "Does someone want to tell me what that was all about?"

End Note: I'm a filthy liar... I always promise you guys shit, and then remember that there's other stuff I have to write in first, then I feel terrible for lying to you guys... Anyway, next chapter for sure, the fun stuff will kick in! No worrying about Feli's health for a little while (well, a little worrying, but nothing too bad).
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