Title: Chapter 1

Author: SakuraRyuu

Rating: K

Genre: Canon, Angst, Comfort, Family, Friendship, Suspense

Characters: Ah-Un, Jaken, Rin, Sesshomaru

Author's Note: Inuyasha and all characters in this fan fiction are the property of Rumiko Takahashi.

Rin scampered through the field of flowers, humming to herself as she carefully selected the prettiest ones. Lord Sessoumaru had left her in Ah-Un's care while he and Jaken went to deal with a lesser demon not far off to the east. He had left her near a stream so she and the dragon would have access to food and water should they need it. While awaiting their return, she decided to pick her Lord a bouquet of spring flowers, her favorite. Her caretaker dozed under a sakura tree nearby, covered in the falling blossoms. Before setting out to gather her Lord's bouquet, she created a lovely flower crown for Ah's head and a flower necklace for Uhn's neck. She had made a game of tossing them to land just right. Ah's crown had landed lopsided over one of his ears and Un's necklace had landed to circle his head perfectly. It made her giggle at how silly her giant, green friend looked covered in wreaths and pink flowers.

So engrossed in her picking and humming, Rin didn't notice the young boy who had wandered into the field. He had been a short distance downstream, fishing, when he heard her voice. He knew there was a clearing not far from where he was and decided to check there first, finding a girl and a dragon nearby. The thought of being roasted alive and eaten kept him from venturing into the clearing. He decided to stay along the edge, walking around the field to put as much distance between him and the sleeping beast as possible. When he got close enough to Rin but far away from Ah-Un, he called out to her.

"Hey, you, girl! What are you doing out here alone? Don't you realize there's a dragon on the other side of this field? He could wake at any moment and eat you!" the boy exclaimed.

Rin looked up, startled. She gasped audibly at the sight of the boy, almost dropping her flowers onto her feet. She had no idea he had managed to sneak up on her. When she took a better look at him, she calmed. He was a young boy, not much older than she was. He had a patch over his left eye and seemed to be alone. Holding no fear, Rin boldly spoke back to him.

"Oh, that's Ah-Un. We travel together with Lord Sesshomaru and Jaken. He won't eat me or you. He likes fish mostly. And naps." Rin informed the boy.

"Lord Sesshomaru? Isn't he the demon Lord of the Western Lands? I've been told Lord Sesshomaru is a ruthless demon, killing anyone who dares question him or stand in his way. Why would he allow a human to travel with him?" The boy was curious about such a dangerous situation.

Giggling, Rin replied, "I don't know why." Shrugging, she continued. "Maybe he likes me. He did save my life."

"You expect me to believe he saved you?" the boy asked, incredulously. "Demons hate humans. They go out of their way to kill us. See this eye?" the boy asked, signaling his patch covered eye. "I lost it when my brother and I were attacked by a boar demon. I only lost an eye but my brother was killed. You're crazy if you think this Sesshomaru likes having you around. He's probably saving you until you're plump enough to eat." The boy stated matter of factly.

The very thought of what he was saying made Rin laugh. Her Lord eating her?! The idea was simply funny. She had never known Lord Sesshomaru, Jaken or Ah-Un to eat anything but animals they had hunted in the forest. They never bothered with humans or the villages. The only time her Lord confronted anyone was when they were aggressive towards him first or did not respect the Western Lands, and he made sure she was hidden safely away from any danger. She had never seen her Lord take a human life in all her time traveling with him and had certainly never heard of him acting dishonorably. She also knew he would not allow Jaken to disgrace him by acting foolish, either. And Ah-Un? How could anyone think a sleeping dragon covered in pink sakura blossoms could be dangerous?

"I don't believe you," Rin stated emphatically, regally raising her head. "Lord Sesshomaru would never hurt me!"

Rin's protesting awakened Ah-Un, who stood, shook off his pink blanket and ambled his way over to her, his wreaths falling into place. The boy, seeing the dragon come to his feet and head in their direction, turned around and ran into the woods. As Ah-Un stepped up beside her, Rin rubbed him on one of his heads, her flowers in her hand forgotten as she looked after the running boy, thinking on what he had said.