Hello. So, this is my first fanfiction, so I do hope you like it ^^ Human names used. The main paring in here will be PruxCan, but also I will have some GerxItaly in the mix to :3 Enjoy!


Gilbert's pov

Gilbert groaned out in annoyance as he sat up and hit the snooze button. He opened his eyes lazily and roll out of the bed, almost falling out. He turned the light on and almost hissed from the sudden light increase, but just proceeded to get dressed. He pulled on his favorite gray skinny jeans, a red shirt and a black and white hoodie. He zipped it up halfway then put on some black converse. He knew his brother would want to go and do something today, seeing as it's the first day of summer, and Gilbert was actually almost excited. He knew his brother was almost 16, but sometimes he acted like a child.

Even though it was 8 o'clock he was still trudging down the hall like a zombie. He then saw his brother sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal. His vivid blue eyes land on him and he smiled

"Hello bruder" He says with happiness

"Hey Luddy" He said with a voice thick with sleep "So, what will you drag me to do today?" He asked. He always wanted to go out to some kind of wrestling, or mountain bike area for fun. He was a very active and leading person, but that was just fine with Gil.

"I was thinking…." Ludwig said for a second, thinking "That we should go to the rock climbing gym you work at" He said as he got up to put his bowl in the sink. He smoothed his blonde hair back with a hand as a strand fell into his face "If you're okay with that"

"Ja, that's fine." Gilbert said with a small smile as he grabbed his car keys "Ready to go?" He asked. Ludwig nodded and put a coat on and they got into their small black voltswaggon . The engine roared to life as he backed out and drove to the near bye rock climbing place.

*I am a page break. Fear me!*

Gilbert pulled into the parking lot, and parked his car up front. He got out, and locked it after both doors shut. He smiled a bit, as he walked in. The gym here was a fine place to work till he graduated collage, having good pay, and some fun and unique experiences. He waved at his co-worker of mine, that he would also consider a friend.

"Hey Honda, how about meh little bruder takes a climb?" Gilbert asked the young Japanese boy

"Oh, sure thing Gilbert-kun, Ludwig-kun" Honda says with a polite smile. Gilbert pushes Ludwig forward, seeing as the boy was just standing there, looking over somewhere. He didn't know at what, and frankly didn't care. Ludwig seems embarrassed by this and scurries along to get harnessed up on the challenge rink. He always did like to push himself.

Gilbert leaned against a wall and watched his brother climb. He didn't feel like climbing today, seeing he worked here and some costumers were too scared to climb alone, even on the children's course. So, Gilbert watched his brother climb it, without too much difficulty. His eyes wandered to a rather cut man, with medium sandy blonde hair and deep brown eyes. He was walking twords Gilbert, a harness on.

"Excuse me, do you work here?" He asked with a rather thick Finnish accent

"Yeah, I do" He replied kindly. He was going to say no, but he well, did work here. He just wasn't on shift. And also, this guy was rather cute. Even though Gil didn't know what sexual preference he had, he wasn't going to turn up a chance to flirt with someone.

"Oh, thank goodness! I can't get this off" He said as he tugged on a rope helplessly. Gilbert chuckled and helped him out of it.

"Well, there you go" Gilbert said as he picked up the harness. The man gave a flirtatious smile

"Thank you again. Hey, if you want to talk, here is my number" He said as he wrote it down on a piece of paper "I'm Tino by the way" He said as he winked and walked off. Gilbert was standing there, smiling like an idiot as he walked off. Well, he had just gotten a cute guys number. This day seemed to be rather good. But little did the Prussian know, that things were going to get bad, real fast.