Wow... I know, you all hate me now. But just so much has been going on. Holidays made me procrastinate, and being grounded didn't help. Then I took a break from the internet (Shocking, right?) That didn't last long though. But I just had literally no time to post. I'm extremely sorry guys. And for that, I'll be working my ass off to post more!

Oh, and a quick note. I may change the rating to M, for lemons later to come. And when I say later, I mean in the far future xD

Switching to first person. I kept getting confused...

Gilberts Pov

I turned the door knob for my apartment, and swung the door open. Tossing my bag into the chair, I made my way to the kitchen. Man, I was sure was hungry. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Ludwig make his way to his room. Thinking nothing of it, I opened the fridge, and scanned over its contents. I needed to go shopping soon, we were getting rather low on food. I sighed, and grabbed a apple, seeing there was nothing else that suited my taste. I plopped down on the couch, and begin to search for the remote

"Lugwig!" I called with a mouth full of apple

"What?" He asked, poking his head out from a crack between the door and the wall

"Where's the remote?" I don't even look at him, just continued to search

"Ummm... I don't know" He shrugged "Look between the cushions" Then retreated his head back into his room, closing the door. I shoved my hand into the couch, and low and behold, the remote. I pulled it out, and turn on the old T.V we have. It's not the best, or the biggest, but it works. And I don't want to buy a new one, so we just have to use what we have.

I look over to Ludwig's room, to make sure he isn't watching, and turn the channel to MTV. A grin sprawls on my face, seeing that my favorite show is on. Jersey Shore. Now, before you grab your pitchforks and torches, hear me out! Its actually not that bad a show. At first I thought it would be retarded, but I actually really like to watch it now. But its like my dirty little secret. Because I could never let Ludwig see me watch it. He would either make fun of me, or tell all our friends, ruining my rep.

A few hours later, I glanced at the clock. Crap, it's getting late. And I had forgotten to call that cute guy! What was his name? I shove my hand into my pocket, and pulled out everything in it. Gum, a nickel, a sharpie... Ah! The crinkled piece of paper. I unfolded it, and read it. His name was Tino. I knew that. Pshhhh

Pulling out my phone, I dialed the number. One deep breath of nervousness, I pressed send. Ring. Ring ring ring ring. No answer. Darn ): That was disappointing. Craapppp, voicemail.

"Oh, um hey" I gave a nervous laugh "This is Gilbert, you know. The guy you met at the rock climbing place. Yeah. I was just calling to say high. And, you know..." I sighed. I sounded terrible. Nervous, and all choppy "Wanted to go out sometime? Maybe go to a club or something..." Hey, at east Ididn't say something weird. "Well, um yeah. Text me. Bye" I hung up.

Man! Was that terrifying! I slumped back on the couch, and his hands over his face. I blew it. I knew it. Totally screwed it all up! Eh, well, to late. With a final sigh, I pulled myself to my feet, despite the protesting of my legs, which had fallen asleep. I then dragged myself to my dingy little room, trying not to slam the door.

I then stripped down to my boxers, which might I add were pink ^^ But a amazing, manly pink! And the I got into bed. I then, once more pulled out my phone. Oh, a new text. I wonder from who... Tino. Oh God, what was it? My eyes scanned over the bight screen, and a smile formed on my lips. He said yes! He would love to!

*clears throat* Why, of course he said yes. Who could resist I, the awesome Gilbert!

With peace of mind, and my nervousness gone, replaced with a smile, I curled under the blankets. Soon, sleep overtook me, and I fell into a deep sleep.