CardFight Of Love! The story of Aichi and Misaki

Sometime past after the Cardfight with Aichi and Miwa and thing seemed to cool down a bit. Misaki was glad that Aichi and her have moved on from what happened with Miwa a few days ago. "Im going out Mom" said Aichi as he walked out the door. "he sure is out a lot isn't he" said Emi to her mother. "Im just glad he is having a good time" said Ms. Sendou with a smile. Aichi first went to Team Asteroids headquartes to see Ren, he had to return his Spectral Duke Dragon to him. He kept thinking why he asked Ren to borrow the card. But he brushed it off and kept going.

As he arrives he notices Tetsu in the front of the Building talking to Asaka. He walked up to them and said "Hey guys is Ren in?". Tetsu looked surprised to see Aichi. "Well if it isn't Aichi Sendou, what might you want with Ren?" asked Tetsu. Aichi pulled out Spectral Duke Dragon and said "I just wanted to give him his card back". "Ah yes that's right, Ren actually went to Card Capital just now to get it back from you" said Tetsu. As Aichi was about leave Asaka stopped him. "wait im going with you" said Asaka. " I have something to ask Ren so I'm going to tag along" said Asaka. Aichi nodded and kept walking.

Meanwhile at Card Capital Misaki was in her room getting ready for when Aichi arrived. "you look very happy today Misaki" said Shin the shop manager. "Of course Aichi is taking me to an amusement park today" said Misaki happily. "I'm sure your parents would be glad to see you so happy" said Shin. Then Ren walks in the shop and asks "Is Achi here? I let him borrow something and I need it back". Misaki looked at Ren wondering what it was Aichi borrowed. "He isn't here but he should be coming soon" said Misaki. "Wonderful ill just wait here for him then" said Ren as he sat down at one of the tables.

Misaki walked up to him and asked "What did Aichi borrow?". Ren looked at her and said "My Spectral Duke Dragon". "Why did Aichi borrow it? He has Blond Ezel in his deck" She said confused. "He said he wanted to beat Miwa in a Cardfight and wanted something to put a scare in him" "he seemed really angry that day" said Ren. Misaki was shocked after hearing that. "He wanted revenge? That doesn't seem like him" she said worried. "It wasn't Aichi talking though, It was his PSYqualia" He replied.

Then Aichi walks in with Asaka into the shop. "Hey Misaki, are you ready?" asked Aichi. Misaki nodded and gave a small smile. "oh Aichi im going to need that card back" said Ren as he got up from his seat. "Oh right here it is Ren" said Aichi handing him the card. "Are you two going somewhere?" asked Asaka. "just to the amusement park" said Misaki. "Oh that sounds like fun mind if we join you?" asked Ren. Aichi was about to answer but Asaka interrupted. "No Ren you have things to do back at headquarters!" she said irritated. The two left back to Team Asteroid's Headquarter and Aichi and Misaki headed off to the amusement park. Misaki wanted to bring up why Aichi borrowed a card from Ren that powerful. She knew she couldn't ignore it, she remembers how Aichi got when he used PSYqualia.

After thinking it carefully she finally came out and asked him. "Aichi…Why did…" she was hesitant to ask. "Is there something wrong Misaki?" asked Aichi. "Why did you borrow Spectral Duke Dragon from Ren?" she asked. Aichi stopped in place and looked at her. "I… don't know, I heard the card call out to me. And I was so filled with rage that it told me that it would help me get revenge" said Aichi. Misaki was starting to worry about Aichi, but what could she do? "I'm sorry Misaki, I know it isn't like me to act like that but I couldn't handle It" said Aichi. Then Aichi was starting to feel the power of PSYqualia coursing through his body. "I had to do it Misaki! He deserved what he got!" said Aichi. Misaki then slapped Aichi and said "stop it Aichi!". Aichi went back to normal but felt dizzy and collapsed. Misaki caught him before he hit the ground.

Tears fell down her cheeks and wondered what she could do to help Aichi. The last time Aichi broke out of his PSYqualia was because of Kai. But Kai is always difficult to find, she knew what she had to do. "Aichi I will do what I can to help you break from your PSYqualia"

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