This is my first poem, as well as my first fan fiction for Elfen Lied. And sorry, I know it's a little short. Tell me what you think of it; constructive criticism is appreciated!

Written Twilight
[The Order of the Insane]

Blood painted across the walls,

Screams echoing through the halls

I am from this Earth, though I am not human

Yet what grows on my head may just be an illusion

My haunting eyes are glowing red

A pair of horns on my head

I have arms that are out of sight;

Not even visible in the light

You think you've had it worst—you're wrong; I've been through hell

I've been confined and tormented in a cell

I've been discriminated since birth

No happiness, no joy, no mirth

Eight years; my time is over

I shall escape as the end draws closer

Your death part of my killing spree

My eyes and face the last you see

You see the glint in my eyes,

The mark of my life of lies