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I stopped short at the loud sounds of music, ruckus, and people cheering, wondering how we'd managed to blindly run right in the middle of something like this. "W..what... Soul!?" I tightened my grip on his hand, to make sure he was still with me in the midst of this chaos.

"Careful, or the floats will run you over!" was Soul's response as he backed up, drawing me closer to him. "What're the odds that a parade would be going on and that we'd happen to find it? Pretty cool, huh?" He seemed enthused, which for some reason surprised me. I hadn't looked at it that way.. I'd just been stressed by the abrupt craziness. I let myself relax now, watching candy fly through the air at civilians from the floats.

"Wow..." I breathed, in awe. I hadn't seen an all-out parade like this, at least not in person (since I'm guessing watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade on tv doesn't count), and it was a new, beautiful thing to me.

We stood and watched for awhile in appreciation. I laughed as Soul caught a piece of candy in his mouth, latching onto it with his shark teeth midair. I can't even deny that I was really impressed by the action. If I tried that, it'd find a way to bounce off my nose and give me two black eyes, with my luck.

As the parade was drawing to a close and the last float was nearing, Soul suddenly turned to me with a devilish grin that instantly spelled trouble. I felt a twinge of wariness. "I know that look..."

"Let's hijack one of the floats."

No. No. Couldn't I enjoy at least one normal event today without any crazy stunts?! "Something's very wrong with you."

"What? It'll be fun! Come on, Maka, live a little. When will you ever get a chance like this again?"

That was true... no, no! Dammit, Soul was good at convincing when he wanted to be. I couldn't let myself be sucked in this time, though. No! Maka Albarn would stand her ground! "Stuff it, Soul. No."

And despite the fact that I obviously have stronger arms than Soul does (as addressed in the test of strength part of the two chapters ago - nonono fourth wall breakage, stop that mess, Maka!), any fight I tried to put up was feeble and in vain as Soul began to drag me. Damn him. And thus commences the third temper tantrum I'd thrown that day, if I'm keeping count correctly. "Soul! Let go of me right now! I mean it! MAKAAAA-" But before I could finish with the imminent "CHOP!" and book to his head, he interrupted me.

"Jump on three!"

I shot him a fierce glare. "This is a bad idea."

"Come on, Maka," he countered with exasperation, leading me up onto higher ground. "After all the rules we've broken today together, you're scared to break one more? What's the harm in just a little more fun?"

He was so reckless. Ugh. How did he have such a level head in battle, but was so crazy when it came to anything else? "I'm not scared!" I snapped. "It's just a bad idea!"

"We won't know that for sure until we try. One..." He was jerking me up onto a high concrete slate with him that offered a perfect vantage point of the parade, and... Oh, Lord Shinigami-sama help me.

"Soul! No! THIS IS CRAZY!" I shrieked.

"The most fun things in life are crazy!" he yelled back, a grin igniting his crimson eyes. "Two..." He was bracing to jump... oh, god. Now I really did have no choice but to go along with it. Grrr, how was Soul able to do that to me so easily?! I squeezed my eyes shut for a moment, clasping his hand with a death grip as I gave up the fight.

"...Anndd.. three!" Soul's voice was right next to my ear.

At the same time, we lunged. For a moment, it was magical, hearing laughter and music, seeing the beauty of the parade below us, holding hands with Soul as we hovered together in the air. But the precious feeling was fleeting, and soon we crashed down on the float. I'm used to jumping from high places, obviously, from battling with Kishins and training sessions and all that, so I landed on my feet perfectly, not unsteady at all. Soul, on the other hand, being a weapon, fell flat on his ass. Of course, he somehow possesses the talent to be cool no matter what, and he jumped up, still somehow looking sexy. The extravagantly-decorated people on the float shrieked loudly at the sudden weight, taken aback as their wide-eyed, slack-jawed gazes all whipped around to face us.

I couldn't help but blush at everyone's reactions. "Sorry! We, uh, fell!" I squeaked, my voice suddenly failing me.

And then, Soul only got crazier. Hard to believe, right? He usually never gets loud - he has a low voice, and even when he raises it a bit, it's still low-pitched. Well, today was one of the first times I'd ever seen Soul all-out yell. He cupped his hands around his mouth and announced, "We're here to rock the hous- float!" And you want to know what else he did, on top of all that? He went and snatched a microphone from one of the singers aboard the float! God, he's so annoying sometimes! Can you even believe that?!

I was positively shocked at his boldness, and embarrassed, so I turned to profusely apologize to everyone who looked as if a big dragon had come tearing through the city. "I am so sorry about this! I don't even know who this guy is! He pushed me here!"

And then I guess Soul heard me, because then he decided to prove I was lying and embarrassed me in front of everyone. He declared into the mic with a full grin playing on his lips, "This one's for my girl, Maka!" Then he turned and pointed at me.

I was rendered dumb. I was baffled, astonished, surprised, every single synonym of the word "shocked" you can find. I felt like, in that moment, my eyes widened enough to take up my entire face. Despite the hot embarrassment and irritation I was feeling, I could feel everything within me softening as my heart melted. HE CALLED ME HIS GIRL!

I wanted to respond with something witty or at least endearing, but all that came out was sputtering. "W-w-w...?!"

Now, I'm not good with music, but when I asked Soul later after that day, he told me the song he'd sang was You're My Best Friend by Queen, an oldie. And definitely one of the sweetest songs I'd ever heard. (Even though that doesn't say much since I never listen to music, but that's beside the point.) But Soul, he has a natural knack for anything music-wise. So when he began singing into the mic (you think his voice is sexy just talking? Try when he sings. Ten times sexier, and I'd thought that wasn't possible. Wait, I'm sounding like a creep. Forget I ever said that), the instrument-players in the parade apparently recognized the song and began to back him up. Not only is Soul a good singer, but he's a good performer, too, and soon everyone, whether on floats or just watching, began to sing and dance along too. In just a minute, Soul had turned everything into a party. He could be so cool like that sometimes. Sometimes I wish I had the same passion for songs and music like he does - he has good taste, and he's really good at what he does. It would make me feel closer to him, in a way. But in that moment, I was content to just watch, glad to see he was obviously having such a good time. That was Soul's element, that was his talent, that was where he belonged, and he positively glowed. It truly was a spectacular thing to witness.

Then, Soul did the unthinkable - come to think of it, he'd pulled a lot of surprises on me that day, huh? I honestly shouldn't have been surprised by then, but I was even still. He turned and held out his hand to me as the song dwindled to a lovely end, fixating the most warm eyes onto me. When I met his gaze, something inside me stirred and he was all that I saw in that moment. It was just us two - partners, best friends - and we exchanged meaningful glances. Subconsciously, without even realizing it, I found myself stepping forward to slip my hand into his, feeling a smile grace my lips.

I'd been tuning out everything in that instant, but when Soul began to smirk, I realized that shouts of "KISS HER!" were surfacing from the crowd. It turned into a chant, "KISS HER! KISS HER! KISS HER!" I felt hotness consume my face, but I couldn't bring myself to break away, to look away from Soul.

He gave me a sly brow raise, but I could clearly see the underlying question beneath his flirtatious expression. His eyes asked for permission. Without my consent, I felt my head bobbing a small yes. Soul's smirk diminished to an intimate smile, a real smile, one that I always love to see, and he intertwined his fingers with mine before pulling me in. The crowd began to cheer as we leaned toward each other.


Just before our lips met, my eyes shot open as I suddenly felt someone shove me. Soul suddenly jerked as well, so I could only assume he'd been given a hard push, too.

"The hell?!" I heard Soul snarl just before we went soaring, sounding irritated. Then I caught a glimpse of his ruby-red eyes as they flashed with realization and next a grin. I was so dazed and confused and panicked, I was hardly registering what was happening around us.

I desperately maintained my death grip on Soul's hand, shrieking loudly, "SOUL! SOUL! What... what's going on?!" as we plummeted over the edge of the float together.

I heard the unmistakable sound of Soul's laughter filtering through the air, even audible over the sounds of the crowd. "Just don't let go, Maka! I'm right here!" he assured.

I can't explain it to you, but the buildup and confusion of all what was transpiring was terrifying me to death. "Don't leave me, Soul!" I screamed, clutching his hand desperately as I felt myself landing on... not the ground, but it still took the breath out of me for a moment, and for a scary second I wavered unsteadily.

"Maka!" Soul turned to look at me, all traces of laughter gone, his smile touching his eyes. He then vowed with meaning in his voice, "I'll never leave you. Count on it. Cool guys don't leave their partners, remember?"

And that's all it took. Those words comforted me and warmed my heart. And, just then I knew, that I'd definitely be okay.

But I was still curious as to what the hell was even going on.

"Soul... what's happening?!" We were moving.. in midair?! That couldn't be right... I could feel something on my back.

"We're crowd-surfing, Maka!" he laughed in answer.

... Crowd. Surfing.

Would it be horrible of me to admit that my first thought was that I was worried about the fact that most of the people here hadn't even washed their hands?

I could finally point what was happening and piece it all together now. The movement at my back did feel like hands passing me over people's heads, and that explained why we were floating in midair. I felt extremely weirded out, but it was still, in a way, really fun.

Soul lifted his free fist into the air and let out a whoop, laughing. My timidness slowly began to fade at his actions and I watched him with a small, fond smile. I was glad to see him so childishly happy. It was nice to see Soul let loose every once in a while as opposed to his "too cool" self.

I could hold it in no longer. A joyful laugh bubbled up inside me and escaped. My laughter intermingled with Soul's, and it was the greatest feeling.

Then, in the midst of confetti streaming through the sky, filtering everything in sight with colorful streamers, everything around me froze and hung in the balance as realization dawned on me.

I didn't just have feelings for Soul Eater Evans.

No..I was in love with him.

"Hm... I wonder how he did it."

Spirit looked up and narrowed his eyes at Lord Death. There had been silence in the Death Room for a long time, and the shinigami's sudden declaration was an unexpected surprise. "You wonder how who did what?" he asked boredly.

"Soul," Lord Death responded. "I wonder how he convinced Maka to skip school. She's such a studious young girl..."

That was as far as he got before Spirit exploded.


"Spirit, that language is hardly necessary!" Lord Death chided, shocked by the reaction but not really shocked. He should have known this would happen as Spirit was notorious for overreacting. Really, there was only one thing that could subdue him now that he had started. "Reaper... CHOP!"

Sure enough, Spirit could only whimper as he plummeted to the ground, a large indention in his head. Lord Death took advantage of the psychotic father's silence to hurriedly explain. "I had noticed that Maka and Soul were absent from class, and I thought that if they were both sick, someone should check on them, but neither was at their home either. So after a little searching with the mirror, I realized that Soul had somehow convinced Maka to ditch school. I only wonder how..." With that, Lord Death moved away to reveal the scene in his mirror to Spirit.

And what a shock that scene was.

There was a large crowd of people cramped in one of the main streets of Death City. Everyone was cheering madly, shouting and waving their hands in a tidal wave of movement and noise. Still, that wasn't the crazy part. Spirit's gaze zeroed in on the thin girl with blond pigtails and the spiky-haired boy who were being lifted up by the crowd and passed down the sea of people. Huge smiles were on their faces, and the girl seemed to be glowing with excitement. Then Spirit saw something that made him unbearable depressed and furiously homicidal at the same time.

They were holding hands. Holding hands.

Lord Death gazed inquisitively at the scene, contemplating the bond between a weapon and meister. "They really are a cute couple. Don't you think so, Spirit? ...Spirit?" Lord Death looked around, but the death scythe was nowhere to be found. However, he could distantly hear a scream, the shriek growing quieter as it traveled further away.