HEY GUYS! I've gotten into anime recently thanks to my awesome friends, Lizzi, Maddie and Kori! I've been watching fruits basket and i love it! Especially Toruh and Yuki! So this is my first anime story so please just work with me here! I have no iddea where to start it so it'll just start wherever. It's not going along with the plot of the show though.

Also i don't care about this girl ive heard of Machi Kuragi, I don't ive a care, i hate her and Yuki together.

So this is a ToruhXYuki shipping story. So I'll try! And i'm going to do my best but it will be an OCC story, so please like i've said, bear with me!

Please no flames, this is my first anime story and im still getting use to the swing of things. Enjoy please give nice reviews!

Listening and Pranks


I've been living with Shigure, Kyo and Yuki for a while now. Kyo and Yuki still fight a little but its gotten better. The boys have changed a lot. Both are still good-looking. But Yuki doesn't look like a girl as much. Even though he never really did...


When Hatsuharu and i where taking care of Yuki when he collapsed during the endurance run (episode 10 season 1) Hatsuharu was talking about how Yuki seems to have soften up bit since he had last seen him.

"I was surprised today to, Seeing Yuki next to you with that little smile on his face, that was a first. He never smiled like that at the old house, that's why i think your influence is helping. I'll prove it to" He then whispered the pan. I remembered seeing Yuki wake up. It was very nice...


I have always wondered about that. I started getting ready for dinner...


"Hey Shigure? Can i ask you something?" I asked, he nodded. "My friend-" HE cut me off "Wait you have a friend!?" "Yes i have a few, it's not exactly unimaginable.. Well my friend likes a girl. HE doesn't know what to do. What do you think he should do?" I asked nervously. "Umm well Valentine's day is coming up. How about he writes a letter, it can be anonymous. and drop it in the girl's locker." Shigure suggested.

"Okay thanks... I'll tell my friend." I said, i got up and walked out of his room, i walked into the kitchen where Toruh was making dinner. I stopped abruptly. She was beautiful. she just didn't seem to know it. But that's one of the things i admire about her. She was sweet, kind, beautiful, pure and a great cook.

I smiled at her even though her back was to me, i walked up to my room and closed the door. I got out a piece of paper and a pencil.

"Dear Toruh..." I began


"Finished," I said aloud. I folded the letter up and sealed it in an envelope. I heard a knock on the door, "Come in" I called, Toruh poked her head in "Dinner's ready!" She announced cheerfully, i smiled, i got up and followed her out of the room. Toruh's changed a lot since i first formally met her. She still shy but more outgoing, she's not afraid to speak her mind and she doesn't freak out as much, more go with the flow and isn't afraid to show if she's sad or any emotion. But still cares a lot about others.

We ate in silence, the meal was delicious as always. "Toruh! Your teacher is here." Shigure announced walking through the door. " You have a teacher? For what?" I asked softly. "You'll find out." She said smiling. She got up and flounced away. I smiled at her retreating figure.

"So what is her teacher for?" Kyo and I asked, Shigure smiled "You'll find out." He copied her words. We both sighed, "Fine" We muttered. "Oh GUYS!" Shigure shouted, Kyo and i jumped up "What?!" We screamed "The Curse. They have found a potion that once you take it once causes you to be able to hug a person of the opposite sex and not transform!" Shigure announced. Kyo and i met eyes, "What?!" We both exclaimed. We leaned forward eagerly.

"Yes, we don't know if it works. Yet!" He finished at our expressions. "In a few days time, Some of the adults from Sohma house are coming over to test it. Hatori Ayame are coming. So is Momji and Hatsuharu." Shigure explained, we all nodded. i groaned once, i realized he had said Ayame. I shook my head,


I came home and open the door to see the guys sitting on the floor at the table.

"Hey guys" I greeted cheerfully. "Toruh!" Yuki exclaimed smiling, i smiled back at him. I'd finally convinced him to call me 'Toruh' instead of 'Miss Honda' "How was it?" Shigure asked, "Great!" I exclaimed "Yes! I'll tell you about it later!" I exclaimed happily.

"What is it!?" Kyo and Yuki exclaimed frustrated. Shigure and I both smiled cheekily. Only he knew why i had a teacher... "Tell us!" Kyo exclaimed, i smiled and shook my head. "Please" Yuki asked, i looked into his striking, handsome purple eyes, i almost gave in but didn't.

"Nope," i booped him softly on the nose. Shigure and I went to his room... Shigure closed the door after us,

"So it went well?" He asked, I nodded happily
"Yes! I performed in a tournament. And i have earned my red-brown belt!" I squealed. Shigure got up and jumped up and down "That's amazing! I'm so proud!" He yelled, I heard someone sneak up to the door, I picked up a piece of paper and wrote. "Yuki and Kyo are outside the door? I think they are, let's mess with them!" I showed him the slip, "Yes they are right outside, what do you have in mind?" He replied, I wrote the rest of the plan out, "You are very mischievous, let's do it!" He replied, I took a deep breathe.

"I just got back from the hospital..."


Kyo and i crawled up to Shigure's door, to listen what was going on.

"I just got back from the hospital..." We heard Toruh's voice speak up, (This is where the guys can communicate telepathically) 'What's going on?! Is Toruh hurt!?' I began freaking out, ' Just Calm down, lets just listen' Kyo said,

"Really... What did he say?" Shigure asked, I leaned closer, "He said that everything was fine, and i'm progressing beautifully." Toruh said, i could hear the smile in her voice, I can tell her facial expressions just by her voice since I know her very well.

"That's great!, Anything else?" Shigure asked, curious. I heard Toruh take a deep breathe "Oh yeah! He checked..." She trailed off.
"And?" Shigure prompted her to speak.
"I'm having a baby girl!" She exclaimed happily.

'Can i freak now?' I asked, "Yes," He muttered, We burst through the door to see Toruh and Shigure.

"What the hell!" Kyo exclaimed, i felt hurt/weird. "Your having a baby?" I asked softly, Toruh smiled. "Why wouldn't you tell us!? Who got you knocked up?!" Kyo exploded. "Did you do this Shigure?" Kyo asked him. Shigure smiled but didn't respond. I growled, my eyes(There was a mirror infront of us) started shimmering purple and black. "Shigure, if you did this, I WILL kill you." I growled putting an emphasis on 'will'. Toruh and Shigure both smiled again, and looked at each other. Then they did something i did not expect.

Both started laughing their heads off. We just stood there speechless. They finally stopped, tears from laughing so hard had formed.

"What the hell!" Kyo yelled, Toruh giggled.
"I'm not pregnant! We where pranking you!" Tohru exclaimed still laughing. We both sighed in relief.

"Oh good relief" I said,
"Yeah, You really had us! I seriously thought YOU where pregnant!" Kyo said pointing at Toruh, slightly chuckling. "We heard you outside the door, and Toruh decided to mess with you." Shigure said, smiling proudly.
"Oh Toruh! We have excellent news! We have discovered a cure that can let us hug other humans of the opposite sex and not be discovered." Kyo exclaimed.

"Yeah! But I'm still not going to let all of the girls at school hug me" I muttered, everyone laughed.
"That's great! I'd hug you guys but, that would cause you guys to change!" She said.
"Well after we have the cure then you can!" Shigure announced happily, we all cheered.

"Okay let's go to bed. You have school tomorrow!" Shigure said, we all wen to our rooms. I looked at the pictures on my bedside table. One was of me, Kyo and Shigure, one was of me and Toruh and one was of Toruh. I smiled and got into bed. And fell asleep right as my head hit the pillow.

I'm nervous and excited for tomorrow...

Here you go! I hope you liked it! I really like Toruh and Yuki together! Please don't flame this. If you don;'t have anything nice to say don't say anything. I hope some of you liked this! And hey the more positive reviews i get the faster i work! :)