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Chapter 38

Declaration of War

No One's POV

A month has passed, and the war was officially declared now... What happened:


Tohru was lying on her stomach on her bed in her room, one sunny April day. Spring was hitting the warmer part of the season. Soft green leaves and lush flowers decorated the trees. Birds sang as the sun surrounded the clearing, forest and house in it's warmth.

Out of nowhere a hawk arrived swooping into the room. It landed on her bed and extended it's leg, to show a note. Tohru sat up and took the note. The hawk flew away. She took one look at the note and knew something was wrong.

~ Come quick, word has been sent
War has been declared

~Miss Lynn

Tohru grabbed her necklace and opened the portal. She dashed to the Town hall and rushed inside. The Secretary must have been expecting her cause she didn't stop her but shouted "In the meeting room!" In a panicked voice. Tohru nodded and raced inside. To see Miss Lynn and more of the council.


"What's wrong?!" I shouted, announcing the group of my arrival.

"This arrived an hour before we summoned you" Miss Lynn said, giving me a letter. I read it:

This is a Declaration of War. You hae no chance of winning

"Who delivered this?" I asked,
"An unknown messgener boy." Miss lynn answered.. I nodded. I rubed my forehead with my right hand.

"We are at war..." i whispered, shocked.


I woke up to the singing birds. I woke up and saw a note left on my ledge.

~Hey lover boy.

You need to show Tohru your feelings. Either during or at the END
of the war or whatever this sh*t is. If you don't by then
I will PERSONALLY lock you two in a room and tell her.


Have a good day.


I shook my head,

"This girl is dead-set on Tohru and I getting together" I whispered aloud, smiling. I got dressed and walked out the door of my room. Shigure was downstairs, looking confused.

"Where is our little daisy?" He asked, I shurgged. Tohru was usually up by now, making breakfast.

"I dunno..." I walked up to her room to see the door cracked open. I knocked then walked in. Tohru wasn't in her bed. I saw a piece of parchement on her bed. I picked it up.

"Oh my gosh." I raced downstairs.
"She's in Heaven. A war has been declared! Can you contact her parents to pick her up?" I exclaimed. Shigure he nodded, eyes wide and picked the phone and dialed. Kyo came out of his room and was briefed on the situation. Tohru's parent's arrived adn took us to Heaven.

"We are here. You know where town hall is" Mrs. Honda said. We thanked her and raced to town hall. I opened the heavy oak double doors and we where directed to the COuncil room. We knocked then entered.

"Tohru! We saw your letter. What is going on?" I asked, curious and kin d of confused. She turned to face me. She looked grim,

"We are at war..."


Miss Lynn told the boys what has happened.

"We. We must gather supplies and get ready. Do you know how many of our students are trianed in martial arts?" Miss lynn asked Tohru.

"Not very many"

"Tohru, Here is a great martial artist, a black belt!" Yuki exclaimed, sliding close to me, informing Miss Lynn of my skill. I blushed, she looked shocked. I nodded confirming his claim.

"Well Yuki and Kyo are masters of Martial arts too!" I exclaimed.
"Okay. we need to prepare for this battle." Miss Lynn trailed off.

"I need to go to classs" I said, Yuki stayed with me while i taught. I smiled as my students practiced hard. Yuki wrapped his arms around me, pulling me to his chest. I smiled and took his hand in mine.

"Hey" He whispered in my ear, I giggled.
"Hey there yourself" I said, laughing softly.


I loved hearing Tohru laugh. I saw her scar on her arm. I sighed sadly, and held her tighter. I saw Brandon glare at me. I shook it off. Who cares what he thinks? I sighed and swayed back and forth with Tohru in my arms. Mary shot me a thumbs up and wink. I blushed and gave her a thumbs up.

"This is nice" Tohru whispered, I smiled and put my head on her shoulder.
"Yeah I like it" I whispered, I kissed her cheek, she blushed and smiled. She pecked my cheek.I smiled and she laughed.

I loved having her in my arms...

She fit so perfectly. She is the most beautiful girl on the planet. Long brown hair, Sapphire eyes. She is perfect, especially her personality... The sweetest girl on the plantet, cares about friends and family more than herself. She has such a big heart. She didn't deserve to be Kidnapped...


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